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The Unsupportive Helpful Trainer: Exercising The Unconventional Way

Updated on July 25, 2014

Exercising and Weight Lifting

The reason the title is "The Unsupportive Helpful Trainer" is because you can be supportive or you can actually help people you can't always be both. Especially with stubborn people. You can tell someone they are doing something wrong and show them how to do it right (Being Helpful) or you can be supportive and try to correct them. Maybe they will listen for the moment. But, lets face it who has the time to waist. I'm not saying I will not be supportive at all, especially if you ask a question I will help you out. Maybe the title wasn't the best idea but it was the best I could think of at the time and I thought it was a funny contradiction as well.

Why does working out or exercise become a chore instead of something you enjoy? Not everyone takes this point of view but it seems to be at least 90% of people don't like to work-out or exercise. They know they have to but when it comes down to it they would rather not have to deal with the time consuming task of Lifting, Running, or even the simple act of Stretching.

I'm no Expert or even a Trainer in real life. I just took Weight Training in High School and noticed things in that class and learned a lot. I then kept at it afterwards, taking what I've learned and growing from it. I'm going to share all this with you, with "tips" and "don'ts" to go along with what you wish to accomplish and what you will probably see. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two maybe not. People do things while they are working out that they don't see they are doing wrong. The reason I say to work out the unconventional way is because most people follow how other people's work out, how they see what other people are doing in a gym and think thats the right way for them. But, we all know that we are all different and the same technique someone else is using could injure your goal.

Don't worry this isn't what this page is all about.

No extreme body building here. The purpose of this whole page is not to help you lose weight or sale you on a product that will magically make you the "Ideal Specimen". It is to share what has helped me achieve what I wanted out of working-out. Everybody is different but who knows how much of this information you might need or even take in.

Stretching Before You Lift Weights

Stretching I remember not caring too much about till I found the benefits to it. Especially stretching before doing weight lifting exercises. It really helps you do more reps between each set. Frequently stretching helps even more to keep your flexibility when your bulking up. I usually stretch before, between, and after my exercise routine. Some times even more when its been a while. FYI I thought the picture to the right was funny that's why I put it in here.

Lifting Poll

Do you Lift Weights for Strength or for Bulk?

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Cling the Bell for the Dummy's that do this. . .

Choosing the wrong Dumbbell weight

For some reason I have no idea why, maybe it's in movies or maybe its the way guys are wired, or maybe something in the name makes people choose the wrong dumbbell. It's probably because they are just trying to show off, but I don't know who they are trying to impress after picking up a weight then doing only three reps and being done. Or just one set and calling it quits and moving on to another machine or work-out.

When doing bicep curls or doing any exercise is to do so with the purpose of breaking down or wearing down the muscle so that it will become stronger after healing. It seems to be the logic of the few people that do this. At the same time actually thinking it will benefit them is that if I tire my arm out quickly it is in fact breaking down my muscle quicker and I can gain muscle mass faster. This is actually the farthest from the truth.

Let's say you want to work out your biceps doing curls the weight really doesn't matter. It's the technique and execution in your reps. It also depends on what you want, tone or strength. Clearly bulk comes after strength training. To give your muscle some tone you don't need a heavy weight at all even no weight will still work. All it takes is patience doing your curls slowly and clenching your muscles at the height of each rep. Till you tire yourself out. Stop at that step if you don't need to build muscle. If you want to continue then take a couple minute breather stretching your arms then pick up a weight that isn't too heavy or too light and do the same thing you did previously to strengthen your arms this will allow more of a impact to do the next step in bulking up your arms. Do so with a weight that you can do at least 5 more reps.

Dumbbell Sets - Choosing a Dumbbell

When you choose a dumbbell set you should realize your intentions of your work out and what you need before purchasing something you might not use. Light weights are always useful but you don't need really heavy weights unless you want to build muscle.

Bench Press

Bench Press I think has the most questions asked and so many people are obsessed with how much they can bench. The Grip you take is very important on what muscle groups you are targeting. I say an even amount of reps for each of the three types of grip you could use will do the trick every time. There's the wide grip, narrow grip, and the normal grip. The normal grip is that you make sure your arms are 90 degrees from your shoulder. The wider your grip the more it works out the triceps considerably less and focuses your muscles to work out the Pectoral and Deltoids instead. In turn it works out the triceps more narrower your grip is.

What you shouldn't do while doing the Bench Press. For one don't lift your head. You should never hold your breath try to keep a steady breathing cycle. Like all exercises breathing is key to doing more reps. Another thing that a lot of people do is tire themselves out rather quickly trying to lift their max to soon. To get the most out of your benching routine is to get in as many reps as you can in the allotted time you desire to work out. Don't do a warm up with light weights and move up the weight too quickly. Like I said in the dumbbell exercise you want to move up in weight slowly all the way to your max.

Standard Grip Benching

Hand Grips

Easiest work out tool you'll find. They actually do help make those women hands to a beast. Just kidding but you probably will be able to open more jars though. If your a beginner start off with the first one then work your way up or down the list.

The Dreaded Scale - Weighing Yourself

If you are trying to lose weight by exercising or any other means don't get discouraged. People often expect to much difference to happen right away. You may be doing significant work on your body actually making a difference and not even know it but on the scale you see no difference. That's just because you might be retaining water weight. If you know you get discouraged every time you see that scale with no results and your serious about your goal don't weigh yourself too often. Stick to your plan, and maybe weigh yourself once a month not every other week and especially not every day.

Do you Weigh yourself too often?

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How much helpful do I need to be. . .

Was this lens helpful to you? let me know in the comments below what helped you out, or how I can be more helpful.

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Comments, Questions/Answers - Hope you enjoyed and there will be more to come.

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