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the loss of a child saves many

Updated on October 12, 2010

Parent lose a child but fight to pass a law which will save thousands of others

Parent lose a child but fight to pass a law which will save thousands of others

A child decides to buy lunch at school, she secretly did it once before without any problem. Nevertheless, her mother resists because she knows that her young daughter has been and still is living with life threatening allergies. However, the young girl continues to plead until her mother gives in. She gives her the usual words of caution and sends her off to school.
This was the last time she would see her young energetic daughter behaving in her usual teen-aged manner, the call she received was one she hoped she would never get. She rushed out the door and to the hospital. When she arrived, she found her young daughter in a comma, the food she received was dished out with a utensil that had been cross-contaminated with the food that she was allergic to.
Now her daughter was in a comma, which she unfortunately never recovered from, she died.
The mother of this child made a promise to her daughter that she would do whatever she can to prevent this from happening to anyone else. She could have given up or held anger against the school or remained bitter at life itself, but she didn’t, she made a promise to Sabrina, a promise that she would follow through with.
Sabrina’s mother fought hard and went to every media she could and spoke to many schools and to the Government until laws were passed which would end up saving the lives of thousands of young children.
Because she took her pain and used it to fight and have Sabrina’s law passed, many parents can safely send their children to school with less worry and a hope that if something were to go wrong the school would know how to deal with it.
We can all learn from Sabrina’s mother, Sara, we can learn that we must not hold bitterness toward anyone, but instead take our pain and use it for good, this will honour those we have lost and it will allow them to live on for eternity.

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