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the link to the better childcare

Updated on March 16, 2013

Good Child health, glory to the parent.

In a family, the most glorious moment is when parents see their children in good health.

The health of child lies in different areas. That is; physical health, medical health and nutritional health.

A child from 1-5years old needs humble time to sleep, proper feeding and medical checkups. On the other perspective, a child needs proper balanced diet in its daily ration .Foods like Body building i.e. Proteins. For example, fried eggs, mashed beans, fried fish etc. In addition to this, Calcium is very important in bones formation and strong teeth. So, in order to provide your child with sufficient calcium as parent you should make sure that your child has taken at least 250ml of milk daily. Also vitamin C is very crucial to the child, it protects scurvy on Child's skin, fruits like, Oranges ,Mangoes ,Bananas etc. are rich in vitamin C. so you should make sure you give a piece of Orange or other type of the fruit the child likes.

Minerals, like, Iron Plays important role in the human body, it helps in red blood cells formation.The mineral is obtained from green vegetables and Liver. Therefore, as a parent, you should feed your child with fried liver. In addition, Vitamin A is very important to your child, because deficiency of this vitamin A will result in poor eyesight and poor skin. So as a parent, make sure that, you feed your child with foods rich in vitamin A. Example of these foods are: Carrot juice, Liver, Spinach and Pumpkins. A child also needs fats in its daily meal. These fats are obtained from the fresh creamy milk, margarine and fish. (Nutrition and diet, making better dietary decision; daily food choice.)

Apart from this nutritional health to your child, a child also needs medical check-up at least once per month. This will help you as parent to be sure on your Child's health. During this medical check-up, make sure that the weight of your child is recorded properly for easy comparison during the next visit. A child also needs enough time to play, Walk around and sleep. Playing will make the Child's muscle strong and stretch in proper way.Therefore, it is your duty as parent to observe your child health, which will help you in saving money from treatments. As parent consider yourself as nurse number to your child and everything will run smoothly.

Your child may refuse to drink milk; this does not mean that you leave it without good source of calcium to your child. You can replace with lactose free and fortified products or beverages which will serve the same purpose. (Nutrition and diet, making better dietary decision; daily food choice.)

In conclusion, better thinking capacity goes simultaneously with proper diet, (Umezwa M, Kogishi K, Tojo, et al 1999). So the the intellectual capacity of your child will rely on you as a parent.


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