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The Mantra Mat - Your Personal Bed of Nails

Updated on September 14, 2014

The Spike Mat - The Ultimate Alternative Remedy

The Spike Mat, is one of the many rediscoveries of natural, simple ways to heal the body, with minimum invasion, and great results. It rids the body pains and aches, it relaxes, and it helps you sleep better.

If you watch Dr. Oz show, you probably know what an acupressure mat is. The show actually talked about the acupressure mat and pillow a few times, trying to popularize it. The acupressure mat is called by its manufacturers the "Ultimate Alternative Remedy", and it is a great natural pain relief. The mat was firstly introduced in Europe where it has a huge success, being currently used even in hospitals. It is also known as the Swedish massage mat, because of its great success in Sweden.

What is the Spike Mat

The Nail Mat Is Your Modern Bed of Nails

The acupressure mat is nothing else than a mat with a thick padding and thousands of sharp spikes evenly disposed on the mat's surface. There are also acupressure pillows for use on the neck area, that use the same principle. Some companies sell them as a kit, or you can buy them separately.

The spike mat is considered the modern's daybed of nails. It is also called Yantra mat, the name coming from the Sanskrit yantra, which is used, among other meanings, to describe a device or a system. Many people call it "mantra mat", but this is not a correct name since mantra refers to sounds rather than systems.

The "nail mat" idea is not new, it is actually taken from the Far Eastern religious practices. Contrary to the popular belief, the fakirs used the bed of nail as a remedial and relaxation device and not as a way to measure their endurance.


The Doctor Oz show featured the Swedish Spike Mat a few times. There are many companies that sell the spike mat, but the Spoonk mat was the actual product shown during the show, because it is a tested product, made from good quality material, that will last you a long time.

How Does the Mantra Mat Work?

The bed of nails was used since centuries by the fakirs. The western world was shocked by the fakirs, when they saw the using the torturous devices. The fact is that the fakirs knew that the bed of nails is a great way to stay healthy and it is a simple to use acupressure device. The apparent miracle of laying on nails is not so miraculous, because the pressure distributes on many points, so there is little force pressing on a single nail.

The acupressure mat is an adapted bed of nails, being safer to use. It has more spikes, and the spikes are not as sharp as the nails; additionally the mat has a padding that allows a gradual pressure when laying on it. All these make it an easy to use acupressure device, adapted for us.

The acupressure mat works in two ways:

  • By inducing a mild pain, it stimulates the body to acknowledge the body area in distress. The signal is sent to the brain which reacts in consequence, sending more blood to the spots in distress and releasing endorphin, and cortisol.
  • The other action is on acupressure points. The nail mat covers so much body surface, that automatically will touch acupuncture points. This will stimulate the energy meridians acting as an acupuncture session.

What Is the Spike Mat Good for? - Benefits of the Swedish Mat

Many people are still unconvinced about the therapeutic powers of the spike mat, and I heard people asking: "Oh, does the Spoonk acupressure mat actually work? It does work, I use it all the times, every night before going to bed I am laying on my Swedish spike mat for about 15 to 45 minutes, and after that I go to bed. I fall asleep in 5 minutes, and I wake up after 15 to 45 minutes, moment when I go into my bed. It is absolutely amazing, you have to try it. The spike mat has the following effects on the body, (although the benefits of using one are much more complex):

  • Decrease pain.By promoting the release of endorphin, it helps the muscles to recover and relax better.
  • Relax and remove stress.It is amazingly relaxing, once the stingy first 5 minutes pass. You will have a power-nap every time you use the spike mat.
  • Increases metabolism.By improving blood circulation, relaxing and calming, the metabolism is improved.
  • Decrease inflammation.Muscle inflammation is decreased with the use of the spike mat. If you wrap it around your swollen joint and press mildly for 10 minutes on it, the joint inflammation will decrease.
  • Increase the blood flow locally.The blood flow will increase on the zone "treated" with a mat.
  • The nail mat is known for helping in the following conditions:Muscular pain and aches, Stress, Insomnia and sleep quality, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Whiplash, Relaxation

Spoonk vs Nayoya vs Heavenly

Which One Is the Best?

If you are asking which one is more effective, the answer is very simple, they are all the same. They all work and you will get the good sleep and the back pain relief with any of them.

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy the best quality spike mat, the best one is Spoonk, but it is also the most expensive one. It will last you more than the other ones, and the materials are all good quality for a nice feel.

If you are trying to make the most of your money, you will probably go with the cheaper ones.You can't go wrong either way.

Bed of Nails Pillow

For neck pain, and for increasing the blood flow in the brain, the "Bed of Nails Pillow" is the simplest and yet effective method. The pillow can make you a set, together with a mat, and you can use the at the same time or just one at the time as needed. For someone with constant neck pain, this is the best investment. More than that, for certain headaches it is very effective, and you won't need anymore painkillers.

Your Comments - Did you ever try the mantra mat?

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    • profile image

      julieannbrady 4 years ago

      Curiously, I never heard of the mantra mat but am willing to give it a try. I've put in a lot of back-aching work in my yard over the past two years and feel a need for some relief!

    • profile image

      faye durham 4 years ago

      This sounds great. I look forward to trying it.

    • Elyn MacInnis profile image

      Elyn MacInnis 4 years ago from Shanghai, China

      I am curious to hear more about the fakirs - they are very clever to invent this mat! It sounds like a good idea. I will get one next time I am in the US.

    • GregoryMoore profile image

      Gregory Moore 5 years ago from Louisville, KY

      I had never heard of these, but looks like it is worth a try.

    • Coffee-Break profile image

      Dorian Bodnariuc 5 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

      @Skin-Health: I'm glad you liked my lens. Yes the spike mat is almost magical. LOL

    • Skin-Health profile image

      Skin-Health 5 years ago

      I tried one of these at a friend, I fell asleep after 10 minutes. He suggested I use it for 20-30 minutes. It was stingy at first, but after 5 minutes I didn't feel any pain. Thanks for sharing these, I wanted more info about how it works. I will definitely buy one.