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The secrets of birthdays - Sunday natives

Updated on March 29, 2016

A different perspective

Centuries have passed over mankind and some knowledge has faded. Most of us, if asked, do not know the specific day when we were born. But each day of the week has a specific magnetic flow. The understanding of this specific flow means to find out:

  • the personal aptitudes and limits;

  • the chances of success in life;

  • which temptations to avoid for a better healthcare;

  • the one person we could best share our existence with;

  • the best day for a certain action.

Here below you shall find all your birthday virtues. These are revealed in the upcoming hubs.

Sunday natives


Your main quality is loyalty. Loyal in love, also in friendship, you will be appreciated by those close to you as a true and reliable friend. This is the image you convey. Beneath this facade though, are hidden an infinite number of personalities, and you are as complex as a person, even though you may appear simple to others. Sunday, being the first day of the week, it can be said that it contains in it all the other weekdays. Your loyalty, for instance, can cause difficulties in personal relationships, because you tend to impose to others the same high standards that you tend to live by. You have the tendency not to accept any weaknesses from your part. You tend sometimes to blame and criticize with no indulgence, but be careful: you are also submitted to mistakes. You love to please, dare we say, you need to please and to seduce. Listen to what others have to say, do not neglect them, because with their help you can clarify your own true nature, Analyse your weak spots and minimize others weaknesses. Happiness shall start to shine upon you and those around you, and do not forget that efforts from your part are required to achieve your personal bliss.


Work and career opportunities will come along fairly often during your lifetime. You have all qualities to be a leader and you like the jobs that come with responsibility. You do not like to be a simple employee. You need lots of activities, you are a fighter and a winner.You will have lots of options regarding your profession, but it will not be easy, if you like to lead, to have your orders questioned. You have to grow your patience and also be more indulgent, as in love, try to listen to what others have to say. People around you admire your courage, your dynamics, your determination. The Sun is the star that defines you, being the one that gives you plenty of heart and courage. Remember that it’s warmth can produce healing over a suffering heart, but it can also irreversibly burn to ashes human emotions. Be good at your work, and if you must convince, do it with respect towards others. If you need to punish someone, explain clearly the reasons why you had to do it. If you have to help, do not always look for some kind of reward. With more power over others comes more responsibility towards them.


You benefit from a robust constitution, even though, now and then, you face minor issues reminding you that you are not eternal. Whatever may be, you have enough energy and will to fight whatever inconvenience you may face. You do not like to complain and it is possible, when you are sick, to be displeased by the attention your loved ones direct towards you. Like everybody, you face different health issues, but above all, you must protect your head and your eyes from various shocks. If you suffer from migraines, relaxation should accompany the doctor’s indications. Relaxation will be an ideal way to balance and regain your inner center. Your inner center is also your heart. You have a strong heart, and you know it. But to overburden it means risking to weaken the heart. You should avoid abusing alcohol, fat, overworking, or lost nights. If you follow this recommendations, you will benefit a lot,


You are, or you tend to be the head of your family. Your partner will have difficulties imposing his or her’s authority. To be the boss, you definitely qualify for the job, but there is also insubordination, rebellion against hierarchy, against tradition, also against parenthood. Society wants more democracy, children desire more freedom. You tend to protect your kids, while they think nothing but leaving your nest and fly with their own wings. Then you will try to impose, to prevent, to coerce. In this case you will find yourself lost, disorientated, confused. Be cool, as the kids say, but always be present and willing to listen to them, to guide them with ability and offer precious advice when asked for. Learn to be the presence that gives calm, the force that applies in case of impasse, the mediator. Problems in couples often occur from the children education. There are bosses and bosses, but the true leader, faced with alternatives, always makes the right call, the good decision. When it comes to children, never neglect your partner’s perspective, even though, in the end you are the one taking the decision.


You are a force to be reckoned with. You do not approve of resistance. You like to conquer in love, as in business. You need to be respected in society and God forbid about opposition, you tend to crush it merciless. Indeed you resemble to the Sun, that follows its path without anybody or anything being able to stop its majestic course. Your creativity is often admired as being limitless. But have you ever measured it yourself? Are you sure you are self aware about your capabilities? Why do you sometimes tend to stop, when you have all the means for success at your disposal? You are, without a doubt, an intelligent person, but do you use this intelligence to your best benefit? Have you ever asked yourselves: “what does success mean to me?”. It was said about intelligence that it is the capability of connecting causality reports between beings, situations or facts. But do you build this bridges that connect you with other human beings, without which success is nothing but an egocentric display? Honestly speaking, is it your ego that determines you to achieve the goals, no matter any opinion besides your own? Think about this, when it comes to work, when it comes to family. The feeling of success must be shared and lived by and through your loved ones. To succeed in a business means to assure a better existence for your family, to speak a kind word means to feed your heart with someone else’s smile. A kind word gives birth to happiness, a mean one can cause distress and confusion. A disinterested action is infinitely more profitable than a selfish gesture.


Thanks to your optimist approach regarding life, you shall develop a positive spirit of action. Beware though, you are not invulnerable, and if fortune favors you, misfortune lurks around. You like to take chances and risks, you like playing games, sometimes in excess, and many times you make the right bet. If you lose, you regroup and recommence. Beware though, do not tempt the daemons, they might be stronger one less fortunate day. Your birthday is a solar day. This is why you like the touch of gold, to wear it or to give it as a present to your life partner. You like to shine. Either you buy jewelry, or you receive them, or inherit it. Sunday is considered as the day of luck. The numbers 1, 10 and 19 will always be favorable to you.


Relationships with other weekdays

Monday - Sunday is the Sun, Monday is the moon, or else said Adam and Eve, the ideal couple. Everything here works together for success; but the complementarity has such a high level, that differences are also highlighted. This aspect of the relationship must always be considered a blessing, because Monday - a water sign - could wipe away the Fire of the Sunday,

Tuesday - Sunday is in love with fidelity, Tuesday...more or less. But the first one knows how to show indulgence towards the second’s escapades, which always returns home to find it’s partner, The Leo of Sunday will have a hard time dealing with Scorpio’s Tuesday.

Wednesday - Wednesday will always be a good company to Sunday. It shall follow him in every battle, and, in time of rest, it will relax him with his humor. Sunday should not try to dominate, because Wednesday will slip away. The Leo or Virgo Sunday will not succeed with Gemini Wednesday.

Thursday - Here two forces collide. Both being used to power, better to avoid get caught in this conflict, if you are born in different days. Both like to win, hate to lose, and love to celebrate and to bathe in luxury. A couple thus forged shall not pass unobserved, even though both are born under a Fire sign.

Friday - Venus is also known as the sister of the Sun. In fact, her planet is very close to the star of daylight. Sign of Air, she will stimulate the Fire of the Sunday. The two skies shall get along without considerable efforts. It is preferred that the gentleman is born on Sunday and the lady on Friday. Leo on Friday will coexist in harmony with Sunday, the person born on Sunday always being proud of his partner’s beauty,

Saturday - Saturn is the deity of obscurity, and the Sun, the star and the Eye of the day. An understanding between these two days proves difficult, excepting the case when Saturday knows how to accommodate oneself with the powerful ego of Sunday.

Sunday - Two Sundays together shall force the admiration of others around, and also the envy. They will often be flattered, this being their vulnerable point. The danger of this connection is implied by the fact that they are in constant competition with each other, especially when they are both Fire Sundays. This can generate conflict.

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Correspondents of Sunday

Planet - The Sun, (sunday=day of the sun), it marks the beginning of the week. It is the day of light and of the Fire ***

Zodiac signs associated - Leo and Gemini

Elements - Fire and Air

Symbols - Point, circle, Christmas and Easter Fast

Lucky numbers - 1,4,7,10,11,19,30

Colours - Golden and Yellow

Perfumes - Lavender and roses

Flowers - Sun flower

Fruits - Lemon and yellow apples

Trees - The Oak, olive tree and palm tree

Animals - Lion, cricket, leopard, hawk

Objects - Arrows, quiver, compass, lyre

Qualities - Generosity and paternalism

Flaws - Ego, domination

Sunday, day of rest, one of the ten commandments

Some recommendations

Sunday is favorable to:
Sunday we should avoid:
Family reunions
Putting out fire with water
Rest and game
Visiting a cave or work in a mine
Prayer and dance
Exercising a lucrative activity
Love and presents
Talk too much about yourself
Love and presents
Eat salty


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