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the advantages to being short

Updated on November 13, 2007

The advantages to being short

So you are short also you are so lucky. I mean every one I know is tall so I love being short becouse I am semi unique. so stop wining and get over it. the advantages of being short-1. you can fit in to a lot of stuff like a locker to hide from bullys granted you are also small enough to get stuffed in one but that's a chance I am willing to take.2. you can go under houses to clean for a lot of are able to be a flyer in cheerleading.4.guys and girls love snuggling with a short person.5.short people are better dancers.6.being able to do the limbo without breaking your back. The dis advantages of being short 1.roller coasters like tall people.2.sorry no slam dunks for us.3.short people are more afraid of hights.4.we don't have our feet hanging over the bed when we are asleep. So there you have it there are more advanteges to being short then disadvantages. So now you can wear you height with some pride and don't worry your attitude is more important then your height.

I hope this will help all the short people out there!

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    • tink561991 profile image

      tink561991 9 years ago from Springfield.OR

      I love this story

    • profile image

      someone 9 years ago

      if ur feet don't hang off the bed, that's good. i hate being tall; im 5'10" and im 13. people laugh at me when they hear my weight, lol, o well.

    • profile image

      marnie 9 years ago

      im 4'7 and 13. Im constantly bullied by lads at like 5'7

      I hate being small sometimes but most of the time its okay. All the 'good' things you mentiond on being small kinda offended me except dancing I have leg warmes!


    • profile image

      Isabel 8 years ago

      Ilove being short. I am only 4'6 and am about to turn fiffteen, I go to a school dominated by giants but do not feel intimidated because I don't care what others think. I am who I am and my height only adds more to the unique me. There are a few disadvantages but I usually ignore them. Short people rock!

    • profile image

      kotone ayame 8 years ago

      i love being short too. i am japanese, so most people from my country are small, but still, im even shorter: 4'11''. i have stopped growing too! i feel sorry for tall people though, since they have to duck when going through doorways... : )

    • profile image

      sinwl 8 years ago

      I am about 5'2++ inches and I am a guy. Whenever I am around with my male friends and some female friends, I feel quite uneasy because they are taller than but they are generally shorter than 170cm with a few over 170cm and 180cm++....

    • profile image

      anthony 8 years ago

      short rocks but the tall r always on your case and the only reason i'm on here is because i'm doing a speech on it

    • profile image

      anthony 8 years ago

      short rocks but the tall r always on your case and the only reason i'm on here is because i'm doing a speech on it

    • profile image

      Marieanne ~ 8 years ago


      Im alsoo shortt :P (4'5 or 4'6)

      UGGH EVERYONE SAYS A FRUIT ROLLUP IS TALLER THAN ME! IM 13 Holy jeez, i'll grow give me a break

    • profile image

      shortone 8 years ago

      I am 14 years old and i am well below the average height for my age.I had to see my doctor about why i was so short and this was 3 months ago and the nurse measured me at 4'4.I have friends in my class and they are all between 4'9 and 5'3.I was told i have a growth hormone problem.I think i have about 2 years in which to grow some more but the doctor reckons it is not likely to happen.When i go to school some days are okay but on others i get very upset.I am in high school and i am now about half way through high school.My first day was very daunting i knew i would probably be the shortest in the school and i was right.I find it difficult doing most of the p.e lessons has i cant reach the obstacles.Take trampoling now i am okay when i get up on it but the hardest part for me is getting up.The trampoline is about 4 foot off the ground so when the other girls climb on it they can take a run at it then jump.Me i have to have the teacher put her hand together and i put my foot in her hands and she pushes me up.I am usually pretty good at the lesson after that and then i have to sit on the edge and drop down.Another part of p.e is netball i have tried on numerous occassions and i cant play in any position.I cant even throw the ball in the net has for trying to defend same there no chance.I remember sports day and i was just laughed at has i had to compete with my year at school and i wasn't able to keep up.We also had hurdles to clear i couldn't do it and the worse was not being able to throw the basketball in the net at the end.The teacher couldn't lower the net and the teacher had to lower it herself by holding it with 2 hands. There are 2 children in our school that are younger than me but are 2 years below me they also suffer with short stature.They come from 2 different families one is a girl and she is only 4'0 and the boy is 4'2.I have spoken to them and said that they are lucky because there are 2 of them.The girl seems very touchy feely i think because of there being a lot more pupils in high school.She tends to try to find me,now i don't mind has i do speak with her.In all my days i never dreamed that i would come across anyone shorter than me.I have always had some name calling obviously some not so nice.Recently being with these new pupils i try to hang around with my friends has well has when it is just the 3 of us we get called the kids of lilliput.Walking in the corridors at school is a nightmare for me has where kids walk along they just look straight ahead instead of downwards.So don't forget there are some people worse off then others.I mean i have an older brother who is average height and a younger sister who is also average height.My sister is only a year younger and she is 5'0 already.My parents have been pretty good has my clothes are all lower than Laurens but i cant reach the light switches unless i get something to hit it with.Lauren tells me how some kids are forever saying to her how come she has a dwarf for a sister.She just says that i am just little and if anything happened to me she was there.It is a nuisance when i have to do chores especially in the kitchen has i usually have to wash and dry up has Lauren then puts the things away.I know she has it easier but i have tried to do the drying up and putting the things away but i have to climb on the worktop and it takes me too long.I hate going shopping for clothes has i can only get small kids clothes.I would rather let my mum get the stuff has it isn't as if i am growing so she needs me with her.The last pair of trousers i got was with my mum and they were aged 7/8.They were perfect for the length i suppose i have to look forward to being in this age of clothes for years.I put up a pair of trousers aged 14 now the waist swamped me and if i had this length i would be cutting too much off the length.My shoe size is also only a size 12 which at least i don't have much trouble getting has they arent popular.

    • profile image

      shawty 8 years ago

      shortone, my heart goes out to you. i'm short too (4''11 at age 15) but i guess i'll never completely understand the trouble you're going through. however, people have bullied me about my height before. i've been called a fourth grader, a pygmy, a baby, blablabla. once in latin class we were learning about a tribe called the latini. one of the other kids raised their hand and when the teacher called on them he said that there was still one surviving member of the latini...guess who he pointed to. (ya, i'm a la-teeny according to him). i guess i like being short, though, because people think i'm cute and it makes me somewhat unique. oh, and did i tell you?: my nickname is scrawny. just goes to show how much the world underappreciates short people. short people rock!

    • profile image

      Rebecca 8 years ago

      Hey, you are not alone!! I am 4'10, 38 yrs old and still deal with this daily!! I just started a blog, "It's a Small World After All" - Would love to hae you join!! You are a wise young lady!!

    • profile image

      annon 8 years ago

      im 11 and i am 4'3"

    • profile image

      kalynn 8 years ago

      im about 4'8 and every 6th 7th 8th grader are all taller, and that's not a lie my friend, it makes me very very depressed and angry at myself : (

    • profile image

      littleun 8 years ago

      I suppose my nickname gives the game away.I have had quite a few over the time and this one just stuck.I am 17 now and my height is 4'9 i am the shortest in my family.I have a sister who is 20 and she is 5'0 then comes my brother who is 18 and he is 5'5.I am the same height has my mum who helped me a lot while growing up.My dad is only 5'3 so no surprise there hey.There is one good thing for us and that is that because we are all pretty short in our family we're similar.I have many grieviances with being short mainly the lack of clothes me and mum has to choose.Not only that because i look younger than i really am i try to see what is in the junior section in shops.Mum wont go there has she thinks that being an adult she shouldn't have to.So when she checks out the adults clothes even the short length swamp her.So she alters them to fit her which she has always done.Going out with friends to the cinema or nightclub i am forever asking for i.d but it is just one of them things.I just don't like being asked if i want the kids menu in a restaurant that isn't funny and it is wearing thin.I am also the height of kids that are about 9/10.Sadly to say i have just found out that as we get older we start to shrink when we reach our 40's and we could lose anything up to 3 ins.Now that is gonna be a nightmare for us shorties.. 

    • profile image

      shortone 8 years ago

      I have just finished school for the summer holidays now and no doubt i will endevour all the usual problems i have.Like showing id to see films with my friends.I saw my twin cousins at the weekend just gone and i was amazed at how tall they have got.They are both girls and they are only 10 years old and already a couple of inches taller than me.Leading up to the last couple of days at school i had a few problems with some girls who found it funny putting my school bad up high after p.e.They stuck it on the top of some lockers.I was in trouble all day for not having my books on me.The bag was found the next day i still had detentions to go to.

    • profile image

      greta 8 years ago

      Yeah, I'm short too. It's not that bad, no one makes fun of me to be mean, just my friends joking around. I'm 4'8 and I just turned 13. I think the worst part of being short is going shopping with your friends. GAWDDD its embarrasing, but i guess my friends get it(kind of?). But I still have trouble finding clothes that don't look 5 years old. any suggestions?

      Haha btw im a girl. The whole having Greta as a name confuses some people. GO SHORT PEOPLE

    • profile image

      Roland 7 years ago

      hey guys...i'm a short guy too... i am 5 feet and i'm fourteen yeas my school i'm probably the shortest in my age...but no problem because everyone likes me because i'm unique and all the girls say that i'm everyone should be proud that he(she)is short :)

    • profile image

      down2earth 7 years ago

      I may be short ,but at least I stand tall!!

    • profile image

      Brittney 7 years ago

      I'm 5'8 and 15 yearsold female!

      Be lucky you aren't this tall short people!

    • profile image

      indian boy 7 years ago

      hi i am 5'8'' and i am comfortable with my height most times

      but the problem arises when i am with my cousins who are 5-6

      years younger than me but already they are all well above 6 feet.i feel so embarassed standing with them!!

      so u see u might never have enough.

    • profile image

      Jessica Martin 7 years ago

      Having just turned 16 and not grown for the past 3 years is making me feel worried that i am going to be this height now i am annoyed if nothing else about it.I think i am about 4'9 and over the past 3 years i have had to watch my younger sister outgrow me and my younger brother too.I have so much trouble trying to buy clothes and i tend to get my mum to help me has shopping with my friends is embarrassing for me.Where they are all over 5'0 they can buy what they want and i have to sneak into the junior section on my own.In my family i am the one that is treated like a child my mum and dad don't always realise that i am older than my sister and brother and i am treated differently to them.I hate having pics taken has i am shoved at the front so i am seen.My last school pic was a joke, then we had the yearly school pics taken and there i was shoved right at the front at the end.I wouldn't have minded if i was in the middle i can be noticed better.Stuck at the end was awkward.I was the shortest in our year and there was only 4 others that were under 5'0.The thing is that i was the oldest out of us shorties.The shortest boy was Robin and he was only 4'10 he seemed to always hang around with us because he usually got hurt otherwise.I suppose i will just have to live with being has short has this as it cant be helped.

    • profile image

      Kindy 7 years ago

      i'm about 4'11 and i'm called a kindygarten rofl...although i'm a bit taller than a average kindy...btw i'm 12...

    • profile image

      Tyler 7 years ago

      being short rokz i love it. the only time it sukz iz wen taller peope say so and dat don't bother me anyway

    • profile image

      sum guy  7 years ago

      mark iz not short

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      im 154cm and im 15.

      my friends are all taller than me

      but they treat me so wonderfully

      thank God for them

      but i my science teacher UGH

      he made me answer a question

      on the board today

      he made me answer the one

      on the very top

      of the board,

      he knew i couldn't reach it

      and he still made me do it

      and when i stood up

      to go to the board,

      he said:

      "hey look everybody, Sarah's

      gonna try n reach that question


      *not funny*

      so yeah, i stood up,

      grabbed a chair,

      pulled it infront of

      the whiteboard stood up

      and answered the question.


      HAH! coz it wasn't funny.

      this teacher also teaches my friend Chi

      Chi told me that today, he made her

      answer a question on the board too.

      she couldn't reach it either.

      and he laughed at her and told her

      and her whole class

      that I couldn't reach it either.

      he said: "I asked Sarah in my other

      class to do a question on the board too

      she couldn't even reach HERE

      (pointing to a shorter part of the whiteboard)"

      and everyone laughed.

      i think he wasn't satisfied when my class

      didn't laugh when i grabbed the chair and answerd

      the question. so he just had to make the other

      class laugh at me.

      GOSH. what kind of teacher does that?

    • profile image

      Alex 7 years ago

      Im 14 and i am 4 foot 8 inches and all my friends are a good head taller than me. Sure they crack the occasional high five where i can reach and i just say "down low, oh wait you cant" That normally shuts em up. The only problem is my teacher who used to call me a midget and when i was sick she said to the class "Is he a LITTLE ill" so i didn't talk to her until she gave me a apolagy letter.

      lets just say that she didn't do it any more after 3 letters rejected and a forth required to be a full page long HEHE.

    • profile image

      lilmismart 7 years ago

      Hi everyone! I'm 4'11 And the other day, I was walking with this girl and she's really loud! And then she says "Dude you're really short!" and I'm like yeah I know, duh!! I hate it when people say, you're really short, like if we weren't aware of that! And then of course she keeps starts going with the short jokes, and it is hurtful. I mean, what are you supposed say?? And I too was made fun of by teachers and I haven't gotten over that. People are just so ignorant and need to be educated.

    • profile image

      lilmissmart 7 years ago

      Hi everyone! I'm 23 and I am 4'11 and I'm in college and recently this girl from out of town was walking next to me and she has a very loud voice, and then she said "Dude you're freakin short!" and what was I supposed to say.. umm duh I can see that!! I hate it whe

    • profile image

      VeRtIcAlLyChAlLeNgEd  7 years ago

      Advantages to being short....none. I'm 22 5ft 4in tall. All through school i was constantly picked on for being short. My dad and younger brother are both 6ft tall. They say stuff like “Well its hard on a tall person to bend over and pick something up” Well maybe but you can bend over and pick up if something is high up no matter how much i stretch i'll never reach it without help. I hate for some tall jerk to stand beside me. And what do girls look for in a guy TALL, dark and handsome. Look in movies is the hero short NO. If i had any control over my height i wouldn't have stopped here. I truly feel for anyone shorter than me. I hate going to the stores everything i need for some reason is on the top shelf and i refuse to get someone tall to help. I rarely have anything to do with tall people because of the way they treat short people.

    • profile image

      kungfumuffin 7 years ago

      Yeaaa,hi guys,im writing a speech for being short.

      i am i think 4'11 or 5'0 not sure xP and im 12 .

      everybody in my class is taller than be but everybody is incredibly nice to me because i am able to get along with everyone.My whole family is under 6ft lol but oh well.

      I hate it when im at the library and i cant reach a book and i unwantingly have to ask a tall person to grab it for me.I love to play soccer and am not that fast but i am pretty good at all sports except basketball.i have been browsing through so many websites to find some good info and i love every ones comments.And yesh , short girls do usually like tall guys >w<

      Thank you !

    • profile image

      kungfumuffin 7 years ago

      and if you can list some more pros and cons , that would be aweshum ! >w<

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      wow you hunks are all sooooo short i am six 5 and a half but short people are cool they make you laugh!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Abanoub Marcus 7 years ago

      I am 10 years old and only 4 feet tall. However, I like being short!

    • profile image

      Emma 7 years ago

      What's with all the complaints about being short?? Dudes, just get over it, it's just a few digits stuck together to determine ones height, no biggie. Geez do you want me to go on about my height? Oh I'm so sad because I am 16 years old and only 4'8, boo hoo, oh everyone picks on me, blah blah blah. Get a life peoplez. Yeah, I'm on here because I'm writing an essay about people who consume their lives worrying about petty problems in order to get attention, especially since there are so many other issues in this world that deserve more importance, whereas instead, people are here blabbering about how short they are and worried that every tall person picks on them. Big Whoop.

      Listen, I know someone is going to make a retort saying that I'm just being a b*tch, but really guys, is this such a big issue?

    • profile image

      Elle 7 years ago

      Emma- you must be one of those ugly tall girls who are jealous us the pretty, little short girls, right? Have a heart, b*tch! you are insensitive and uncompassionate! It's people like you, Emma, that are making this world ugly. Here's a thought- instead of b*itching on here about your problem with people having problems, you could work on being nice for a change. You make me sick!

    • profile image

      james 7 years ago

      im 5'6 and 15 and im not that short compared to my 5'10 friend. my confidence is high anyway coz i think im good at sports and i im black belt in many martial arts, and many girls are shorter than me anyway..n i look really buff coz im smaller, so it aint that bad being small just do fighting and get tank lol

    • profile image

      Emma 7 years ago

      Hi Elle,

      Yeah it's Emma, the one you called "insensitive and uncompassionate". Really, I don't see how you can justify such a remark without the facts first.

      You also stated: "you must be one of those ugly tall girls," actually no, I too am short, as I mentioned, 16 years old and 4'8, but I was merely pointing out that some people on here are going as far as saying that they're so "depressed" because of their height. There is nothing wrong with being short, tall or somewhere in between, I find it intolerable that people criticise others based on their physical features, something that they themselves cannot change.

      What makes me sick is *you* saying to me that I must be "one of those ugly tall girls". See, it is here that I can observe you yourself are being judgemental, calling all people who are tall - ugly, thus, you fair no better than the "tall" people calling "short" people ugly. Get what I'm saying?

      No, I do not want to start an argument, especially since there are much more important things in this world to fight for, such as child abuse, animal and human rights, terrorism, etc. So please, don't tell me that I'm one of those people who are making the world "ugly", it is other's who are getting caught up in such petty problems that really don't matter in this world.

      Finally, let's be frank, you don't seem to fair any better, and could work on your kindness, especially with the remarks you have said without even analysing the facts first.

    • profile image

      Lorelei 7 years ago

      I'm 18, and 4'11". Honestly, though, I don't think about it much. It doesn't really interfere with my life. Sure, a lot of times I have trouble reaching things, but I'm not insecure about it. I ususally don't even have to ask for help- some guy will just come over and ask me what I'm trying to reach. I like being short- I never bump my head on low doorways, I don't have to take my marching hat off when I get on the bandbus, and I can get away with things because I'm short and cute ;) There's nothing wrong with being short. I don't take offense to short jokes, because the ones my friends tell are usually true.

    • profile image

      Di 7 years ago

      Hey everyone.. I'm 25 and 4'9"... Some days my height really gets to me and other days I don't think about it at all. I have a husband who loves me silly and says I'm perfect just the way I am and he wouldn't have it any other way :)... So I guess there is no need to hate yourself or your parents for being the height you are.. just surround yourself with people who love you for you! And just fyi, there are so many super fashionable celebs (Kristen Chenoweth, Mary Kate Olsen, Eva Longoria etc.) who rock and are short.. Go ahead start living the good life and rock your height!!

    • profile image

      Tormod 7 years ago

      Being short is kinda annoying, since everyone I know is like 5'9 to 5'12, and I'm 5'1. And I'm 16, and everybody's making jokes and bad puns about my height, it's the only thing they find to rip on me for. So this is a short list of things people have said to me:

      "Looks like you got the SHORT straw"

      "Don't get SHORT with me!"

      "Are short shorts SHORT to you?"

      "Want some weed? It makes you HIGH"

      "Hey I'm SHORT on money, could I borrow some?"

      "Do you own a MINIvan?"

      "hey man 'Low Five!' wats down? err i mean up"

      "Wanna play limbo? Oh nevermind you'll win anyways."

      "Hey can you reach UP to pick up that button I dropped on the floor?"

      "Oh your hair's growing in superspeed... Bad thing your body isn't."

      ++ and there are many others in Norwegian, like "Wanna play cards?" (Card in Norwegian is Kort, and Kort also means short...)

    • profile image

      shorty23 7 years ago

      hey guyz, well this is the forum for me. Im a guy and im close to 5ft and im 14 years old. It really does suck cuz all my friends start teasing and calling me stuff like short**** and shrimp. I used a height calc. and it said i will be 5ft 4 1/2 and that's real short but still and my friends are all 5ft 4 rite now and some are even 6ft so it sucks and yea.

    • profile image

      mini 7 years ago

      OMG im doin a speech 2

    • profile image

      short stuff 7 years ago

      im short(5ft exactly... life goal :P) and i always seem to get all the attention from the lads, even if they are taking the mick out of my heigh, im obviously important enough for them to take up their time with so im happy enough :D xxx

    • profile image

      Shorty 7 years ago

      I'm 15 and 6"3. I hate being short. I always get picked on at school for my size :(.

    • profile image

      Cathy 7 years ago

      HaHa....Shorty....what an origional nickname we all have for being short! I am 4'11" and 50 yrs. old. It never bothered me much for being short. It seemed to bother every one else.

    • profile image

      WHYDOESITMATTER 7 years ago

      I'm 12 and 5 feet. I don't think that's short, but people always say how short I am.. granted, they don't actually make fun of me.. but it does bother me after a while.

    • profile image

      chris 7 years ago

      hahaha 6"3 is tall yu idiot im 4"3 1/2 and every body likes me

      o and cathy good 4 u an also the 5"something people is tall

      and to every budy else at least if yur being chased u can hide

      behind almost anywere GO SHORT PEPOL!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      SHORTY 7 years ago

      im 4"3 1/2 and 6"4 is tall u idiot

    • profile image

      Jennifer 7 years ago

      Im 5'0 and i think its short , but if u don't think so idc call me an idiot .

    • profile image

      Emily  7 years ago

      I hate being short, im 14 and 5 foot (i think, i hope) and i could deal with being short ok i guess, but the worst thing is that my sister who is 11 and a half is the same height, so she will outgrow me and make ME look even shorter.

    • profile image

      GaaraRyotaru 7 years ago

      well..i'm 16 and i'm asian... the problem height is just 1.5 m @150 cm.. i can't even ride roller coaster!

    • profile image

      wook 7 years ago

      hey..i'm also asian..i'm a male and i'm 5'6"..i'm 15 years old..but all my friends are 5'8" and some of them are 6'!!and they are all asian just like me..=_=

    • profile image

      little miss miget 7 years ago

      im only 10 im only bout 97cm ive been called a pre schooler and kindy when im really in year 5 ive been called a miget, dwarf, elf, ugly rat ,small stinker, laaging small loser,fiesty miget, dumb elf and ugly miget xtra small rat witch!

      IM SO SMALL people

      im the smallest in kidigarten year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 and year 5........................

      im like the size of a plasma flatscreen TV OMG PEOPLE IM SMALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

      all my freids are between 135-155cm

      once i got a photo with my pricipal becuz i got medla for something and i was only 1/5 of the damm picture!

      i need sriuos help

      and when im 16............................

      IM ONLY GNNA B LIKE 130cm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • profile image

      trevor  7 years ago

      ok guys so yeah we are short im 16 and 5'7 but listen to my benefit. all my life i have been dancing. this will be my 7th year this year and im excited to have goten this far. If i was tall then dnaing would be very weird. being 5'11 and dancing is not something that looks right. but id your my hieght and 5'7 then dancing looks great. most of my friends are taler than me but who cares cause i got something that will never ever go away and that's dance. dance is my life and i hated being short for a while but look on the bright side. they say that shorter people live longer. shorter people have the hardest lives cause of all the negativities but to me dance and my hieght is the most amazing advantage. being my hieght is amazing and if someone dumps me for being short they don't know me cause most people say i should model. and they say i have a cute babay face whoch most short people have. be rpud shorties lol read the benefits of being short we have a lot.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      another pro, i think, is you can get away with short shorts if you're a girl. at school, the dress code is usually below fingertips and if you're short you're most likely going to have short arms. so you can get away with shorter things! i get away with short shorts and skirts alllll the time :)i love being short

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      hi guys..

      i m 22 and just 4'9.. i didn't much bother bout this until it took a toll on my career.. i will be sittin for an on campus recruitment after a couple of weeks.. and there is a particular company wich mentions a height of 4'10 as eligibility criteria.. i hav pased all oder criteria,d most important bein in top 5 of d class. i m in a dilema as to wot shud i do..?? shud i sit for it or move ahead wit some other companies

    • profile image

      ainojonai at hotmail 7 years ago

      I am asian (guy), only 153cm tall. Sometimes i feel so depressed about my height. Luckily i still have a babyface even i am in my mid-20's. I think if we can dress abit better, even short... not so many others would say bad thing to us..

      I also met 2 girls in the past, they all below 140cm, but look hot from their appearance.

    • profile image

      Acey 7 years ago

      Well I'm 19 and only 4'11" It was hard growing up with my brother who is now 17 and 6'2" He would constantly make fun of my height and pick on me. My friends are pretty cool with my height. I actually don't mind the nickname "short one" There are advantages of being short though. Every time my friends and I would play hide-n-seek I would always dominate everyone because I always had the best hiding spots (like under a car laying on the frame). My boyfriend is 5'10" and says short people are much more enjoyable to cuddle with and he likes that he can sweep me off my feet whenever he wants. So be proud to be short! :)

    • profile image

      hatty 7 years ago

      I'm 5'1'' and i've always felt extremely short. After reading these comments ive realised that there is nothing wrong with being short and i should be proud of who i am. Thank you for helping me realise this. :)

    • profile image

      trevor 7 years ago

      but yeah i love being short cause some of the most shortest people are the hottest, and i mean if you don't really like food, like me, im not no aneorexic you can almost fit anything, im 5'7 and i love being short. did i mention im a guy, and yeah i use to be sad becuase fashion loves tall people but i mean that's a lie cause i wear tigh cvlothes al the time, and tight jeans and all, but my fears are stupid, and if someone doesn't like you for your hieght their stupid,

    • profile image

      shorty 7 years ago

      i'm 14 and 4"9 and although I try to convince myself that being short is great, it makes me feel sad a lot. on a school trip, I had to pull a bunch of my friends into doing this "kiddie course" since I wasn't tall enough to do the larger one. People always tell me they're jealous because I "always fit into clothes" and "always get to be in the front row of everything." This is far from the truth because I always have to cut my jeans and I can usually never find clothes that actually fit well on me. Also, in crowds, no one ever seems to care that I'm short and can't see above people's heads, so they stand right in front of me and couldn't care less.

      It hurts sometimes, but at the end of the day, I'm okay with who I am. I still have time to grow, (I should have a growth spurt any time now) and I know people who are shorter. My mom is 4"10 and my grandmother is 4"9. My mom says I should make it to atleast 4"11 by the time I'm done growing. There are many advantanges and disadvantages, but I can't change who I am, so why should I even pay attention to the disadvantages?

    • profile image

      sara 7 years ago

      guys i feel really down - im just recovering from anorexia and apparently its stunted my growth. i feel so stupid like it is all my fault

    • profile image

      Chyna 6 years ago

      Im 13 and only 4"9 and im a cheerleader so that means i get to be a flyer!!!!!! :)

    • profile image

      nicole 6 years ago

      hey everyone well recently ive become very self concious of my height and im 12 going into seventh grade and im only

      4"9 and everyone always makes fun of me and my dad is 5"11

      and my mom is 5"6 WHY AM I NOT GROWING!!!!!! i cant wait for my growth spurt!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Chazzyyyy 6 years ago

      Im 15 and only 4ft9...but i love it :) i always get piggybacks and get 2 be the top of human pryamids that me nd my mates make. i get called a dwarf :/ but im not coz i havnt got the body perporsion. its not all that bad, is quite fun most of the time :)

    • profile image

      Amalia 6 years ago

      Im 5 foot and im 14 (girl) and have stopped growing. I have read all your stories and i feel so sympathetic and grateful that you guys are all so encouraging and positive for the most part. Really, You have made me feel a ton better and Im glad that I can relate to other short people!!I can join the club:) but Im actually very depressed about my height and I worry about it almost every day. Please, if you have any ideas at all that you think would help-plz share them I would love to hear wat u guys think:)

    • profile image

      Lainey 6 years ago

      Hey guys,

      I am 4'10 and I am 24 years old. I've never cared for heights and to my surprise(now that i've read all your comments) I have never been made fun of. I kind of stumbled upon this site because I was searching on dominant genes. Anyways so I just wanted to tell you all that I have always been small and I love it and you should love it too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being short, everyone is the way they are for a reason and really, how boring would the world be if everyone was tall and looked the way. By the way I always hear tall people (women in particular) complaining about how tall they are. So as you can see everyone is unhappy. Another thing most tall people are full of stretch marks cause they grow so much muahhahaha okay nevermind that im just being evil, like most short people ;) Yet everyone assumes you're sweet and innocent haha...


    • profile image

      jaimie nester 6 years ago

      I am 18 and i was unlucky enough to have stopped growing about age 12.I always thought i would grow taller but i think i have got my height from our mum.She is 5'2 and our dad is 5'8 me i only managed to grow to 5'0.I didn't mind being 12 and 5'0 has i didn't seem much shorter than mos of my classmates.Over the last 4 years at high school most of the boys outgrew me.There were probably only 3 or 4 of us no taller than 5'2.It was hard when the girls were actually growing taller than us short boys.We had to endure lots of stick from our classmates and many younger kids.I am just glad that i only had one sister to contend with has even though she is 2 years younger she is already 5'6.I knew i was going to have a problem has when i was about 14 and she was 12 she was already my height and my aunts and uncles kept mentioning how if i wasn't too careful Joanna may get taller than me.Now don't get me wrong she comes in handy when i cant reach something and she is good as good helping.I just don't like the photos we have take at wedding and that.I am generally always shoved at the front so i am not like a floating head somewhere.I do get mistaken for being younger than what i am.Joanna has no problem and i do get jealous if only i could have been her head it would make my life easier than what it is now.I am getting over it now anyway it cant be changed.

    • profile image

      Blarg 6 years ago

      I'm 6ft. 3in. and that is short in my family

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 6 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      Hahaha i enjoyed this. I am 4'7" and i am almost 30 years old. There are a lot of disadvatages but i always focus on the positive. it is fun to be different.

    • profile image

      coolguy 6 years ago

      your ugly, don't make no more bullitins, jaja im cool, you look emo and chubby. so lay off the cheesecake fatso

    • profile image

      sofe1999 6 years ago

      im 11 and im only 4'3 when i started secondary school i was so worried cause everyone was going to be taller than me and i am the shortest in secondary school. When i walk down the corridor people whisper about me and i cant go anywhere without people staring at me. i try to see the advantages of being short but they just don't seem to be very big advantages. i haven't grown for at least 2 years and im really worried that i wont grow. its just not fair. I always feel shut out and everyone always looks down on me because im so short. i hate being short :(

    • profile image

      John M 6 years ago

      I Just need to clarify I am 5'6 nearly 5'7 at the age of 16 (MALE), am I short

    • profile image

      Shawtyy 6 years ago

      Im % foot and 14. I like being short. :)

    • profile image

      Skull master 46 6 years ago

      I am so short :(

    • profile image

      Johanna 6 years ago

      Many of us can't do much about our heights...instead there are lots good things about being why feel bad? I'm 5'0 and 21 and honestly I'm content with it..they are people who believe in perfection and will mock..but we all should know that they are dumbass idiots. I kind of want to be 5'3-5' am looking for ways to be a bit taller, though I'm sure it's impossible. Besides every individual is unique...only thing that matters in this world is that we love each other and are respectful..nothing else!

    • profile image

      Angelina 6 years ago

      Hi ! Iam 17 years old and iam very short and people always criticize me but i cant help my self coz iam God's creation but I HATE BEING SHORT! HATE IT!


    • profile image

      Karlene 6 years ago

      Hey, i'm 15 years old and 5'2 1/2", is that short?

    • profile image

      LUV YA JUDAH 6 years ago


    • profile image

      jus sumone 6 years ago

      i love bein short man seriouly. im nearly 16 n im 4 foot 5. every1 thinks im soo cute

    • profile image

      TinnyToe 6 years ago

      So I am very short too ... am a male, 26... I feel very depressed about it and its not cause other peeps do not accept me but because I cannot accept myself. I HOPE I DIE SOON!

    • profile image

      TinnyToe 6 years ago

      well am not sure i wanna die... lmao!

    • profile image

      Chloe Louise . X 6 years ago

      Im 5ft 1 and compared to everyone else im titchy! Recently everyone else has towered over me and had a growth spurt and unfortanatly i already had mine a few years back so i wont be growing much more :)

    • profile image

      afgwaegt 6 years ago

      wow your dum b

    • profile image

      RJ Crossroads 6 years ago

      Those are stupid advantages for being short. Being able to fit better under a house? Easier to hide in lockers? Is this supposed to make short people feel better? I mean, okay, i guess this is a joke. haha (not really.) Well not trying to be a downer or negative, but being short really does suck. It's been proven that taller people make more money and in Presidency elections, most of the time, the taller candidate wins. Great....just FUCKING great

    • profile image

      Rian 6 years ago

      This is so stupid. I'm a 20 year old, 5'7" male. Being short isn't bad for any reasons, but it's definitely not good/bad for any of these reasons. Feet hanging over the bed? Roller coasters? Fear of heights? This is probably the worst post I've ever read about diminutive stature. I pray the author kills himself/herself.

    • profile image

      Ella  6 years ago

      Hello, I'm 16, female, and am 5'1'. I know I am taller than some people on here, but I'm still short. I'm okay at school, no one bothers me about my height. They make jokes, but very rarely because my friends understand and like me for who I am. In fact, I have a tall friends who hates being tall! She wished she were my height.

      What I hate about being short is when my younger brother outgrew me. He is 5'8' and only 14. I am only 5'1'! That means he is going to be a giant. Everytime I stand next to him, I hate my height and I feel like the younger sibling. He was taller than me when he was only 12! Grr. My mom is 5'2 and my dad is 5'7'.

      I'm still learning to accept my height, but everyday is hard because I know there is a good chance I won't grow anymore. It justs makes me sad. Women usually stop growing at 18, so that's about two years.

      I really believe your height is based on genetics because my brother did not exercise, slept average, ate a bad diet and still grew tall.

      But, height isn't everything. I have my whole life ahead of me. I have to learn to love myself who I am. Short people rule!! :)

    • profile image

      shorty 6 years ago

      i m 13 yrs old and am 5 feet about shortness!...loll

    • profile image

      vickymil93 6 years ago

      im short im 4'11" n im almost 18 im the shortest person in my college but i like it coz im known as the cuddle person :) n people on here who are only like 13-15 at least some of you can still grow iv stopped growing now my doctor said i stopped growing when i was about 10-11

    • profile image

      sierraminor 6 years ago

      hey guys im writing a speech about how i am short and the goods things about being short so please list things about why being short it wonderful hahah thanks

    • profile image

      Imran khan 6 years ago

      hi shorties i also want to join here because i am also SHORT and i get deeply upset and angry when i see a girl taller than me

    • profile image

      imran khan 6 years ago

      hi shorties i also want to join here because i am also SHORT and i get deeply upset and angry when i see a girl taller than me oh i forgot i am 5'5

    • profile image

      hi ☺☺☺ 6 years ago

      im 4'5"

      and im 10 :(

    • profile image

      jaden 6 years ago

      Im 4 foot 4 inches in 6th grade btw I love this blog

    • profile image

      beached 6 years ago

      i'm a guy and i'm 5 foot 9, whenever I go out I seem to be the smallest guy out. every1 else seems to be at least 6 foot 5. They make me feel like such a midget :( every1 I look at I have to look up to and it makes me feel inferior. Even all the girls are taller than me. It appears that if your not 6 foot 4 AT LEAST, UR A MIDGET THESE DAYS.

    • profile image

      sally 6 years ago

      I feel worse now! im a freaking migit and i hate it! everyone in my class is tall and eligant wile im a short ugly stump! BEIGN SHORT SUCKS!

    • profile image

       6 years ago

      Hey if your depressed about being short don't be because lots of short people are powerful and have been powerful like napoleon ? plus if your still i teen don't worry no one knows what will happen in the future so don't bother with doctors they aren't always right so you still might grow plus short girls are cute (I'm short).

      Anyway my cousin was really short until he became 17 and grew taller than everyone in our family.

    • profile image

      jessie 6 years ago

      I am 16 and am 4ft9

      I hate being short because everyone thinks I am still a child, but not to worry. I think my feet have adapted to wearing heels because I literally live in them because I am self-conscious of my hight :/

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      im 16 and 5"1.5 male, my dad is 6"4 and my bro is 19 and 6"2 but prednisone stunted my growth and i haven't grown for the past 10 months. i really pray that I grow and if i am stuck at this height, i pray that i die soon.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      This is funny, thanks for making me laugh.

    • profile image

      Guest 6 years ago

      To me, size doesn't matter.

    • profile image

      thomas t samaras 6 years ago

      I have researched the advantages and disadvantages of shorter height for over 35 years. My findings favor shorter people. For more information see new commentary in World Nutrition journal. The links are provided below:

      Re: “Epic vision” on increasing body size and human health and survival

      A new paper provides an exceptional view of human body size and its ramifications in terms of human health and survival and was just published in the Journal of the World Public Health Nutrition Association. The editor of the University of California

      Berkeley Wellness Letter called it a "fascinating article." The commentary, described by the journal as an "epic vision," can be found in htm or PDF format at the link below.

      The commentary covers extensive findings on how increasing body size affects human performance, longevity, intelligence, resources, the environment, the economy and human survival.

      The commentary, the journal’s editorial on the commentary, and my biography can be accessed from the three links below. Duplication of the material is allowed by the World Public Health Nutrition Association if proper credit is given to the journal.

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      The author has researched the ramifications of human body size for over 35 years and has published in dozens of medical and scientific journals. He is also the editor of the book: Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling, 2007, Nova Science Publishers, NY. A book reviewer described the work as a Herculean accomplishment.

      The link to my biography is below.

      Please contact me at email or Tel 858 576-9283.



      Thomas T. Samaras,Director, Reventropy Associates, San Diego, Ca. USA

    • profile image

      aysha 6 years ago

      iam 15 iam in skol no1 bother my height i have a close relationship which i love it and want to be like a teenager............

    • profile image

      geoff 6 years ago

      im 4'5 and of course i got a F in gym.

    • profile image

      saachi 6 years ago

      it is good to be short

    • profile image

      DOMINIQUE 6 years ago

      well i always get picked on about my height every freakin day um only 4'10 n mi mom is 5'2 n mi dad is 5'4 so i no i prob don't grow no more i wish i was already 5'2 instead of 4'10 shooot oh well then

    • profile image

      Fred 6 years ago

      Being short sucks yea of couse the girls think your cute and also when your on the track

      Team you suck at running the 800 and even the mile at the end

    • profile image

      Irene  6 years ago

      I'm 5'2 and 13 I'm taller than most of u people that commented on this but all the people at my school are between 5'5 and 5'8 but I like being short :) I'm a one of a kind

    • profile image

      Jojo 6 years ago

      No offense, but you need to work on your writing or just make it clear enough so the reader doesn't have to stumble over awkward sentences and punctuation. Thanks. Oh and these aren't very good reasons :)

    • profile image

      gaurav gupta 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Nicole 6 years ago

      Hi emma. It's not a big issue. Lower our temper. They just want to express their feelings. I think your a kind of person that doesn't care about what other people are thinking or saying but other people are different. I'm also short. I just smile or laugh to every person that says im short but it hurts though. I'm a human being, I'm not a rock.

      Bigger or taller doesn't necessarily mean better.

    • profile image

      mini the giant 6 years ago

      im 20 and 5'4, all the advantages ive seen are kinda pointless, being able to hide better?! what good is that for? and the disavantages? the list just goes on and on. you guys say you are happy about being short? so let me ask you this: how many dates have you had? are u married/have a girlfriend?

      i've been told i have a nice face, but i know my height is in the way and really scares me cuz its out of my control, if ppl are fat, they can workout to get slim, but for us short ppl we cant get talk when we want to

    • profile image

      thomas t samaras 6 years ago

      Re: Are we getting too tall? Ramifications of increasing body size on our health, resources, and environment

      Our society tells us that taller is better. While there are advantages to taller height, there also many disadvantages. For example, taller people tend to weigh more, and greater weight means greater demands for food, energy, materials, and farmland. In addition, bigger people produce more trash, carbon dioxide, and environmental damage. As one example, Samaras points out that researcher Dannenberg found a mere 10 pound increase in average US weight requires an additional 350,000,000 gallons of airline jet fuel per year. Since 1940, US weight has increased by over 40 pounds.

      In summary, Samaras has long held that increasing human body size has devastating consequences on our health and the survival of humankind.

      Thomas Samaras, founded Reventropy Associates 16 years ago and has worked with several researchers studying how greater height and weight affect health, longevity, performance and the environment. His associates included Dr. Elrick, a physician and longevity and nutrition expert, and Dr. Storms, a former professor at the School of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego and staff member at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in San Diego. Samaras has conducted research on body size for over 35 years.

      Writing in the journal, World Nutrition, Samaras, a former engineer and configuration management specialist, warns us of the manifold problems that will result from our worship of greater height in our children.

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      Author’s background

      The author has researched the ramifications of human body size for over 35 years and has published in dozens of medical and scientific journals and six medical/nutrition books. He is also the editor of the book: Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling, 2007, Nova Science Publishers, NY. A book reviewer described the work as a Herculean accomplishment. An editorial by the World Public Health Nutrition Association (World Nutrition) reported that Samaras’s work represents an epic vision. He has also published in the books: International

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      Thomas T. Samaras, Director, Reventropy Associates, San Diego, Ca. USA

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    • profile image

      HelloHello 6 years ago

      I am 4 '11 and i'm 13 is that ok? :/

    • profile image

      Judith 6 years ago

      Okay, there is nothing wrong with being short! I'm 18 and only 4'10. You just can't let anyone or anything get in your way...except clothes. Someone really needs to design better clothes for us short people.

    • profile image

      jeff 6 years ago

      Being an adult male at 5'3". I have nothing to complain about being short. I have never tried to be negative about it and have made the best of it. I grew up always being the shortest person in school and had lots of short jokes and mean jokes but I just rolled with the punches. I love my life and have a wonderful wife who is 5'7 and three daughters that are all tall even my 11 year old is 5'6 already.

    • profile image

      Carman lam 6 years ago

      I'm 17 and I'm 4'8"

      I hate my height so bad

      Its hard to find a boyfriend and to people I look like I'm 13 yrs old, I have shoe lifters in almost all my shoes and sneakers.

      I hate being short so bad, I want to be a dancer

      I can dance but my height seriously all dancers are 5'4'' or more, how awkward would it be.

      I even consider getting a leg surgery in China, where they saw your bones and shove a mental pole in, yes I'm desperate.

      Now even growing 1" would make me happy.

      I would give up ANYTHING to be tall

      Life is so unfair.

    • profile image

      holly 5 years ago

      Oiiiii im 18 and under 5 foot s'alight nothing to worry about fool yaw bootiful

    • profile image

      ErikA 5 years ago

      I just turned 16yrs old 7weeks ago & I'm about 5'1... I have hit puberty I guess ....? but I never had my period... Will I grow once I get my menstruation ???

    • profile image

      Aaron 5 years ago

      im 15 years old im 5ft at the age of 10 i was 4ft3 and weighed 4stone and 15 years old im 5ft and 5stone:/

      i get my unique smallness from my dads side as he has osteaeophrosis and it's awsome being small!!! things come cheap and people think im cute so i can deal with it!

    • profile image

      Littlelee85 5 years ago

      Hey there people. I'm 25 and top off at 5ft 6in. I stopped growing at 16. I used to have a big problem with it. Always saying "why am I so short?" but recently it's not been so bad. Just learnt to deal with it and enjoy being a short-arse. I get my sister measuring herself nex to me bragging that she's almost as tall as me haha. she's 5ft 2 but in her thirties. I just say "god made me this way. I'm meant to be short" so I won't be getting any leg lengthening surgery any time soon. The only one bad thing is not being able to reach high shelves. But it's rare I shop anyway. What i'm trying to say is be happy with your height wheather your 6foot, 5 foot or smaller we are all different, so embrace it

    • profile image

      doll 5 years ago

      im 24 and im 4'8... I would love to wear flats but because of my height I was forced to wear heels.. i feel so inferior with this height.. up until now ,I still cannot accept the fact that im f******* short.. i cant enjoy my life.. i feel so ashamed and embarrassed whenever I walk in the mall , people are looking down on me.. what's wrong with me :(

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Well I'm 19 and 5'2" and I'm a guy my sister is 16 and she is tall than me, but I love being short my feet don't hang out the end of my bed and shoes are cheap and I'm stronger that most of my mates

    • profile image

      Angelica 5 years ago

      Hey guys!

      I am 16 years old and 5 foot 1. My parents are average height. My grandparents are 5 foot 2. My brother is 6 foot 2. I feel very embarrassed of my height. I wish I could just grow and be like all of my friends. When I see my younger cousins growing and reaching my height and then growing taller than my height makes me mad because I don't have that chance or opportunity. They always rub it in and I hate it! I cannot wait to go to college and be away from everyone!

    • profile image

      Montra 5 years ago

      im 49 and im a boy and im in the 9th grade is that normal

    • profile image

      Levi 5 years ago

      Im very short but im always looking on the bright side of things, people enjoy my company because i make them feel welcome. I love to be the joker, i prevent boredom :)

    • profile image

      Levi 5 years ago

      When someone talks down about my height i say "and?" If they keep trying to talk sh*t i tell them "I have a good time." Don't let people get in your head, those who try are not awesome people at all and will get nothing from me.

    • profile image

      Liz 5 years ago

      Im 20 and just about 145cm ! ( Imagine how small I am ? )

      But, I think its okay . I'm a smart student, beautiful with a strong personality ! love my self, love to be a petite girl ! :)

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      I'm 16, 5ft 6in, and i've finished growing... At least I get to be in the front row all the time in class pictures :)

    • profile image

      The Shorty 5 years ago

      I just want to say this blog makes me feel better. I always felt alone. 16 and 4'11.5. I never really cared but other people make fun of me so much! "Haha whoa you are really short!" No, I always thought I was a white Yao Ming, DUH! As if I don't already know and get teased enough for it! The next shortest guy in my class is 5'4, so everyone towers over me. Why haven't I met any of you nice people? I hope I get a growth spurt!

    • profile image

      Jackie 5 years ago

      Im 13 and im almost 5'1 and im proud. well sometimes my taller bff makes fun of me but i don't care. some people call me Chibi or Shorty and i love it ?

    • profile image

      dolly 5 years ago

      I cannot enjoy life because of my height. it stopped me from doing what I want to do, im so sad..

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      Dumb, ugly and short. You are not better dancers because of your midget height btw. Enjoy your shitty life.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      it's hard being short because you are constantly reminded me of it..which can really feel like a blow to your ego. I'm 5 ft and its annoying when people ask your height. i just think people need to learn courtesy. you wouldn't ask a bigger person how much they weigh..i feel like with height it should be the same...tall or short. people have feelings and others need to know it is not okay to put others down because they may stick out due to their height. just remember who you are and you are beautiful no matter what you look like as long as you have a beautiful soul. you can't change how others are going to act towards you, but you can know if they are rude then they are clearly not meant to be your friend in this life and move on.

    • profile image

      silvia 5 years ago

      the anonymous person obviously had a bad experience with someone who is shorter than they are.... A shitty life is determined by each individual and how they handle the events that happen and deal with their choicese..NOT by their stature. Tell that to Shakira who is one of the hottest women in entertainment. I don't know where you are from, but she is definitely a better dancer and height has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    • profile image

      Nick 5 years ago

      Can I just say one point, all the BOYS on here who say they're like 13/14 and really short the truth is most boys don't stop growing until they're 21 so you'll still have about 7 years left. for Girls being short okay but for a boy it is a lot worse, I'm just 16 and have basically stopped growing at 5'7 and at a school where the average is about 6ft so yea I feel it a lot. You can try and bull a bunch of examples why its better like above but they're more offensive then true. TBH I wouldn't care as much if i wasn't constantly reminded of it everyday! anyway rant over :D

    • profile image

      small&proud 5 years ago

      We can all agree that short people are the best!

    • profile image

      6790m]= 5 years ago



    • profile image

      Person 5 years ago

      Being 5'1 and 14 sucks. My friends get all kimds if respect because they are taller and no one listens to me and literally everybody says i look 8. Which is my stupid shoe size so i have big feet and short body.

    • profile image

      lovely 5 years ago

      im 13 and im 142 cm and every one else in my classses are like 160-170 cm

      but i still love being short and im not afraid od heights

      im also considered cute so i don't mind

    • profile image

      TRAJAN 5 years ago

      I'm a short man 5'0" and 39 years old. Short women have little to complain about compared to short men. Ashort woman can date tall or short guys but short men are just stuck. Even the short women want the tall guys. Another writer JUDAH wrote that she likes being short because then she doesn't have to be "embarassed" by being taller than her boy friend. If your a male being short sucks more as you get older.

    • profile image

      Evelyn 5 years ago

      Well I thought I was the only short person in thr world. I don't know if its just me or the little city I live in that's against bieng short. Im almost 20 years old and im 4"10. The reason y I hate it most is because clothes and shoes don't fit me! And im not about to shop in the kids section. My grandmother really seems to enjoy asking people how old they think I am..the reply is always 15...i just stand there like "are you kidding?..i know im short but does my face, my clothes or my body scream 15?" Im tired of it but I know one day when im 40 people will think im 20.. So oh well I guess ill just have to deal with it..

    • profile image

      Kalen 5 years ago

      I have a problem to all your problems. Ok here it is ask Jesus to come into your lives. And atheist pls shut up i seen people like you and all use do is try to bash a Christians faith. And you fail at it because i know the truth 100%Anyway when you walk like God wants you to in this world and you die make sure you get to heaven. Because it's. Soo easy for god to make you taller he can even do it now but he has more things for you to do. You just gotta have faith. Angles are 7 feet tall and even higher some are up to 30 feet. And I promise you heaven and hell is real. Because of tv and all these satanic skeems the devil dosnt want anyone to know it's real. So be careful it's for your own good.

    • profile image

      June 5 years ago

      I'm 13 and 4'9 short people got Swag!

    • profile image

      Jose 5 years ago

      Short people to me have more friends because they want to be near them since others will feel the same way.

    • profile image

      short sports 5 years ago

      im with all of you but don't sweat it for boy get to lifting cuz it can jack you up and if you're at a disadvantage in sports start wrestling, they have weight classes with age groups. this is how i get all my glory.

    • profile image

      Reese 5 years ago

      I am a 20 year old female and im 4'10. Plenty of guys have been interested in me and Ive never really been bullied because of my height..however, recently I have become very aware of how short I am and it has caused me to be more self conscious than I have ever been. I haven't grown since ive been about 12. I have short parents but I am one of the few people I know who are under 5ft. Yes being short sucks but so would having no legs at all. Imagine not being able to see or hear. Honestly sometimes I feel ashamed that I am even concerned with my height, but these are the feelings that us short people feel because of what OTHERS say. Anyone with common sense would not make fun of a disabled person or someone who has clear dwarfism (like someone who is 4ft tall), but it is socially acceptable to comment on a persons short stature due to simply their genes. It is like hair color and skin color. Ugh it truly is frustrating the emotional damage vanity in our society has caused.

    • profile image

      jackie 5 years ago

      Im 4'7 and 22 year old i hate being short

    • profile image

      dk15 5 years ago

      Im 15 and 145cm. will i grow? i play sport extremely competitively and find myself at a "huge" dis advantage!!!

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I am 6'1 tall girl. I know I am tall but my boyfriend is 4'8 tall. I really love short guys :)

    • profile image

      Margareth 5 years ago

      I'm a filipina i'm 10 my heigt is 4'11 :(

    • profile image

      Christine 5 years ago

      I'm from Philippines i'm 10 my height is 4'9 :(

    • profile image

      Jay 5 years ago

      Im 12 and im still 4"10 I haven't grown since 3rd grade :/ im the smallest person in 7th grade and in tHE BASKETBALL TEAM v.v

    • profile image

      Kaylen 5 years ago

      My name is kaylen and I'm 13 and am 4'6. Sometimes I like being short but I don't like being called midget in the hallways:( people always think I'm in fifth grade or fourth but I'm in seventh

    • profile image

      cm170 5 years ago

      For non-usa-ones: 170cm (centimeters) = 5.57feet (5"7), in Europe it's a BIG handicap for a SMALL man who has 170cm!

    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      Hey people, You guys should be so proud of yourselves! You guys are very special and unique. God made you just the way you are. Please don't get discourage about your height. No matter what anyone says, you are you. That is how God made you. And people who are bulling you or teasing you, they have some issues that they can't solve. Be happy for who you are. Do NOT let anyone bring you down. Just focus on what's important. Each one of you have so many things to be thankful. I have trouble with my height too. So don't worry, I'm not a person who doesn't know what you guys are going through, I know exactly what you guys are going through. And for those who play sports and are short, bring it. Prove them wrong, show them that you are better. I play volleyball and guess what I'm only 5'0. I can tell you, I'm pretty good, I can jump, spike, set, bump just as good as a tall person. So Don't you ever let your height get in the way of your dreams or hopes. Do not let it bring you down. :) Hope this message helps you guys. Just remember, there is somebody who cares and is there for you and knows what you are going through.

    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      By the way, I'm girl. Just to let you know. And also, I'm really strong like stronger than I should be. So no body messes with me. They know better. A good thing to have-strength I guess. :)

    • profile image

      Remi 5 years ago

      Well if it makes you guys feel any better im 20 and 4ft 6in. and i cant even wear high heels in attempt to make myself taller because my feet are too small and they do not make my size (yes ive searched the internet)but made more awkward by the fact that the only thing that ever seems to have grown on me was my boobs (to an unnecessarily large size in comparison to my height}

      so i get made fun of for that.......

    • profile image

      lilcowboy 5 years ago

      I'm a guy and I am 17 and stand 4' 4" Tall Barefoot I wish I was Taller

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      i am 4'9 and i am 17 i lov myself dis way

    • profile image

      michael 5 years ago

      im 15.. turning 16 soon and im only 5'4. hate it. no girls like short guys

    • profile image

      hydrologic 5 years ago

      I'm probably one of the shortest people here. I'm 4'4" and I haven't grown since maybe elementary school. Not a dwarf either; I'm proportionate. Just really short.

      If there's any short people here that would like to talk about their height, feel free to msg me. It would be nice to meet people more my size. :)

    • profile image

      bala 5 years ago

      im 19 and my height is 5 feet,i have finished my pollytechnic my friends didn't got jobs in campus interview but i got jobs in l&t and sathyam,i am very happy to be short my life is enjoyable ,to choose a girl suites for me is also very easy,height is only a recognition for all peoples,enjoy the life be happy,there should be only one life for us so don't worry ,any comments mail me at

    • profile image

      Potato 5 years ago

      I am 13 and 4"11 and about to go to high school next year. I take norditropin so im growing about 4 inches a year now but i am worried about how i will be treated there. I have always been fun of but my doctor says i will be around 6" so i am not worried about my end height, just getting bullied up there. Any help? :(

    • profile image

      Samantha 5 years ago

      Hi, im 12 and yea, im short. Im only 4'8. I get teased, and called tiny person by tall people. But also a lot of people think im cute, and a lot of people say im fun size, which i don't mind lol. I usually like the tall guys, i have a tall boyfriend, i reach his shoulder, but hey its ok to be short, atleast we r not so tall we r anerexic, cuz i like being filled out, but not fat. So i love being short, cuz i get to ask the hot guys to reach things tht are to high for me to get ;) so take advantage of it.

    • profile image

      bri 5 years ago

      I'm short to being 4 11 at age 16. And the shortest one in high school full of people over 6 foot. I hear people talk about my behind my back that I'm so tiny. I even. Had people. I didn't know come up to me and call short. But the good thing is I can't go up to the board half the time cause I can't reach. My nickname everyone calls me is mig as for miget. Oh well I deal with it.

    • profile image

      Jm 5 years ago

      thanks for making me feel better guys i really like this site i do get some problems in school for being short but most of the time the class asks me for entertainment they call me NINJA cause i can jump over chairs and can fit in lockers, beautiful girls think I'm cute so its not that bad....I' m a filipino 14 and I'm only 5'1 but the worst problem i encounter is finding a girlfriend i never experienced having a relationship but i know i'll find the right girl someday....SHORT PEOPLE RULE THIS WORLD SCREW THE TALL PEOPLE WHO GO TO THIS SITE TO MAKE US FEEL BAD!!!

    • profile image

      Becky 5 years ago

      You all must check out the series I'm illustrating! I am archiving the greatest reasons to be short. I'm just getting started!

      twitter: @idratherbeshort

    • profile image

      Twister08 5 years ago

      I'm 22 and only 4'10. Being short use to bother me when I was a teenager, it doesn't really bither me so much now. I do get carded every where I go and if im with my parents at a restaurant , the people try to give me kid menus. I conssider my self confident person, but guys over look me all the time. Ilove being short tho. Even if I have to put up with bs.

    • profile image

      Cleo trio 5 years ago

      Im SHORTTTT I wish I was taller but that aint gonna happen :( .. But you know WHAT? Just be BLESS that your HEALTHY :) you are lucky some people don't have legs can't walk etc.... You get what I mean?

      people called me ADORABLE and "cute" as always lol oh when I stand in a group of tall people idk why I feel protected aha and they treated me well I'm soo happy.Mann I sometimes get tried of my friends calling me " your such a cutie pie" bla bla.. ;P oh well . Plus i am beautiful cs god made me this way .a girl that is 4ft11

      Ps. Standing out is more better than fitting in ;D

      PEACEOUT yooo

    • profile image

      dosnt matter 5 years ago

      hey i m 16 and my height is 5,3 i m guy but i m happy with my height

    • profile image

      Lego 4 years ago

      I'm turning to 16 in a month and im about 4'9.. Yeah i'm really short, the problem is, I look like a 10 years old girl, not just because of my height because of my childish body! But sometimes i think im cute (:

    • profile image

      DeadlyShadow 4 years ago

      Im 4'11'' and Im 16. Im a male so that means Im the shortests in my grade. I deal with it everyday cuz my friends are ALL above 5'5''. One of my friends is 6'4'' and he annoys me all the time about my height but i mean, hes nice. Only problem is to find a gf suitable for me lol :P

    • profile image

      Little One 4 years ago

      I am only 5'2 and a half or 5'3. So I would consider myself to be short also. All of my siblings are taller than me. My 5 and 6 year old siblings are more than half my size. So they will be taller than me soon. I am a 16 year old girl by the way and I stopped growing at 13. All of my friends are taller than me and always make fun of me about my height. I don't care though because all I have to say is "At least I have a better chance of running through a crowd without being seen or not hitting my head on the door than you." :D I love being short. :)

    • profile image

      Pharmc350 4 years ago

      Hello! gbdcebf interesting gbdcebf site! I'm really like it! Very, very gbdcebf good!

    • Chunksofunk profile image

      Chunksofunk 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      I am only 5 feet and 6 inches and approaching middle-age. Diminutive stature is a multi-faceted thing; chiefly there are positive and negative aspects to it. Strangely though, my manhood is 10 inches when turgid. Certainly an unlikely combination, but nature throws up these strange anomalies.

    • profile image

      Brianna 3 years ago

      I am 11 years old and I am only 4'9'' I have never been able to fit into clothes for kids my age and am teased every day in my second period class from a kid I sit next to and I always have to be careful of what I wear because he might make fun of me for it.

    • profile image

      Michael 3 years ago

      i am in 7th grade and i am soooo short(3'8)

    • profile image

      jordan bland 3 years ago

      ur hot!

    • profile image

      Ana 3 years ago


      I'm 5'1 tall. I used to feel embarrassed to be short. All my friends were taller than me through out middle school. I used to pray every night to grow an inch taller. When I got to high school I met more people who were as tall as I was, and it made me feel better. I learned to love my self and be confident of my self. Being short is not a problem not at all. :) fun size

    • profile image

      cute girl 3 years ago

      Hey..i waa feeling that short stature is damn ugly.........i was mad..I am 17 yrs old..female..4'10 &1/2 inches tall..about 149 cm..small is really attractive.people call you cute..if any one teases you there are 2 reasons either they really love you and pulling your legs.(because if you are ugly normally people wont tell you on face) or they have jealous on you ...

      So be unique buddies..evry one loves small things;-):-P

    • profile image

      cute girl 3 years ago

      Hey..i waa feeling that short stature is damn ugly.........i was mad..I am 17 yrs old..female..4'10 &1/2 inches tall..about 149 cm..small is really attractive.people call you cute..if any one teases you there are 2 reasons either they really love you and pulling your legs.(because if you are ugly normally people wont tell you on face) or they have jealous on you ...

      So be unique buddies..evry one loves small things;-):-P

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