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Does the Weight Loss Patch Really Work?

Updated on July 28, 2009

With all the hype around nowadays regarding the weight loss patch and alternative weight loss measures do you sometimes feel confused with what does and does not work?  If so, you're not alone.   There are many conflicting opinions regarding the successfulness of various weight loss programs, including the different types of weight loss diet patches that are currently available.

Most of the diet patches work by releasing a substance that is absorbed through the skin into the body.  This substance either suppresses the appetite and/or increases the metabolic rate, meaning that you feel like eating less and thus less food is ingested, and at the same time calories are burned up at a faster rate because of the increased metabolism.  The success of some patches is because, following the ancient art of acupressure, they are placed on specific areas of the body that are known to also control appetites and curb cravings for sugar. 

While there are a lot of patches for weight loss on the market, it seems that the best patches are those that are made from natural substances or herbs.  Weight loss patch proponents claim that the constant supply of the substances to the body via the patches for 24 hours, seven days a week make the patches more effective than weight loss pills.  They are also very easy to apply, and if made from natural substances generally do not cause any side effects to those who are using them.  They are also non-prescription and are easily purchased across the counter or from on line sources.

One key point that is mentioned repeatedly when reading about weight loss patches is that they are to be used in conjunction with healthy eating habits, a consistent exercise regime where the person exercises several times a week, and the ingestion of at least eight glasses of water a day.   That does make me wonder if it is the weight loss diet patches alone that brings about weight loss, as if anyone who was overweight decided that they would switch to a healthy diet and exercise several times a week, chances are that they would begin to lose weight anyway without needing other aids. 

Some people have not noticed any difference after applying the patches, while others claim that they have been effective in helping them to lose weight. The question is whether these patches are right for you?  If you feel that you need additional help to take the first steps towards losing weight and if you don’t do well with traditional dieting, then you may find that it gives you a push in the right direction and gets you moving ahead with your diet plans. 

If you are going to go ahead and try a weight loss patch there are a few things to consider.  First of all, make sure that it offers a money back guarantee and if it's something you order on subscription ensure that you are easily able to stop the subscription if you wish to.  You should be able to order it without needing a prescription and there shouldn't be any noticeable side-effects listed. Take special note of any cautions issued or warnings as to who can and cannot use the patch.


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