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The ReBuilder Erased My Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Updated on August 23, 2017

It is My Fantastic Tool for PN Pain

Since I wrote this article another device has come on the market. It costs no more than a fancy pair of shoes, and were I making the purchase today, the Ultima is what I would buy. Reading this article will give you a picture of what the healing benefits of electrowave therapy can be like.

The ReBuilder is made for Professionals, but also works for patients at home. It is three devices-in-one. The primary use for PN patients is the first Mode. When selected, the first light shows up, in the top row, just under the Frequency Button, top center.

The ReBuilder comes with a set of specially designed socks. Simply unpack one set of cords. Insert the plug into the connector at top left, on the end of the device. Insert the plug for the other cord into the top right connector.

Snap one of the split-end cords onto the snap on one sock, and the other cord onto the other sock. Turn the left dial from Off to 1 and two lights will illuminate. The top light will remain solid blue and the bottom light will maintain a constant flutter.

Turn the dial up until you feel pulsations, per ReBuilder insert Instructions. Immediately turn the force down below the level where the impulses are discernible.

Snap the split-end cords onto the snaps of the gloves, the same way you attached the other cord to the socks. Adjust the right dial in the same manner as for the socks.

The ReBuilder is used by cancer centers to treat patients with neuropathy. Please see 2nd Video, below.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and provide this information for Informational Purposes only.

Under $200 - the Ultima for Peripheral Neuropathy

Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Treatment System for Relief of Peripheral, Diabetic & Poly Neuropathy Nerve Pain with Conductive Glove & Sock (Glove size Medium)
Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Treatment System for Relief of Peripheral, Diabetic & Poly Neuropathy Nerve Pain with Conductive Glove & Sock (Glove size Medium)

Treatment utilizes electrotherapy waves to stimulate the nerves. That's the type of treatment I describe in my experiences above, but I paid much more for my device.

ReBuilder Sock/Glv
ReBuilder Sock/Glv

How My Treatment is Progressing Now

since I began using the ReBuilder

During my 2nd Week of using the ReBuilder it has become my new best friend!

For more than a decade I had relinquished my right to hope that the Peripheral Neuropathy could go away, or even that the harsh symptoms might improve.

Trouble was, each time I took my concerns to a neurologist or Primary Care Physician, they said there's nothing to be done for PN, but we can increase your dosage of gabapentin. So, that was the story: my PN pain became increasingly troublesome, and my dose kept increasing.

When the death of a family member clanged the cymbals of my stress-o-meter, and I had the third PN pain crisis of the year, and I couldn't sleep for four nights and days, I vowed to search for alternative solutions to the nerve damage problem.

Voila! I found the ReBuilder. Alas, my insurance wouldn't pay for it. Then I bought it myself.

Read my 1st Week Blog on my 1st week ReBuilder blog.


Day 8: I was out most of the day, unable to use the unit, but I would have used it in the AM due to waking up with hand pain, at normal wake-up time in the morning, but in the rush to get going I did not. PM: 30m on hands, at 3.0; on feet at 3.5. Continued taking 3 - 400mg Gabapentin. worst pain was a flare up of 8 on a scale of 1-10, and it passed within minutes of finishing the treatment.

Day 9: I took advantage of a day at home to use the ReBuilder two times today. 30m AM hands and feet. Dial set at 3. Felt pulses too strongly at 3.5.

Day 10: Up and at it in the morning, so no treatment. 30m PM feet only. Dial at 3.5.

Day 11: 30m PM, hands and feet, at 3.5.

Day 12: 30m PM; feet only, at 3.5. As the water began evaporating from the socks I no longer felt the slightest bit of sensation from the pulses. I turned the dial up to 4, for the last 15 minutes. I slept all night without pain.

Day 13: 30m PM: feet only, at 3.5.

Day 14: 30m AM, hands and feet, at 3. Unsure what caused me to wake before the alarm went off, but both hands and feet were burning badly, so I set-up and used the ReBuilder in the dark of night. It relieved all the pains and I returned to sleep. 30m PM, hands and feet, at 3.5. Pain free for sleep.

ReBuilder Replacement Socks

ReBuilder Conductive Socks
ReBuilder Conductive Socks

Specially constructed socks for the ReBuilder device. Mine still are in perfect condition after much use, but if you need a new set, here they are. The tool is designed to provide relief for Peripheral Neuropathy - without drugs. It works for me. It may not work for you. Another device is now available that saves a ton of money. See it below.


I Have Reduced Pain

like walking barefoot on hard sharp twigs

Week 3

Day 15: 30m PM, feet and hands, at 3. Pain relief all night.

Day 16: 30m PM, feet and hands, at 2.5. For some reason I felt the electrical impulses at just over 2.5, so I followed the directions, which state to turn each dial up, separately, until you feel the steady impulses, and then turn them down slightly. During the day I had twinges of pain in both hands and feet, at different times, but they were transient and did not require early treatment. I slept well.

Day 17 30m PM, feet and hands, at 2.0. Twinges in both hands and feet during the day, and burning in feet at night, as a result of my reducing the Gabapentin down to 1 tablet, and getting too busy in the morning to sit for half an hour, immobilized.

Day 18 Even though I rebelled at the thought of continuing to take pills and supplements, and use the device, it only caused me pain. I didn't take any gabapentin and didn't use the ReBuilder at all today. I just noticed the amount of pain and slept little at all. The maximum pain is maybe 10% of what I felt a year ago, when I was on 4-800mg. tablets of gabapentin daily, and had periodic episodes of breakthrough pain.

Day 19 I am back on the full regimen, and glad to be doing so. 30m AM and PM, feet and hands, at 2.5, 1/2 (400mg) gabapentin 3X/dy. I felt occasional twinges, especially in my hands, during the day, but they didn't rise to the level of what I would call real pain, more a discomfort. I slept through the night and woke up pain free.

Day 20 Gladly I did 30m AM and PM hands and feet, 2.5. 3/400mg gabapentin, and all the nutritional supplements prescribed.

The Solution's The Secret

The Solution's The Secret
The Solution's The Secret

My News!

It has been 2 WEEKS since I needed to use the ReBuilder! I used it 1X or 2X daily for seven weeks.

I am so pleased to have had enough days pain-free that sleep is now a regular thing for me.

The ReBuilder has been a life-saver. I have it on hand in case I need to use it again.

News Reports on ReBuilder

Periodic Use of the ReBuilder

PN Periodic Use
PN Periodic Use

I'm now using the ReBuilder once every two or three weeks. Today I woke up with an awareness of the pains. On the 1 - 10 Pain Scale, I give the pain a "1". It's just noticeable, and I've become accustomed to life without Peripheral Neuropathy pain. The socks are soaking in the solution right now.

It's now been five months since I began using the ReBuilder. Once per week half-hour treatments usually takes care of the twinges that resurface. I have gone for weeks without even remembering to use it.

Twice I've needed to have a treatment twice per week, but mostly I am oblivious to the PN pain.

A Rarely Known Condition

Have you or a friend found relief from a TENS or ReBuilder Device?

After Eight Months' Treatment

I'm ready to cut the Gabapentin dose in half again. For one week I have only taken 400mg of the Rx.

I use the ReBuilder every-other-day, or about 4X/week. So far, so good! Really good!

Cancer Treatment Centers use ReBuilder

I Now Forget I Have Peripheral Neuropathy

15 months ago I bought the device.

I haven't used it for 80 days now


I forget about it


I'm PN Pain-free!

Please Share Your Reflections on This Painful Chemo After Effect

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    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @TanoCalvenoa: It sounds like both of us are the lucky ones, that we found a way to overcome peripheral neuropathy.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm so glad you've made lenses on this important medical issue, which surely has helped and will yet help many people. I've experienced this some due to medications I was taking, which thankfully I no longer need. I can't fathom how a really bad case of it would feel.

    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Here it is, a year and three months later, and I haven't even thought about the pain that had claimed every speck of my consciousness two years ago. The ReBuilder was a key part of my recovery that the neurologists said would never happen.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      That's wonderful that this is working so well for you.


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