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Updated on May 26, 2016

Obesity is overweight or weight not normal. It is commonly experienced by adults and the elderly. But it is undeniable, children and young people has been quite a lot who are obese. Obesity is caused by the heaping amount of calories consumed and excesseds the number of calories needed for the combustion process to be fat in the body. Examples consume fast food which basically have a fairly high amount of calories. Obesity is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, frequent yawing, sweating, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath due cumulation of fat in the neck and chest, snoring, skin infections, insomnia and always feel hot. Obesity can be caused by genetic factors (if you have ancestry who are obese, the risk of obesity may experience high enough for you), and a lifestyle that is not healthy (diligently consume drug that actually makes your body to be great because of accumulated fat, as well as lack of physical activity or sport). A person who is obese, prone to be attacked other dangerous diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Moreover, being someone who is obese has some risks. Examples experiencing pain in the knee caused by heavy weight of his body. Depression due to feelings of inferiority and shame because of her weight is excessive compared to people in general, back pain due to fat accumulation in the spine, difficulty moving or activity under the weight of the body is too heavy, increased blood pressure, trigger acid reflux because fat accumulates suppress gastric and varicose veins due to blood vessel walls in the body become weak

To avoid and prevent the possibility of obesity, there are several ways that you can take. As :

1. Consuming a healthy diet low fat, and avoid foods that have a high enough calories. Such as fast food that easily found at the mall or supermarket

2. Reduce the middle of the night snacking.

3. Routine do physical activity that is regular exercise. Jogging or moderate exercise during waking. It would be better if you can do swimming or aerobic exercise to become members in one particular fitness center. Sports serve burn fat in the body

4. Maintain a regular diet.

5. Avoid consumption of drugs that may contain harmful chemicals. Especially weight gain drug containing estrogen hormone fat binder that could make your body look so swollen. Especially on the cheek

6. Get enough sleep. Do not stay up too often. But do not sleep too long

7. Avoid foods that contain cheese, salt, alcohol, butter, sugar, oil and soda. Material contains fat and calories that can make you overweight instantly

8. Consuming traditional herbal medicine to lose weight or keep the weight remained normal


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