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The Christian Bale American Psycho Workout

Updated on January 19, 2013

The Workout and Diet of Christian Bale for his role in American Psycho

Christian Bale has gone through some of the most amazing body transformations I have ever seen. What is more amazing he seems to transform his body very quickly.

If you look at Christian Bale's physique when he played Patrick Bateman in the movie American Psycho , he was muscular and had virtually no body fat on him so he appeared to look very chiselled indeed. People are often surprised to find out that, although to gain this type of physique takes dedication, it is not as hard or as complicated as you may think.

Obviously, like many other movie stars such as Brad Pitt, Christian would no doubt hire a top level personal trainer to help him but I honestly believe that these personal trainers act as a motivational tool rather than some body transformation guru.

These trainers will all work on the same basic principles and tell movie stars to build your muscle you need to lift big and do compound exercises. To look chiselled and have great abs you need to strip fat and that is down to special diets and a good cardio routine.

The Christian Bale Workout Details

Here is Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman American Psycho Workout.

As I have already said for the role of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho Christian Bale would need to include a fair amount of cardio in his routine split amongst his weightlifting. He would also include yoga in his routine and plenty of stretching exercises which aid recovery and mobility.

Monday - Weight Training

Christian would perform 3 sets of 25 pull ups

3 sets of lat pulls with 25 reps, 15 reps then 8 reps. The weight is gradually increased for each set

3 sets of cable rows supersets. Again the reps decrease and the weight goes up

Tuesday - Sprinting and Plyometric Exercises

Christian Bale would perform sprint exercises over 30 meters and 40 meters. He performs 10 of these exercises pushing as hard as he could with a minute rest between each one.

10 sets of 50 squat jumps.

Reverse lunges.

Wednesday - Weight Training

Dumbbell Flyes. Again 3 sets using pyramid sets. Reps go down and weight goes up.

Bench Press. Keeping it simple with pyramid sets.

Exercise Ball Push Ups.

Close Grip Pull Downs. 3 pyramid sets.

Dead Lifts.

Thursday - Swimming and 30 Minutes of Stretching

Swim 30 - 40 Laps.

Stretch all the major muscle groups and include the hips.

Friday - Rest Day.

Saturday and Sunday - Cardio

On a weekend Christian bale would engage in 40 minutes to 60 minutes of light cardio to make sure his body stayed in its fat burning zone which was vitally important for his role as Patrick Bateman. If he had not concentrated on his cardio and diet he could have had the biggest muscles in the world but you would not be able to see how sculpted he was due to the layers of fat.

Here is Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman American Psycho Diet.

To get the massive gains in his muscle it was important for Christian Bale to keep his protein intake very high. After all it is protein that builds the muscle. It was also important for Christian to take on the protein at the correct time to maximise its effect.

Christian Bale was able to keep his Patrick Bateman character so lean whilst still building muscle by limiting the number of carbs he ate each day and also by making sure he ate no carbs after 6pm in the evening. He also tried to only take carbs on before and after his workouts.

Breakfast - For Breakfast Christian Bale would eat 6 eggs, 6 egg whites and 7 yellow. He would also eat a bowl of 75g worth of oatmeal and raisins.

Mid-Morning Snack - For his morning snack Christian Bale would eat tinned tuna in whole-wheat pitta breads.

Lunch - for Lunch he would eat two chicken breasts with 75g-100g of brown rice or pasta with green vegetables.

Mid Afternoon Snack - Christian Bale would have his mid afternoon snack before he hit the gym. It would consist of a protein bar or shake with a single banana.

After his workout he would have another protein bar or shake with another banana.

Dinner - For Dinner Christian Bale would eat fish or chicken with some brown rice or pasta along with salad and vegetables

Evening Snack - Since this was getting close to bedtime Christian Bale would take on some casein protein in the form of a casein protein shake or some cottage cheese. This type of protein is ideal as it is released slowly in the body so while he was a sleep his body had the necessary nutrients to rebuild itself.

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