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The Dangers of MSG and Aspartame in Your Food

Updated on January 16, 2018

Stop Eating MSG and Aspartame in Your Food and Chances are Good that You Will Feel Better!

What if you found out that you were consuming a toxic substance such as MSG in your food on a daily basis without your knowledge?

Well, there is a good chance you are poisoning yourself by consuming products laden with MSG, and these products are found in your favorite grocery store and used in many of the products you buy, in addition, MSG labeling is extremely deceptive.

If you are interested in finding out what you can do to turn your health around by discontinuing the consumption of these two particular substances, please read further if:

- you would like to find out what consuming MSG and Aspartame can do to your body

- you have concerns about your health or the health of someone you love.

- you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires you to take medication and you would like to find an alternative and a possible cause for what may have led to the condition you have.

- you want to feel more in control of your health through your diet - because there may be a chance that your diet could be one of the root causes of what's ailing you.

Why I am writing this article - Disclaimer


I am not a doctor by any means, and I don't claim to be able to cure anyone by giving you this information, but after you read this page my hope is that you will be more aware of the dangers of MSG and Aspartame so that you can make a choice as to whether or not putting them into your body is worth any risk at all.

I only wish I had known these facts years ago and that someone had told me about all of this, and that is the reason I am writing this.

Please keep an open mind as you read through the following information because I am asking you to be really honest with yourself and wonder about whether or not what you are putting into your body might be causing a health problem in your life or the life of someone you love. It is my belief that avoiding these two chemicals can make a difference in anyone's health.

It is my sincere hope that in most cases it's not too late to reverse the effects of consuming these chemical additives and get back on the road to a healthier life because there is absolutely nothing good that come from consuming MSG or Aspartame and that's a fact.

MSG is not just in Chinese food

MSG and Aspartame are two different "flavor enhancers" that are added to many foods that you may be consuming UNKNOWINGLY.

Haven't you ever called in a Chinese food order and asked them to leave the MSG out of your order because you know it's not good for you? Well, the fact is that MSG, or monosodium glutamate, can be found in an enormous amount of foods you buy in the grocery store every time you go shopping.

The fact is that the FDA allows the food manufacturers to disguise MSG in food under thirty (yes, I said 30) different names, one of them being "Natural Flavors". Now, would you ever look at the ingredient "Natural Flavors" and think that it's something detrimental to your health? I'm guessing your answer is 'No.'

The fact is that the consumption of MSG has been linked to an enormous amount of health problems among them cancer, ADD and depression. The fact is, is that MSG and Aspartame are DANGEROUS and they should not even be consumed let alone used to "enhance" flavor in anything!

It's time for people to become aware of what's being added to their food and to begin by educating themselves as to the negative effects these two particular chemical additives can have on their overall health.

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything

MSG in your food quite possibly may be contributing to your health problems...

Please consider this...

What if there was scientific evidence that these chemicals could permanently damage a critical part of the brain known to control hormones so that later in life your child might have endocrine problems? How would you feel? Would you make sure that your child stayed away from it, my guess is that your answer is "yes".

Suppose evidence was presented to you strongly suggesting that the artificial sweetener in your diet soft drink may cause brain tumors to develop, and that the number of brain tumors reported since the widespread introduction of this artificial sweetener has risen dramatically? Would that affect your decision to drink these products and especially to allow your children to drink them?

What if you could be shown overwhelming evidence that one of the main ingredients in this sweetener (aspartate) could cause the same brain lesions as MSG? Would that affect your buying decisions?

And finally, what if it could be demonstrated that all of these types of chemicals, called excitotoxins, could possibly aggravate or even precipitate many of today's epidemic neurodegenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, ALS, and Alzheimer's disease?

Would you be concerned if you knew that these excitotoxin food additives are a particular risk if you have diabetes, or have ever had a stroke, brain injury, brain tumor, seizure, or have suffered from hypertension, meningitis, or viral encephalitis?

The Case Against MSG

There's nothing good about it!

MSG, or monosodium glutamate should not be consumed by laboratory mice, let alone human beings! Unfortunately this popular flavor enhancer is in many of the foods in your pantry, not just in your Chinese food as you might have thought.

Before I even knew all this about MSG I used to call in my Chinese food order requesting "no MSG" because I knew somewhere in the back of my mind from a news story that it was just not good for you.

Just about everyone knows it is used in Chinese food, but you may be surprised and shocked to learn that the FDA allows it to be disguised in the list of ingredients on MANY foods that you buy in the grocery store that come in boxes and cans! In the text below you will find 3 separate lists of the deceptive titles MSG is given in your food.

If you print out this and bring it to your pantry to check some of the labels, you will see how many items it is in hidden under its many names. If you're like me you are sort of in shock to see all these mysterious titles for an additive in food that just should not be there.

It may be a good idea to copy and paste this list and print it out and hang it in your pantry for a quick reference.

Beautiful Fresh Foods are The Answer

There is no MSG in these foods, that's for sure!
There is no MSG in these foods, that's for sure!

MSG is in so many foods it is mind-boggling

Easy Mac. Progresso Soup. Doritos. Ramen Noodles.  Foods you probably feed your kids (why?  because they like them!)  These products are godsends for those living on an American college student's budget.   However, the adverse effects they have on our health go beyond the gaining of the dreaded "freshman 15."  

All of these foods contain monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is an excitotoxin. When brain cells communicate, neurotransmitters are secreted in small amounts in order to "excite" nearby brain cells and transmit a message.

Most scientists believed all neurotransmitters to be relatively benign until 1969, when neuroscientist John Olney discovered two neurotransmitters that are harmful to the brain: glutamate (MSG) and aspartame, which is found in the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas.  These excitotoxins, in essence, "excite" brain cells to death by causing them to be excessively stimulated, resulting in brain damage (Newman).

According to Dr. Byron Newman, "excitotoxicity is something that is connected with virtually everything bad that can happen to the brain--strokes, brain injury, brain tumors, severe hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, asphyxia, heavy metal poisoning, and most of the neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's disease."

I know this is scary stuff to read about, but the truth is that when you eliminate these chemicals from your diet, it is quite possible to regain your health.

You should watch this video if you want to learn more about how MSG could be affecting your body

Food Additives that ALWAYS Contain MSG

Monosodium Glutamate

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Hydrolyzed Protein

Hydrolyzed Plant Protein

Plant Protein Extract

Sodium Caseinate

Calcium Caseinate

Yeast Extract

Textured Protein (Including TVP)

Autolyzed Yeast

Hydrolyzed Oat Flour

Corn Oil

The "M" in McDONALD's Should Stand for MSG

How Can They Get Away With This???

While we all probably can agree that fast food restaurants are not necessarily the place to go to get a nutritious meal (that's an understatement if I ever heard one, lol!), did you know that most, if not all, fast food restaurants use MSG? Yes, Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy's, and even Chick-fil-A use it disguised in the ingredients as one ofMSG's thirty different names.

Are you as stunned as I was to find this out? So we know it's not good for us, but we need to become educated to the fact that what's in it can actually be the very cause of serious health problems affecting the world today!

Did you know that it is the slow build up of MSG in our bodies that can cause health problems later in life in our thirties and forties? There are many children who have a condition known as ADD or ADHD to which MSG and exitotoxins have been linked to the cause of.

So while it's probably not possible to never eat at a fast food restaurant again, not only because they are so convenient, but because most of us enjoy this food from time to time, you do owe it to yourself and your family to become educated about the fact that MSG is probably being added to whatever food you are getting from these "restaurants" and to take that into consideration before you walk in the door.

So why do we want to eat this stuff? Because it tastes good, I know, and it's convenient sometimes, but take into consideration that even though it tastes good, you may be inadvertently contributing to the cause of health problems in yourself or someone you love.

MSG and Aspartame ARE Excitotoxins - Dr. Russell Blaylock

If anything about what you have read so far concerns you, please watch these videos for a more in depth explanation of excitoxins.  Further down on this page, please read "My Story" to show you there is proof that you can reverse the effects of excitotoxins by not consuming them.

Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well

Food Additives That FREQUENTLY Contain MSG

Malt Extract

Malt Flavoring





Natural Flavors/Flavoring

Natural Beef Or Chicken Flavoring



Harvey Diamond
Harvey Diamond

"Fit For Life, Not Fat For Life"

There is nothing bad about a good diet...

This man is a walking miracle. For all intents and purposes he probably shouldn't be alive based on his history. Harvey Diamond was a victim of Agent Orange poisoning when he was in Vietnam and found out from a TV show that Agent Orange had poisoned people that he served with and they were all dying from the exposure.

He had been suffering from ill health for years mostly from being exposed to this deadly chemical, but also from a poor diet. He turned his life around by educating himself about nutrition and the role it plays in living a healthy and vital life. His story is simply nothing short of amazing.

I took one of his books "Fit For Life, Not Fat For Life" out of the library one day on a whim and am ever so grateful to have found it. In it contains the truth about the food we eat and what the effects of it are on our bodies. It is written in such a way that anyone can understand the process in which digestion takes place and how what we put into our bodies is so very important for it to operate and feel good. Everything in this book makes sense to me.

The thing is, is that you not only have to NOT EAT BAD FOOD, but you have to basically FILL YOUR BODY with beautiful, living, fresh food that will make it become healthy. Because that's what your body wants to be, HEALTHY and FIT FOR LIFE.

I think after you read his bio, you will understand that he not only wrote books about weight loss and getting healthy, he actually did it himself. He has lived it. I feel I am now living proof that these principles work and I want to shout it from the roof tops.

Please read this book and enjoy it, learn from it, practice what's in it, and I know you will be happy you did. You have nothing to lose except weight. You have nothing to buy or spend money on except fruits and vegetables. I only wish I had this book in my hands 20 years ago. You can most likely get this book or other books by Harvey Diamond from your local library.

Harvey Diamond is the world-renowned coauthor of the #1 New York Times best-seller, Fit for Life, which held that position for an unprecedented forty straight weeks and has sold over 12 million copies worldwide.

Mr. Diamond has dedicated thirty-plus years of his life to the development of a truly healthy lifestyle. In pursuit of that goal, he overcame a debilitating, longtime digestive disorder, ended his migraine headaches, lost over fifty pounds, and in a stunning validation of his methods, triumphed over a condition called peripheral neuropathy (brought about by Agent Orange poisoning while serving his country in Vietnam).

His energy, charisma and relaxed, conversational style have made him a sought-after guest expert on countless radio and television shows, including: Oprah, Geraldo, Nightline, Larry King Live, Live with Regis, The Today Show, and many others.

Aspartame = Poison!

Aspartame and its harmful effects can literally poison you. You must take the time to watch a film like this to see if aspartame could be responsible for your ill health. I am a firm believer that if you don't feel "good" you can generally trace the origins down to nutrition and what you are feeding your body.

Please educate yourself in the harmful effects of this dangerous so-called "sweetener" - just because it's sweet doesn't mean it won't hurt you.  The sad fact is, is that even if it doesn't hurt you today or tomorrow, the cumulative effect of this additive sweetener is what will hurt you eventually IF you keep using it in your tea, coffee, cakes, cookies, diet soft drinks, etc.   It's like smoking, teenagers don't see what the harm is until they're addicted and it's too late to change the negative effects of tobacco.

If you stop consuming harmful products, it can help you get back on the road to health - it certainly can't hurt!

You may find this very informative

Philip lost 70 pounds, living without pain, thanks Harvey Diamond

Food Additives That MAY Contain MSG Or Excitotoxins

Carrageenan (in heavy cream!)


Soy Protein Concentrate

Soy Protein Isolate

Beautiful Bountiful Blueberries!
Beautiful Bountiful Blueberries!

Beautiful Blueberries

A Powerful Antioxidant

This planet is full of beautiful, fresh, organic, wholesome, rich in nutrient, delicious food and blueberries are just one of them. You can have wonderful experiences with food and enjoy the benefits of eating healthy if you open yourself up to trying new foods and exploring all that is available to you.

Blueberries are just one amazingly delicious sources of dietary fiber. A diet high in fiber contributes to heart health and helps to keep cholesterol in check. Fiber also aids in digestion.

Blueberries are an excellent source of manganese. Manganese plays an important role in the development of bones and in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and fat.

Blueberries contain substances that have antioxidant properties.  Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals which are unstable molecules linked to the development of a number of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and other age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's.

I like to have mixed berries in the morning. I buy a big bag of the frozen mixed berries from Costco and then I take a scoop of Greek yogurt and I just eat them frozen. It honestly tastes like I am eating ice cream with frozen candy because the berries are so sweet. Try it, I guarantee you'll like it. If you added healthy nuts or granola you could have an easy breakfast of high nutritional quality at your fingertips!  Better than a bowl of cornflakes or an Egg McMuffin any day!

Your Overall Health

Our Bodies Were Meant to be Healthy!

MSG and Aspartame in our food supply is cause for great concern. There are so many commercials on television advertising prescription drugs for depression to the general public. This is quite a statement so I will repeat it.

Drug makers are advertising medications to the general public (that's you and me) for many different health problems! This fact should not be overlooked. The human race should not be depressed. I do not think God put people on the planet to suffer from things like depression.

There should not be commercials on television advertising prescription solutions to people who don't have medical degrees and have no idea of the side effects of the drugs that they are taking to cure the problems probably being caused by what they are consuming in their food (this is my opinion, not a fact).

Most of these prescription advertisements are for depression. Did you ever, ever, EVER wonder why so many people are depressed??? I just love the ad for the prescription pill called Abilify that is supposed to help one's depression pill that one is already taking, already taking (yes, I repeated that) to work!!! A pill to help a pill being advertised on television to someone who just might be laying in bed depressed already watching television with a little blue cloud over their head wondering why their medication isn't working. THIS IS JUST WRONG!

And the kicker is this:

One, just one, of the twenty different side effects stated by the very calm and pleasant female voice on the commercial for Abilify is that it could cause suicidal thoughts! Are you kidding? A depression pill to aid someone's current depression pill which clearly isn't working, mind you, AND has a side effect of suicidal thoughts??? I want you to think about this and then ask yourself if there could be another way.

Please read this web page and incorporate into your life healthy eating. If you're on medication or feel you need it, I am in no way advocating not taking it. I just want you to know that if you're searching for alternative answers to taking medication that perhaps something as simple as avoiding things like MSG and Aspartame in your food could help you too. Maybe you are as sensitive to these poisons as I am. You owe it to your health to find out.

Eat healthy, and you will reap the benefits.

I'm going to step out on a limb here and say that it's my gut instinct, and since I am not a medical doctor that's all I have, that depression is caused by the consumption of poisons in our food that can be AVOIDED if you try. There are many natural foods that you can eat that will make you feel better. I am not saying that you shouldn't go to the doctor or seek professional help if you are really low.

What I am saying is that although there are certain health problems can occur through imbalances in hormones from pregnancy, for instance, and that can cause things like depression too, please look for the cause in addition to whatever you are doing now or whatever medication you are taking. What you are eating plays a major role in how your body works for you, physically as well as mentally. Please don't overlook the fact that perhaps, just perhaps, a hormonal imbalance could be being caused by a poison or chemical in your food. It just could be that poisons such as MSG could be causing the hormonal imbalance, and so on and so on and so on until you need to take medication.

My Story

Lumps Under My Skin Disappeared After Discontinuing Foods Laden with MSG

I am 54 years old, happily married to my wonderful husband of 31 years, and the mother of three great "kids", ages 28, 24, and 20. I had been struggling with my weight and other health issues for some time. Basically, I have gained, over the course of 20 years, close to about 60 pounds on my 5' 9" frame. To look at me you might not think I was overweight because of my height, but oh, let me tell you, I was feeling it in different ways.

Right after my third child was born 20 years ago, I noticed a soft lump on my abdomen. Needless to say, I freaked out because I thought it was cancer. My ob/gyn looked at it and told me that it was a benign lump and was nothing to worry about. I felt relieved but still got a second opinion from another doctor who also said that it was benign and that it was harmless.

I guess they were both right because it never brought me any pain or disease although it bothered me that it was there when I would feel it. I mean, it was only the circumference of a nickel, but who wants a lump on their belly?

Well that lump remained on my belly and over the course of 10 years I developed a few more soft lumps on the outside of my thighs and mainly on my abdomen. Like I stated above, they were only bothersome to me to know they were there, they didn't really show on the outside but I would always feel them to make sure they hadn't gotten larger.

Years later after the initial lump discovery, I had decided I wanted to lose a few pounds so I made a cabbage soup recipe using chicken broth from Progresso (yeah, top of the line stuff, sarcasm!). I thought having a container of light homemade soup to fill me up between meals would help in the weight loss process and I had heard about this easy, nutrient rich cabbage soup so I wanted to try it.

After eating the soup the following day, not only had my ankle swollen up (this worried me because I couldn't initially figure out what I had done to make this happen so suddenly), but I gained three pounds overnight! This was not what was supposed to happen. I have always been one to try to figure out what triggers my health issues before I go to a doctor and nine times out of ten I can usually figure out the cause of something ailing me. So I reexamined what I ate the previous day and started doing some research on the computer. What I found out is that MSG was in A LOT of food that I ate on a daily basis. This alarmed me to say the least.

Long story short (too late for that, lol!), I stopped consuming food withMSG and although I don't have any medical records to prove it, my lumps have disappeared. I have no reason to lie, they are just not there any more thankfully, and my ankle has not swollen since. Had I gone to a doctor he probably would have run all sorts of tests and prescribed a pill to make the swelling go down or who knows, possibly operated on my lump or done a biopsy or something.

I am not a doctor but in my mind I attribute the dissipation of my lumps to not consuming MSG anymore. It's just too much of a coincidence that they went away at the same time I stopped ingesting this poison. Needless to say, I am happy that I found my own solution.

Sometimes I tell people this story and they act like it's not that big of a deal. My hope is that if you've read this far that maybe you're listening and need to find an answer. I want to reiterate that I am not telling anyone not to see a doctor if that is the way that works for them, I just want to share this information with people who may be searching for other answers Research it for yourself. Google MSG. Be your own best friend when it comes to your health. Find out what works for you, but please educate yourself in regard to your health, there just might be other solutions out there.

The human body was meant to be healthy, not filled with chemicals and additives. My hope through sharing my story is that people will educate themselves and realize that they can improve their health through their diet. Doctors are there for good reasons and I am not advocating never seeing a doctor, but what I am suggesting is through your own deductive reasoning to try to find a root cause for your ailments before going the prescription route if you feel that my story resonates with you.

My feeling, and again, it's only my opinion, is that doctor's are very quick to prescribe medications to mask symptoms and diseases that might be helped or prevented through dietary changes and I speak from experience.

A Personal Note

When I open a magazine or turn on the TV and see advertisements for medications that are directed to consumers it makes me sad, especially when I turn the page of a magazine and see written in tiny print a whole page of side effects caused by these medications that may (or may not) even be needed if the person becomes aware that the cause for their initial health problem might actually be from what they're eating on a daily basis. 

While I'm sure that some people need medications and it is not my goal to get anyone to stop taking their prescriptions but only to educate you as to what you might be consuming, it is truly a pet peeve of mine when I see or hear the advertisement for the depression medication (Abilify) prescribed tohelp the depression medication work in people that are suffering with this debilitating and horrible disease.   To this my only response is, "What the ____???

We can not continue to be tricked and fooled into consuming these harmful chemicals in our food that have been directly linked to the cause of diseases like depression and ADHD among others. While I'm sure there are other things in our food supply that are probably not good for us, and I realize we all have to eat and everyone has preferences as far as what they like and what they don't like, I really feel that we have to stand up against these two chemicals (MSG and Aspartame) being added to our food.

It just isn't right that these chemicals are allowed in our food by the FDA (the institution that is supposed to protect us  (?)and regulate our food supply) and I want to scream it from the rooftops because I feel so strongly about this!

I feel so grateful to have been made aware of the dangers of MSG and Aspartame, I only wish I had known sooner.  Since finding this information I feel I have more control over my health and that is why I want to share it with everyone I meet.   It is my hope that you get some good information from this webpage and that it will begin a journey to health for you or someone you love.


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