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Natural Snoring Remedies

Updated on July 26, 2009

Do you or your partner have a problem with snoring?  If so, there are some simple natural snoring remedies you could try that may help.  The first thing to determine is what is causing your snoring.  There are many different reasons why people snore but finding out what is causing you to snore may make it easier for different home remedies to work.

Snoring can be caused by narrow airwaves, swollen or sore throat, enlarged tonsils or other physical causes.  If this is the case, natural snoring remedies may not help.  Other causes of snoring include, but are by no means limited to, external causes such as excessive alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, allergies, sedatives and being overweight.

Marjoram - Image courtesy of Forest Starr & Kim Starr
Marjoram - Image courtesy of Forest Starr & Kim Starr

It has been said that anything that can help you to have more relaxed and free breathing at night can reduce or even completely eliminate snoring.  Because of this many people believe that aromatherapy  is the perfect snoring remedy.  The most common herb used in this treatment is marjoram although other blends of oils are often used too. 

If snoring is caused by physical causes you may be able to reduce or eliminate your snoring through addressing and solving whatever physical problem is causing you to snore. This can sometimes mean surgery, or dental surgery.  Dental implants are often suggested, however they are quite uncomfortable to wear especially if you go for a more cheaper type.

There are also simple exercises you can do to help open up your airwaves and strengthen that area of your body. These are similar to exercises a singer would practice when learning to sing properly. This natural snoring remedy has been known to help some people.

Aside from the obvious benefits derived from aromatherapy, other general remedies aren't really known to be that effective.  Of course, if your snoring is caused by external reasons, you should work on eliminating these external causes.  For example, you could try cutting way back on your alcohol consumption, especially at night before going to bed, and see if that helps reduce snoring.  Or if you suffer from an allergy, getting it treated would also help to decrease snoring problems.  Sometimes even something simple like changing your older pillow for a new one can help.

If your tongue falls to the back of your neck when you sleep (a common cause of snoring) simply elevating your head higher on a pillow may be a simple solution for you.  If the problem with your snoring is caused by excessive mucus, one suggested course of action to take is to avoid dairy products as these are known to be very mucus producing.

As you can see, successfully treating snoring problems depends entirely on your understanding what is causing the snoring and then trying different remedies that target that particular snoring problem.  If you are able to do that, chances are fairly high that one of the snoring remedies should work for you and help to cut back or possibly even totally eliminate your problem snoring. 


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