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The-top-five-fitness-myths-and-truths That Will Ruin Your Body

Updated on January 17, 2014

Myth #1

Weight training makes people bulky.

Truth #1

‘I don’t lift, it makes me look bulky.’ We heard this ridiculous statement all the time from those who have no understanding about fitness. The fact is that your body would not sprout gigantic muscles even if you train really hard and regularly. Muscles size increases over time as you train. You just simply need to adjust your key variables like repetitions, sets or rest time, if you want to have strength/endurance effect rather than muscle gain.

Here are the top ten exercises that you can do at home.

Myth #2

Training endlessly in the gym gives you more muscle.

Truth #2

Many gym-goers do not understand the fact that muscles do not grow during training phase, they grow when you are recovering. If you do not leave enough time between your workout sessions, your muscles do not have the chance to repair themselves and become bigger and stronger.


Myth #3

Crunches and sit-ups give you six-pack.

Truth #3

Undeniably, doing crunches and sit-ups strengthen your core and abdominal muscles. However, it does not burn much body fat as it only burns few calories even if you perform 100 reps. For those who do not know, you will need to have a below 15% body fat physique in order to have a six-pack. So, it is the body fat percentage that determines whether your six-pack is showing. So if you want your six-pack to show, you will need to do exercises that will burn a lot of calories to remove your spare tyre.


Myth #4

Running is better for fat loss.

Truth #4

This is one common perception: people think that running is the best cardio, thus it is the best in losing fat. In fact, lifting weight loses more fat than running, unless you are able to run for many hours non-stop. Intense weightlifting session will burn a lot of calories even though the workout lasts for only 40 minutes due to the after burn effect.

Conclusion, running is a good exercise to improve your stamina and develop heart and lung but it won’t build much muscles.

Mike Chang talks about the afterburn effect.

the movie 'no pain, no gain'
the movie 'no pain, no gain' | Source

Myth #5

No pain, no gain.

Truth #5

I believe everyone who browses through fitness websites or magazines will come through these words: no pain, no gain! It is true and false at the same time.

For example, you should feel the muscle fatigue during the workout, not the joint pain or muscle tear pain. Some gym goers claim that they have to continue their workout even though there are experiencing wrist pain or knee pain. Why? Because no pain, no gain. This is extremely wrong as the pain actually indicates that you are either doing the exercise in a wrong form or you are over trained. So, if you experience any pain during the workout session, stop immediately.


You can hear plenty of fitness information everywhere. However, some are reliable while some are not. All of us are not born with the knowledge of fitness, we learn throughout the process in achieving our goals in fitness. Do not feel ashamed to seek advice from the qualified trainer or someone who is bigger than you. This is vital to keep your journey in achieving your fitness goal joyful, effective and injury-free.

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