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The Best Panic Attack Treatments

Updated on February 4, 2013

What Is A Panic Attack

Panic attacks, which are sometimes referred to as anxiety attacks, are episodes that are both physical and emotional in nature. Panic attacks symptoms are similar to other every day things, which can sometimes make it hard to distinguish a panic attack from something else. To make matters worse, panic attacks can happen at any time or place and occur with no frequency. This means that you can have panic attacks every day or once a year. Each person's experience with panic attacks is slightly different. For these reasons, people can regularly experience panic attacks without even knowing it. And not knowing that you are having a panic attack makes it difficult to seek panic attack treatments.

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Panic Attack Symptoms

When you have a panic attack, your symptoms can vary. You can have just one or two of the symptoms or you can experience most of the symptoms when you have your panic attack. Panic attack symptoms you may have when experiencing a panic attack include:

*racing heart or rapid pulse

*difficulty breathing or catching your breath


*feeling of losing control

*fears of dying

*chest pains

*tingling or numbness


*cold flashes or hot flashes

*sweating uncontrollably


If you experience these symptoms, you are most likely having a panic attack.

Panic Attack Treatments

A variety of different options are available for treating or curing panic attacks. What will ultimately work for you may not work to cure someone else of their panic attacks. In my opinion, your best choice is to talk to your doctor about treatments and begin trying treatments one by one. Some people have success controlling panic attacks by watching what they eat. People who have success controlling panic attacks with their diet usually avoid alcohol and caffeine. A well-balanced diet is consumed to keep the panic attacks at bay. Some people practice mediation and yoga to treat panic attacks. Others seek treatment advice in a self-help guide.

How I Cured my Panic Attacks

When I was in college, I often suffered from panic attacks. At first, I had no idea what they were - like most people. After learning from my doctors that I has too much anxiety and was causing my own panic attacks, I was told to take some yoga and implement some relaxation techniques. Surprisingly to me, this did seem to somewhat work for me. While it did not stop my panic attacks, it made them less frequent. Life was pretty stressful for me at the time, so I would still have the occasional panic attack. Since I was in college, I didn't try to cut alcohol and caffeine out of my diet. I should have, but I lived on caffeine at the time and college parties are always alcohol filled. I was finally able to stop my panic attacks for good with the assistance of some self-help guides. You can look for some in your local bookstore or library. Or you can visit my panic attack treatments website for additional resources.

Recommended Titles From

Here are some of the self-help guides available for dealing with your panic attacks.


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