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The Presence Process - a book that helps

Updated on January 15, 2013
Michael Brown
Michael Brown

There comes a time in every man's life when he gets fed up with everything, and just wants to start over, to engage into something different, but a man does not know how. You either get full of sorrow, pain, anxiety and there is nowhere to escape but within your own self. That is a territory that should be explored carefully because that journey carries a lot of risk - much more than you might think. Our world doesn’t offer us any secure method for that inward journey, although spiritual teachers and guides can show us the way, but what if there is no spiritual teacher present near you?

Some kind of a magnetic field dragged me to a book called “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown. The very title “The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness” soundes promising. I’ve been into Eckhart Tolle and Osho for past three years, but was in a need of a practical guide for spiritual experience. Osho had his methods, especially dynamic meditation, but I was not motivated to practice it on daily basis although I liked listening his talks every day. There is much similarity between him and Michael Brown – what I wanted to say is: if you liked Osho or Eckhart, you’ll surely like” The Presence Process”!

As Michael Brown had stated in his book: he didn’t discover the method presented in his book because he was in need of some enlightenment or anything else, but because he had was ill and was desperate to find the cure. He suffered from Horton’s syndrome, and that is a condition or neurological illness that makes you whole body painful and sometimes you can fall on the ground and lay motionless until those pains stop. Doctors had nothing to say, except that pains will get stronger over time, and that he has a risk of either becoming a drug addict or committing suicide! Such a nice dose of hope was given to him. Since then, he started a search to find a cure for his illness, and that search turned into a search for his own self and his inner peace.

The method described in this book is the one that he invented but only after years and years of research. Michael says that his book was written for anyone who somehow got hold of it. This is truly a "present". Eckhart Tolle once said that being in the “Now” is truly a gift and that’s why it is called “present”. So is M. Brown’s book – it will help you to know how to live in the present moment, and to understand why is your life truly a gift.

I will not describe the main body of the book because then I will be a spoiler and a killjoy, and because that is a thing that needs to be lived into by your own self. In this hub I can just describe how much impact did “The Presence Process” have on me and people surrounding me. This isn’t a book that will help you “get better” in anything, yet it will help you to be yourself. And that is a thing that most of people miss – they can get better writers, better mathematicians, soccer or tennis players, but they miss the original experience of themselves. This is not a book about spirituality, yet the experience of reading is very spiritual. He doesn’t mention any gods or things like that, so it can be enjoyable both to theists and atheists – it doesn’t matter if you believe or not, because the experience exceeds belief and faith: experience builds trust in you, you can trust only to your experience and nothing else.

Since I’ve started reading this book, many strange things have NOT started happening in my life. “Strange” things have always been happening in my life, and by reading this book I just started to be aware of them! That’s all. The Process didn’t do anything to me: as Michael Brown says “the Process is just a tool”. It makes you more sensitive: I could cry out of joy just by seeing my dog running and enjoying life – I started to understand him. I started understanding how my life really was “goal oriented”, and my small goals lost their attraction. Goal is the present moment. I’ve lost contacts with a few people that have been ruining my life and emotions – I have understood how childish it was from me to hold onto them and after that insight they have gradually started disappearing from my life. With this book you cannot change or help the world – you’ll help yourself and by doing it the whole world around you will start getting better. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get into some drugged-up-like state where everything will look “super” and swell to you, it just means that you’ll start recognizing why do bad people get around you and why do you get annoyed by them – and then you will be able to fix that, if you wish. It can’t be said that you will get “enlightened” just by going through The Presence Process, but it can be said that the book will give you a method, which, if followed correctly on a daily basis (even after finishing the process), will make relationship between you and the world, between your soul and your mind & body more symbiotic and less parasitic. Gradually, your life experience will get better and better, and you will be happier even without any specific reason, and that is an art that needs to be learned by many – the art of loving yourself. Actually, we just need to unlearn that “I hate myself” attitude given to by the society and education, because we are naturally born out of love and in love, just need to realize that. But to realize it, you will need to experience it, because it cannot be explained to you through some philosophical theory, or religious dogma. Accept yourself and many, many things will start to make sense and you will slowly start growing into a better being.

This is a book that can help you by giving you a method for practice. The rest is up to you. The choice will be yours as it has always been – a choice to fall or to rise – but now you will start being aware of that. And there are countless possibilities for that kind of consciousness.

In this hub I've written about my experiences concerning the book, as it will be very damaging for the experience of a possible reader to just spit it all out. Some things are the best only if discovered by - yourself!


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