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Weight loss diet need not form the best diet plan ever

Updated on October 26, 2012

What forms the best diet plan

Weight gain symptoms often cause worry due to a variety of factors. Awareness through media, Peer pressure, precipitation of potentially serious disorders such as Arthritis, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia and cardiac ailments make one resort to weight loss diet methods by being calorie conscious too early in life.

A Pharmacy Professor Raj Sohal, at the University of Southern California scoffs at the idea of caloric restriction for all people as a meaningless strategy. He opines that one need resort to weight loss diet if one is only obese and for normal people, that really doesn’t form the best diet plan. Such plans may be resorted to only when one burns quite less compared to what one obtains as caloric value from food.

Raj Sohal along with Michael Forster, of the University of North Texas Health Science Center, studied in vitro, the effect of controlled caloric consumption of two genetically manipulated mice species on their life span. One is a lean species and the other one is fat species with much higher weight. He found that the control in diet helped only the obese species as lower metabolic rate decreased caloric burn. That in turn ensured that unhindered diet consumption by this fat mice strain really harmed it by reduction of life span. In case of other mice, the lean species, the caloric control did not have any effect on its metabolism.

Extending the results of study to the humans, Raj concluded that caloric restriction may not be really necessary if the energy intake through food is in equilibrium with daily consumption of energy levels or daily calorie burn. Only the fat people benefit from weight loss diet. Conclusion that best diet plan ever revolves around universal reduction in caloric consumption may actually result in non consumption of adequate minerals, trace elements, essential amino acids (protein consumption) necessary for the purpose of tissue repair, overall malnutrition etc. People of adequate body mass index need not really worry about caloric intake. The obese people who cannot undertake adequate exercises rather should monitor their diet plan by resorting to weight loss diet.

balanced diet

very essential to maintain health
very essential to maintain health | Source

We find several anorexic people with normal body weight but hitting panic button too early in life and resorting to weight loss diet. As a countervailing measure, such people should consume a balanced diet and continue with their daily activities.

People with normal measurements need not worry about weight loss diet
People with normal measurements need not worry about weight loss diet | Source

what the study signifies

As confirmed by Dr. Raj, the study need not cause any complacence in respect of obese people who should continue with the best diet plan in consultation with their Nutritionist, Family Physician by resorting to weight loss diet while ensuring a balanced diet consumption.

no complacence for obese people

Obese people may continue with their weight loss diet
Obese people may continue with their weight loss diet | Source


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