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The Fruit Diet – What You Need to Know

Updated on December 31, 2015

We all know that including a variety of different fruits in your diet can bring health benefits. These wonderful fruits contain a vast array of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help to boost the body’s immune system and are also essential for the day to day functioning of cells. These health benefits have led many to advocate a two-week diet known as 'The Fruit Diet'. The health guru credited with the creation of the two-week fruit diet is called Jay Robb. Jay is a nutritionist and supplement company owner based in California. This diet has now been updated to be called the 'Fruit-Flush 3-Day Detox' diet.

What is the Fruit Diet?

Whether you are following the two-week Fruit Diet or the 3 Day Fruit-Flush, the names ‘Fruit Diet’ and ‘Fruit-Flush’ give a massive clue as to what is involved here. While there is a little flexibility in which foods you can choose to eat, you do have to follow a few so-called ‘fruit rules’. In the fruit diet book fruits are separated into different categories, there are four categories in total and these are as follows:

  • Sweet Fruits
  • Semi-Sweet and Acid Fruits
  • Melons
  • Dinner Fruits

The funny thing about the fruit diet is that it isn’t really designed to cut down your calorie intake. Instead the idea is to get as much fruit into you as possible at each sitting, with the author claiming that he regularly consumes more than 10 oranges per sitting as well as some Mexican Papaya, and this is just for breakfast! This meal alone would account for well over half of an average female’s recommended daily intake of calories. So we can see that any weight loss which may occur as a result of The Fruit Diet certainly won’t be coming from a lack of calories. It is more likely to be down to the detoxification process, a temporary loss of water weight or the fact that so many ‘bad’ foods are being cut out of your diet while you are sticking to the diet plan.

You can eat a small amount of other foods while following The Fruit Diet. For example, at certain times of the day you are allowed to consume a high-protein, low fat meal. You can also consume certain supplements while you are following the diet, including protein supplements. As you would expect though, many of the foods you might otherwise consume in daily life are off limits. These include sugary; refined and processed foods, grains, cereals, desserts, tea and coffee, soda and salt. You would likely lose weight if you were to cut these foods and drinks out of your diet anyway, but the author claims that the extra fruit consumption will help you to shed even more pounds and he feels that this is the true key to any weight loss you might experience.

While we’re on the subject of whether The Fruit Diet will help you to lose weight, let’s just take a moment to consider what the author claims the diet is capable of in this regard.

Fruit Diet Weight Loss Claims

The author of The Fruit Diet claims that when you follow it to the letter, you can lose weight even without the need for exercise. Not only does it promise that you will lose weight quickly – an estimated weight loss of over a stone in two weeks or 9 Pounds in 3 days is given - but it also claims that it will improve many other areas of your health too. Some of these claims include the elimination of bad breath, relief from joint pain and increased energy, which could lead to bigger muscles if you are a fan of hitting the gym and you find that you have increased stamina. He also mentions that the diet will give you better skin and vision.

Does The Fruit Diet Help You to Lose Weight?

As with all crash diet plans you would do well to be sceptical of the claims made. It is true that a crash diet of only fruit could help you to lose weight, but whether the weight loss will be sustainable and healthy is another thing entirely. For instance, many people react badly when they are confronted with too much citrus with possible side effects including constipation, diarrhoea, rashes or worse. Another point is that you will be consuming very high amounts of fructose in this diet, which may not be healthy.

The best way to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss is to increase the amount of exercise you do and to improve your overall diet, cutting down on high sugar and fatty processed food and instead switching to whole grains, vegetables and lean proteins etc. A balanced diet is the key here. While The Fruit Diet might help you to lose weight, it has been suggested that most of this weight loss will likely be water weight, which will probably return once your diet returns to normal.


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