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Mind over weight

Updated on October 29, 2009

There is beauty in everyone



Weight is something many are focused on.

Why do we believe that if we look a certain way we will be accepted more by others ?

Well that answer is quite simple.  We care what others think. We don’t always want to admit this, but we do.

How often have you said to yourself: “ If only I looked like that”  I would love to run but I am just not the right shape “  “I am going to start a diet…..tomorrow”  The statements are endless.

Maybe you have started a diet, several diets and really done very well, only to go up in weight again after the initial diet period is over.  This is heartbreaking to someone that was successful.

You feel like a failure when the pounds pile on again, the yo-yo is in motion.

Your psychological state of mind follows that yo-yo with the highs and lows. The “ If only’s “ start all over again.

So what happened?

Do you see the pattern above?  The mind and the body are connected.

OK that was obvious!

However, without really understanding the connection you will not be able to understand how you can actually sabotage your own hard work or attempts at making a change.

Our thoughts are controlling us daily, even when we sleep our thoughts and dreams are there.

Our topic today is losing weight.

So what do you need to do?

First of all you need to dig, be honest and get to the real causes of what is prompting or triggering you to constantly want or crave those comfort snacks.

There is no way on this earth that your feet just walk you over to the cookie cupboard or fridge without engaging your brain!

Stop on the way………..ask yourself………”What am I thinking?”

And If you say: Food, stop again, I can guarantee that you are lying to yourself.

Something has made you think of the food that you don’t really need. Do you feel depressed, stressed, upset. I believe that you are feeling an uncomfortable emotion and that emotion is looking for comfort.  Is your comfort soother food?

"They key is to get your body -- specifically your brain -- to back off from taking you to the comfort zone”  If you can stop and think yu can act differently. 

What would happen if you had a bowl of sour lemons in the fridge  and every time you triggered you sucked on a slice ? What if you counted the slices at the end of each day?

Would that sour taste remind you of the real problem at hand. Would the awful taste eventually make you face up to reality?

If it does I am sure that you can turn it all around and take the control back. The control you need to get your life back on track.


The intense craving for food is an addiction, addictions start in the brain.

Real hunger starts in the stomach and sends signals to the brain. A craving or addiction is the opposite. The signals being sent to your stomach can be stressful discomfort.

People who have been cheated on , for example, say things like “ When I found out I was sick to the stomach” 

This statement has so much truth in it. Discomfort can be felt in the stomach.

For people who are overweight this discomfort when they are experiencing a problem may be misinterpreted  as hunger. The solution, albeit temporary, is to comfort eat.


 Your brain responds  quickly to positive stimulation.

What makes you happy?  Have you ever really thought about what makes you happy? For some this is a really difficult question. Especially if you are really down in the dumps.

But remember this is all about you taking control of you.

You want to help yourself so you really need to answer this question to go further.

To thrive, you have to stimulate your brain. To do this you really need to explore your feelings.

What makes you feel good both externally and internally…………….Don’t say food!

That one comes at the bottom of the list from now on, no one said this would be easy.

"What makes you feel successful , feel that you are  liked and approved and accepted ?
Did you know that the brain can be positively stimulated by walking?

Walking will increase the bloodflow bringing oxygen to the working cells.
"Small changes have profound positive effect on the brain,"

If you eat first the blood flow travels to the stomach to digest the food. Really smart, you can lie down and think of all your problems while the digestion is going on. The result is fat being stored. When this happens there is a whole load of byproducts being thrown into your bloodstream that need to be cleared up.  I bet you anything the food you ate for comfort wasn’t full of antioxidants, am I correct?

When the clean up phase is going on you can feel real sleepy , does this help the initial problem that sent you to the cookie jar in the first place? I bet not.

It is noteworthy to know about an area in the brain called the limbic system.

It's part of a pleasure or emotion area. The more we activate that area of the brain through  different emotions such as fear, threat, lust and envy, the bigger that area becomes and that area also controls our eating. So in other words if we have too many problems the chance of being hungry is increased.

Tackling the problems and reducing your need for comfort eating will be a great start to preparing yourself for losing weight.


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