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The Best Probiotic Against Acne

Updated on October 17, 2015

It starts in the guts

"Based on the results of these studies, lactobacillus extract (5%) can be used to treat mild acne lesions"

ref: Study

More and more studies are showing results like this one.

When I first got acne, it was a really painful experience psychologically for me. I began isolating myself from friends, and I was not as social as I could be. Acne impacted my self-esteem, even though I pretended that it didn't bother me, it did. When I had acne, I also had problems with digestion, bloating and I felt nervous very often. Later, I found out that the root cause of acne, was also the root cause of my anxiety.

I used all the lotions and creams I could test out, and none of them treated the underlying issue. After that I tried antibiotics... And those worked! For a while... and then it came back, again and again, worse than before.
As I began to study nutrition I started to understand what was really going on.

"Biotic" means life. Antibiotics kill all microorganisms in our guts, whether they are good or bad. When you take antibiotics you get clearer skin, but there are no longer microorganisms to stand guard against the millions of bad microorganisms we are exposed to everyday, so you end up being full of bad microorganisms again. Probiotics are pro-life, and helps your natural good microorganisms grow. When your good microorganisms grow they kill the bad bacteria, and protect you.
Acne is simply your body's reaction to an overgrowth of P.acnes bacteria. It's simply white blood cells that has combated the p.acnes bacteria, which then creates the puss after the battle. If you have less bad bacteria in your body and on your skin, you will have less breakouts. Bad bacteria and also fungi (candida), will trigger inflammatory respones in your body and cause acne.

Now, I really want to help as many other people that I can. I know the drastic difference between the feeling of having acne and the feeling of not having it - being more healthy.

Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics

Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics
Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics | Source

Why Dr. Mercolas Probiotics is the best choice for supplying probiotics

  • Strains that's able to survive the stomach acid so that it can be delivered to intestines
  • Dr. Mercolas probiotic contains a wide spectrum of probiotics
  • Alive

Have you cleared your acne, and if so how did you do it?

See results

Life after 2 months of using probiotics

Now my life is a lot better.
I look and feel much better. I know that acne shouldn't be a problem, but for me it was.
I have clearer skin now, and I also feel a lot better.

Part of the reason why we feel better after removing acne, is actually because of the gut-skin connection. When you fix your leaky gut and populate it with symbiotic microorganisms, your skin looks clearer. When your gut is more healthy, you also digest foods better. You have less toxins in your body.
What a lot of people don't know is that pro-biotics actually help produce serotonin! Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced in the gut, that gives us feelings of well-being and happiness.

When you repopulate your gut with good bacteria, another benefit include better bowel movements. Your bowel movements become much smoother, but you have to stick at it, because at first your gut will repopulate, and that will cause a little bit of irregular bowel movements - it's part of removing the old bad bacteria/fungi.
Your immune system will also become stronger as you have good bacteria defending your gut and body, and bad bacteria removed.

I have a better feeling in my gut now, than I ever remember I had, and it clearly affects my mental state positively.

Bonus information

General tips to clear skin

Sleep more
Avoid junk food, milk and starches
Change pillowcase, and wash pillow
Hydrate with watery vegetables or spring water /coconut water
Take a food intolerance test
Take a good probiotic
Take a multivitamin
Take Omega 3
Cleanse liver
Eat superfoods
Eat organic and healthy

Where can you get Dr. Mercola's Probiotic?

I think iHerb is the best place to buy this probiotic. named iHerb the best Online Supplement Retailer, based on customer satisfaction.

They have great storage and ships fast, so that all bacteria are alive when you ingest them.
They have cheap shipping, and in the long run when you buy supplements from there, you save a ton of money since you can combine different products in your orders, plus that you usually get promotions so it's even cheaper

When you first buy, you can use their coupon code: MJJ254 , which you write in and click to accept in your cart. You will save $10 on your first purchase, and save more after that as well.

Here's a link for you:

I buy everything I need from iHerb, even food and toothpastes.

My hope for you

I really hope that I can reach as many people as possible with this. I know how my life would be a lot better if I had clearer skin and better gut health earlier in my life. I spent 3-5 years trying all kinds of stuff from lotions, diets, anti-biotics and tips for clearing acne. Using this probiotic in combination with some of the general tips for clearer skin is the only thing that has helped me long term, to the point where I have almost perfect skin now.
So I highly recommend trying this probiotic, and really sticking through the repopulation period for about a month or two, and you will gain better health and much clearer skin!

I've bought this probiotic to my bestfriend who had cystic acne and I was so glad when I could help him to have normal skin and feel better about himself.

To those of you who try out this probiotic and get clear skin, I am happy that i could help you as well! Life is way too short to not feel completely good about ourselves.


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