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The Double Jasmine Aromatic Oil Migraine Cure

Updated on December 10, 2012

The Aromatic Oil Surprise

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from chronic migraines. When I say chronic, I mean at least three to four a week, every week. They range from, 'my head really really hurts' to pain so bad it can only be relieved through a trip to the ER. When they appear, the light hurts, all sounds hurts, and I hope to just throw up because at least I will feel tired enough to fall asleep.

I have been treated with everything from nasal sprays, to preventative medications, to the latest and greatest in migraine medications. For years, the only thing to help has been Excedrin migraine, as long as it is taken at the very beginnings of the migraine. So as you can tell, I am a very big skeptic when it comes to other migraine cures. Which is why I was so skeptical about the idea of an aromatic oil being able to treat my migraines. I saw the aromatic oils as a placebo effect, you believe it helps, and your brain goes along for the ride. I did not believe it would help.Personally, I thought the aromatic oil idea being pitched was pointless. My family decided to purchase a bottle for me anyway.

The place where the aromatic oil was purchased, was at the world famous aromatic oil factory in Egypt. This is where famous perfumes like Clinique Happy, have all their scents produced. The woman who presented all the different oils explained there use in treating different ailments. For migraines, it was double jasmine. Double Jasmine is not a subtle scent which made me skeptical for another reason. The smell of anything strong during a migraine makes it even worse for me. Still, I decided to humor everyone by trying it at the beginnings of my next migraine. I figured there was really nothing to lose if it didn't work.

What happened amazed me completely. I used two dabs of the oil and massaged it into my temple like the lady showed me. Within ten minutes, the building migraine had disappeared. I thought I was going crazy and this was obviously a fluke. So next time I felt one coming on, I tried it again. The Double Jasmine worked again!

As long as the Double Jasmine aromatic oil is used at the beginning of a migraine, it takes it away. However, once it shifts into the really bad phase, even a medication, like Excedrin cannot even help. Still I am so happy to be able to use something that is not medication! I had to share what I have found and it's wonders.

There are so many other aromatic oils for different ailments. I will include a variety in this squidoo. If I had problems with my joints (which I am happy is one problem I do not have!), I would try it. Other people have told me they have found aromatic oils to also work for other problems. If a person can use something natural over medication, than why not use it. I feel it is better for my body to treat it with something so natural over chemical. I hope my Squidoo will do a good job in introducing you to the aromatic oil options available to help treat a condition you or someone you may know has!

Picture From

The World of Aromatic Oils

Before visiting the aromatic oil place in Egypt, I thought of oils as being well....oily. Aromatic oils (the real ones) are not oily. They mix completely with water. This is unlike other oils, like olive or corn, which repel water. If you try to put olive or corn oil in water, the two will not combine into one mixture.

I was amazed to learn at the place, how different perfume is from the aromatic oils used to make it. They supply all the scents for many popular perfumes. Perfumes which contain at least 80% alcohol. This is what makes the two so different. Regular perfumes, when sprayed, fill the whole room in one burst with scent and than fade relatively quickly. Aromatic oils are long-lasting scents which provide the same smell but does not force everyone around you to smell like your scent. I am so glad because I HATE entering the perfume sections of stores. They give me one huge headache with all the intermixing smells everywhere.

While there, I purchased the aromatic oil called Flower of the Sakkara. This is used in a perfume which is available primarily in Japan. The smell is beautiful and I dab some behind my ears and on my wrists in the morning. I can still smell the lovely scent throughout the day without having to reapply every few hours. Changing to using an aromatic oil over perfume was a wonderful and alcohol/other chemical free options. If I want to it as a spray, I can simply add a few drops (or however many reaches the perfect scent) and put it in a spray bottle.

Lavender Oil - The Essence of Sleep

I am a pubmed junkie so I always go there over any type of site making claims on Aromatherapy. Having scientific proof of results makes me feel better about recommending a product. If I go by a site's recommendation making claims on a product, how can I know I am providing information to help you and not their business? In a study done on the effects of aromatherapy using lavender oil to aid sleep,

What they found was using lavender oil aromatherapy to aid sleep showed a significant increase in aiding sleep over control. This means they have seen PROVEN results in the use of lavender oil to aid sleep. Not only did they find it to be an effective sleep aid, they saw improved quality of life as well. This is not one study but numerous have shown the result to be the same. Using lavender as an effective sleep aromatherapy aid, has proven effective. If you suffer from a sleep disorder or just have plain trouble falling asleep, consider using lavender oil to aid in your sleep.

Some people put several drops of lavender oil on their bed before sleeping, in one of the experiments, they put several drops on a cotton ball in a small box near the person. Then they were asked to breathe normally and smell the the lavender essence. Just a few drops made a huge difference, not only in hospital patients but students and even crying babies! Now those are amazing results. Consider trying lavender essential oil as your sleep aid over medication and see if it makes a difference. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Bergamot OIl - The Essence of Stress Relief

Before doing my research, I had never heard of Bergamot oil. This oil was used in studies on people who are under high-stress from careers or just life in general. The study found a lot of amazing details. Not only did the oil decrease stress but also helped regulate autonomic nervous system functions. This means they saw a lowering in blood pressure and heart rate for those who used it as opposed to their controls.

The way the people used the aromatic oil was through a spray. The oil was sprayed and the people were asked to smell the oil for ten minutes. Just by doing this simple act, the people were able to decrease their stress. Bergamot oil was chosen because it would be affordable to the people who want to use it and because some people are actually allergic to lavender (which has also been used as a stress reliever). If you are under high stress, then give bergamot oil a try.

Chamomile Oil - The Essence of Anxiety and General Depression Relief

Chamomile is one of the oldest and most-famous of all medicinal herbs. For hundreds of years, it has been used to treat a variety of ailments. One of the most well-known ways to relaxation is enjoying a cup of chamomile tea. If tea is not for you, consider using the essence of chamomile oil. Studies have shown it to have an affect on relieving anxiety and general depression.

Chamomile essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is able to move through the surface of the skin down into deeper layers. This ability allows it to soothe inflamed skin and treat skin conditions like eczema. Chamomile can be used as a vapor to treat more than anxiety and general depression, it can be also used as a mild sleep-inducer.

Are you...

Are You Open to Trying Aromatic OIls?

Thank you!

Sources Consulted

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