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Youth - The Wonders of Being Young

Updated on August 16, 2020
Joyette  Fabien profile image

Joyette is a champion for young people. She attempts, through her writing, to encourage them to aspire and to urge others to support them.

Youthfulness and Laughter


Youth is a Time to Be Happy

Youth should be a time of happiness. It is ideally, a time of good health, freedom, security and boundless opportunities. It is, for the fortunate, a time to enjoy life confident in the knowledge that the burden of life's responsibilities lie mainly in the hands of their elders. Those who are less fortunate should be supported, assisted and encouraged so that they too can enjoy the benefits of this special stage in life. Who would not want to be forever young? Who would not wish to recapture their youth?

It is Truly Wonderful to be Young!

Young people are fond of using the phrase “I’m young!” - A wonderful feeling indeed! They use it as a passport to accessing opportunities, an excuse for frivolous behavior or simply because they are truly enjoying the experience of being young! It is sometimes flung at elders as a taunt meaning “Gimme a break! You’re boring” But does a young person truly grasp the beauty of being young? I believe that we never truly value our youth until we begin to age.

The Wonders of Being Young

Here are some of the wonders of being young:

  • Young people have dreams and it seems that the whole world is open before them and there is time - time to sit and ponder possibilities, time to study, learn and grow; time to make mistakes and start afresh; time to desire, time to hope; time to party all night and sleep all day; time for courting, romance, heartbreak and making up; time to live!
  • Youth is busy! No time to waste on second thoughts. Youth acts on impulse and it they fail... Oh well, there's always a second chance. Youth wants things and wants them now.Youth is on the move because there's a world of adventure and fun out there beckoning to them to come and join in.
  • Youth is full of contradictions which somehow make a lot of having time and not having time...Like hating today and loving tomorrow; like knowing the risks, but wanting to make their own mistakes.
  • Youth is the time to seize opportunities; to be reckless; to fall down, pick yourself up and change direction; to pursue your dreams and make them come true. It is a time for meeting new people and exploring new horizons; for charting great ventures and shaping your destiny.
  • Youth has the advantage of health and fitness, supple bodies, boundless energy, fluidity of movement and sharpness of mind. Youth has resilience, endurance and perseverance. All these are exactly what is needed to enable them to put their creativity and talents into action to build enterprises, communities, nations – to build a better world.
  • Youth has the opportunity to win the world. The world is their vehicle and they can drive it in the direction which they want it to go. With ambition and determination youth can overturn challenges and create great opportunities; overcome obstacles; reshape society and improve the world in which they live.
  • Youth carries with it a certain element of fearlessness and adventure. Youth dares and sometimes it is necessary to dare; to take risks in order to achieve beyond the ordinary. Many of the world’s heroes are persons who were daring in their youth.

Youth and Age - Work Jointly

Youth cannot, however, function in isolation; the daredevil of youth must be tempered with the perception and prudence of age. The elders have been there; they have wisdom which comes from experiences which might have brought either success or failure. Whatever the case, they have stories to tell and knowledge to pass on. The youth must therefore reach out and access that knowledge bank that their parents built from years of living. In their own wisdom they will determine what is useful and beneficial to them. Certainly, older people are always willing to pass on their wisdom and share their experiences with the younger generation. In fact they delight in doing so!

Elder and Junior

Bridge the Generation Gap

The youth will conquer the world, but the elderly might already have experienced this victory. Each in his own sphere has a vital contribution to make. Jointly youth and age can make the mountains move!


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