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The Effects of Drug Abuse

Updated on March 25, 2011

The Effects of Drug Abuse: What Happens to your Thinking when you Take Drugs

The Side Effects of Drug Abuse:

The consequences of substance abuse may not be minimized because it can have disastrous effects with your behavior and overall health. Once you take drugs casually, you happen to be causing an interruption in how nerve signals are transmitted and processed. Drugs actually accelerate this response in one of numerous ways. One example is drugs, for instance marijuana, achieve this by replicating the neurotransmitters in your mind and consequently send abnormal signals. However, drugs, like cocaine, change the workings of your brain by releasing an incredible amount of neurotransmitters, all which disrupts regular functioning.

Cultivating/Building a Tolerance

Regarding drug abuse and alcohol abuse, nearly all drugs that will be taken flood your brain circuitry making use of neurotransmitter dopamine. This transmitter can be located inside areas of your brain that regulate motion, thoughts, and feelings which can be pleasant naturally. This overload will result in a euphoric effect, which unfortunately will cause anyone to turn into addicted. When the addict continues consuming drug, increasingly more of this substance is required to be ingested to be able to go through the same high which the user initially experienced.

Long term Harm

Obviously, long-term drug or alcohol abuse could potentially cause modifications in your brain chemistry. Users, after a long period of the time, can lose certain motor skills or become disabled cognitively. Segments from the brain which have been afflicted with continued drug use would be the sections which have been vital to learning, memory, behavior and decision-making skills. Therefore, people often behave in a fashion that lacks any reason. Many parents sadly note, when their son or daughter becomes addicted, that they're not any longer managing the exact same person. They can indeed be in their assessment because the abuse of drugs is liable for major modifications to mood or behavior.

Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation

The only method to treat a dependency issue is to find treatment through the drug rehabilitation program. This sort of program can provide the consumer the essential psychological support and treatment which is needed in an effort to wipe the slate clean, as it were, and commence a new. The consequences of abusing any type of drugs too pronounced to look at the main topic of drug or excessive drinking with indifference. By getting information online and researching the aftermaths of continued drug use, it is possible to avoid any issues with pressure from peers as well as the other challenges which are presented when confronting the matter on the illicit usage of narcotics and other alike substances.

Drugs & Addiction : Effects of Drug Addiction in Adolescents

The effects of drug addiction on adolescents are mainly concentrated around their motivation, but drug addiction also highly influences their decision-making skills. Discover the destructive effect that drugs have on adolescents with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on drug abuse.

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