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The Importance Of The Multifidus Muscle

Updated on August 19, 2013

Multifidus Muscle - The Posterior Abdominal Weakness Responsible for Low Back Pain

The multifidus muscle consists of a number of tendinous attachments, that can connect up to seven vertebral levels. The multifidus muscle is located directly next to the spinous process on either side. The multifidus is a very thin muscle, but has tremendous strength and responsibility.

Stability of this muscle is key to having a strong back and core. Posterior abdominal muscle is the most often over looked muscle to strengthen for core. Far to often individuals use exercises like curl-ups or crunches to strengthen their abdominals, which will help, but leave the deep back muscles more vulnerable. In a state of long and tight. This leads to a state where they may become easily fatigued.

McKenzie Super Roll Lumbar Support

The lumbar support will help to keep the multifidus and errector spinae (superficial back muscles) in a relaxed stated. Reducing chronic low back muscle tightness. Using the Super Roll will lead to correct posture, ensuring that the low back has the correct spinal curve. Plain and simple this is one of the cheapest ways to reduce your back pain when sitting, working at a computer, or driving for long periods of time.

A complete view of the core

A complete view of the core
A complete view of the core

So what makes up the core?

Great question, I'm glad you asked ;)

1. Posterior Abdominals - Multifidus

2. Pelvic floor muscles

3. Diaphram

4. Anterior Abdominals

The easiest way to think of this is to imagine that the core is a sealed bottle of water. When unopened the bottle of water is tight and able to withstand tremendous load on it. But if you were to break the seal the loss of pressurization will lead to a weak core. This inability to correctly pressurize the core is what can lead to back pain, pore core stability, and decreased function when doing dynamic movements.

Strengthen Your Multifidus Muscles - The only side effect will it will work the rest of your core as well. Wait is that even a side effect? ;)

McKenzie Method - Learn to help you own back pain

This book helps to present both exercises and clinical content to aid oneself in reducing back pain by restoring the correct joint mechanics. This book will provide anyone with the knowledge to help reduce their own back pain. In addition to this book the Mckenzie Lumbar Roll I talked about above will help to maintain a pain free low back.

Directions for McKenzie Low Back Exercises

Directions for McKenzie Low Back Exercises
Directions for McKenzie Low Back Exercises

What did you think of my lens? - Any questions or concerns?

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