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The Sota Magnetic Pulser - A Personal Review

Updated on May 15, 2013

The Magnetic Pulser and Magnetic Field Therapy

The Magnetic Pulser provides balance to the body's existing natural electricity via a pulsed magnetic field. These gentle micro currents of electricity stimulate and energize living tissue by way of the conductive body cells.

What a way to compliment and sustain a

healthy lifestyle.

It can be utilized anywhere on the human body. It can also be used on pets as well. That's right - it works for both people and pets. Some people even use the Magnetic Pulser on their plants.

Our body has been given the remarkable ability to heal itself through repairing and regeneration. While a great deal of this happens on it's own while we sleep, we can do our part with other natural remedies such as the Magnetic Pulser, which is one of several Electric Wellness Therapies readily available.

Non-electric Therapies, proper diet, appropriate exercise and positive thinking complete the package.

The Magnetic Pulser sits on a table between our two recliners. It gets used often while we are watching TV.

Photo by Author

Magnetic Pulse Therapy on Amazon

Just Do It - Your Body Will Love You For It

Sota Magnetic Pulser
Sota Magnetic Pulser

New streamlined unit. Quartz crystal Micro-Computer controlled functions for precise waveform generation and accurate timing sequences.

Red Light indicates when Magnetic Pulse has been delivered to the Hand paddle/Coil.

New AUDIBLE output option. When selected, the MPG5 will beep each time the Magnetic Pulse has been delivered to the Hand paddle/Coil.

Unit will pulse for 20 minutes (255 pulses) before resetting.


Taking Your "Pulse" on Magnetic Pulsed Therapy

Had You Ever Heard of the Magnetic Pulser Before Reading This Lens?

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Magnetic Field Therapy and the Wellness Process?

All comments regarding the benefits of this product are from either my own experience, family members, or some other individual and none of these written comments should be deemed as medical advice.

The current and most widely embraced hypothesis about electromagnetic therapy is that it attracts the iron in our hemoglobin, by which blood flow is increased and in turn improves both oxygen and nutrients. While all this is happening, unwanted toxins are being washed away.

This whole process ultimately impacts healing where ever the PEMFT (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) is taking place.

I injured my back severely in my late twenties and then I fractured my 12th vertebrae via a ladder accident in either 1998 or 2001. New Xrays didn't reveal the fracture until 2005. This forced me into early retirement at the end of 2007.

I have had my Sota Magnetic Pulser for over two years. I wish I would have known about it before I had to retire.

When my back goes out big time, the right side of my rib cage shifts upward, and the left side shifts down. When that happens my breathing is definitely compromised and somewhat painful. It's times like that my recliner and the Magnetic Pulser come to the rescue.

Photo by Author.

The Magnetic Pulser and Sinus Wellness

In addition to sore muscles, headaches and the like, the Magnetic pulser is also part of my sinus wellness process.

I breath and sleep much easier because just 2 minutes of magnetic pulsing in the middle of my forehead, plus 2 minutes on each side of my nose, clears my nasal passages.

Generally I do this process every morning. Occasionally, I repeat the process before I go to bed.

Photo by Author.

The Magnetic Pulser and Eye Wellness

I am currently using it on my right eye which was diagnosed with Vitriomacular Traction six months ago. My recent eye exam reveals that progress is already evident. The fissure is 90% gone and the tension is reduced.

I plan to see my Eye Doctor regularly to monitor my prognosis.

My hearing is rather diminished, so I am experimenting with that issue as well. Hope to have a positive report sometime soon.

Photo by Author.

Share Your Thinking on this Natural Remedy

Magnetic Therapy - Is it for You?

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Sota Instrument Reviews

I have read about great responses for bladder infection, healing FIP (feline infectious peritonitus), foot injuries, tooth aches, carpal tunnel, immune system, wounds and scratches, tissue regeneration, inflammation, circulation, fractures bones, skin diseases and HIV.

My wife feels better every time she uses the unit. The Magnetic Pulser goes with us on all extended trips.

My sister can now sleep through the night because she uses the Magnetic Pulser on her knee, and it only took four days to make that happen.

Sota Magnetic Pulser
Sota Magnetic Pulser

This is a truly amazing product!

The Sota Magnetic Pulser is considered to be the safest and most consumer effective product of it's kind on the market today.


A Brief Description of the Sota Magnetic Pulser by an MD

Dr. Pawluk is an expert on magnetic field therapy.

He was recently seen on the Dr. Oz show entitled "Revolutionary Cure for Pain."

More Great Bob Beck Protocol Products on Amazon

Here is a book that helps explain the role of electricity in the body.

The additional wellness products are products that we use in our personal regime. More on those later - great stuff.

Another Natural Remedy to Consider

The Sacro Wedgy

The Sacro Wedgy was invented based on the original concept of using the hand and gravity to provide relaxation to the muscles and spinal alignment. It is used by both Massage Therapists and Craniosacral Therapists.

The sacrum is the wedge shaped bone in the center of your pelvis and just above your tailbone. It is often called the keystone of our anatomy.

I bought the sacro wedgy because of lower back pain and I thought it might be good to try a non-electric method as well. What a surprise I got.

Not only did it balance my spine and relax my muscles, but the very first time I used the unit, my sinuses began to clear up after just 15 minutes!!

I went to a Craniosacral Therapist back in 2010 for sinus issues that were interfering with my sleep patterns. I remember him doing the sacro part with his hand for about five minutes. I got relief, but it was only temporary.

At $50 a session my budget couldn't maintain that expense. Now I can get this same therapy for free seven days a week.

Now I use both the Magnetic Pulser and the SacroWedgy in my wellness regiment.

While I experienced immediate results, especially for my sinuses, this may not be the norm for everyone. The Sacro Wedgy is not to be considered as a quick fix approach, but it is definitely another great Home Health Tool to add to your Wellness arsenal.

Non-Electric Therapy on Amazon

Your Back Will Love You For It

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Please Share Your Electromagnetic Wellness Experience

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      hello, wondering how long you pulsed your eye and if you have any update on your hearing

      I used my sota on a cold sore all night because I was flying the next day

      and it worked wonderfully

    • Floman LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Floman LM 

      4 years ago

      @robin-karin-1: I continue to use the MP everyday.

      I apply the MP directly to each eye for three minutes six days per week. I have my eyes tested for Vitreo Macular Traction every three months and it appears that the VMT is holding steady - no signs of worsening.

      I continue to use the MP for my sinus issues (which are worse in winter) and my sternum PRN. I don't have headaches very often, but it comes in handy when that happens.

      I would be lost without my MP! Thanks for commenting.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanks for your site. I've had the magnetic pulsar and the silver pulsar for about a month. I'm 68 in pretty good health except for arthritis in my hands and cataracts.

      I've been pulsing around my eyes and have thought about pulsing my eyes directly

      What kind of results have you experienced since you posted this?

    • Floman LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Floman LM 

      6 years ago

      @Elsie Hagley: Thank you for your blessed comment. There are definitely no side effects! Talk about blessed - this kind of therapy deserves that commendation. This is a process that I really believe in and utilize.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      6 years ago from New Zealand

      This is the first time have seen this Sota Magnetic Pulser, but as you say it is doing you so much good, it is worth using it, so long as there are no side effects. Nice lens, well done. Blessed.


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