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The Benefits of Joining Yoga Conferences and Meets

Updated on December 26, 2015

Introduction to Yoga Conferences and Meets

As the community of yoga practitioners from all over the world continues to grow, there are various activities hosted by enthusiasts in an effort to get more people interested to acquire it as part of their regular workout routine, or to encourage a new breed of yoga practitioners. After all, some people have a pre-existing misconception about yoga and getting all the right information is of the essential in ensuring that people understand yoga as a way of life, not just as a form of exercise.

That is the intent with holding yoga conferences and meets, which is often participated by yoga practitioners, experts, teachers, and students alike. It has a few similarities to yoga retreat although it takes on a different focus. Yoga retreat is more on a dedicated practice of yoga, whereas yoga conferences have a specific cause that is related to yoga. Therefore, you can expect to join a specific yoga conference or meet and gain a different insight and an entirely new wealth of knowledge. It will also enable you to better realize the value of regular yoga practice and ways in which you can maximize its benefits.

Purpose of the Conference

Yoga is a holistic system that does not only focus on improving your physical and spiritual body, but also with your relationship with the entire universe. Hence, it is interrelated with various factors that affect one's daily life. There are even specific yoga styles that teach practitioner of the qualities that one person must possess if s/he wishes to truly experience the real benefits of yoga.

Therefore, each yoga conference or meet is unique based on its advocacy or purpose. As an example, a health yoga conference invites yoga experts and health practitioners alike as speakers for the event. Each one will be discussing methods on how one can utilize the various yoga techniques to improve health condition and overall quality of life. Given the staggering medical and health care costs today, using yoga as a preventive health care measure can mean major savings.

On the other hand, there are also yoga conferences that focus on spirituality, which is something amiss in most people's observance of a yoga routine. Yogi experts are therefore utilizing this conference as an opportunity to speak to students on how they can bring back spirituality into the practice. Knowing that the speakers are experts on their field, it provides you an opportunity to gain useful insights that is undeniably rare and is something every student must take advantage of.

Yoga Conference Germany 2009

What Activities Can You Expect?

First and foremost, you need to understand that upon deciding to join a yoga conference or meet, you are required to settle a registration fee, which will greatly vary. However, you can expect that these conferences will be held for several days, approximately 2-3 days. This should be enough to cover all the activities designed to meet the goals of the conference or meet and to ensure that all participants can fulfill their individual goals for joining as well.

During a yoga conference, you will be involved in a wide range of activities aside from listening to yoga enthusiasts and other guest speakers sharing their knowledge to attendees. However, that will serve as the bulk of the conference activity, wherein discussions are focused on the theme for the conference. In some cases, there is more than one speaker invited over to discuss different aspects of a typically broad topic at hand.

When yoga conferences are held outside of the city where you live, the registration fee often covers accommodation. And during your stay, you will epitomize the idea of “living yoga”. What this basically means is that you get to participate fully in various yoga activities outlined for the conference that you can adapt as you return home. The participation in traditional asana classes is a given. There are also workshops held for more advanced classes on meditation, devotional chanting, or learning new techniques or styles. Expert yogis are there to supervise the activities, so you can ask any specific queries you have in mind for a more efficient practice.

In an effort to reinforce the idea of yoga being a lifestyle, your meal plan are also designed specifically to meet the concept of a yogic diet. Meaning, you can expect to consume mostly vegetarian diet since it is what is promoted in the yoga philosophy. You will also be taught how to prepare these meals yourself at home.

Program of Activities

Activities during a yoga conference or meet utilize the entire day, so you can expect to get your hands full on them. As noted above, there is a lot of variety in the activities you can participate in, which vary depending on time of day. Here is a breakdown of the activity schedule during a regular conference or meet for yogis:

*Morning: Your day starts in as early as 8 am wherein you will engage in meditation exercises first, which are aimed at improving mental performance and keeping your mind sharp to cope with the activities lined up for the day. After this brief session, a series of talks by experts invited as speakers will fill most of your activities during the day. After the individual speakers sharing their piece, students and attendees will get the opportunity to ask specific questions to be addressed by the speakers.

*Evening: During the evening, here is when the more laid back activities are held. You can engage in a musical night or concerts that still reinforce the main cause of the yoga conference or meet.

Yoga Demo - Asia Yoga Conference, Hong Kong

Room and Accommodation

Upon registration, willing participants are offered different packages for the accommodation as they travel to a different location to join in a yoga conference. Your choices will vary in price, depending on the extent of your accommodation benefits. Aside from the room, you can also avail of basic utility and facilities, meals, and other basic essentials you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The Importance of Entering Yoga Conference/Meet

Like all the other yoga activities, joining a yoga conference or meet is a fulfilling activity. If you intend to become a serious yogi who wants to make yoga a part of your daily life, then it is necessary that you remain committed at practicing it and acquiring new skills or knowledge to improve on your practice. Here are some ways wherein joining a yoga conference or meet can contribute to that:

  • You have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the concept of “living yoga”.
  • As you travel out of town, you can leave all your worries away and just focus on advancing your yoga practice free of any mental anxiety and stress attached to your daily life.
  • You can meet other yoga enthusiasts and be part of a large yoga community.
  • It provides you useful information on how you can effectively incorporate yoga as a lifestyle.

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