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Thoracic back pain during pregnancy

Updated on March 18, 2010

Thoracic back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most cherished period of a woman’s life. A woman looks forward to the different phases of pregnancy and then childbirth. However, the pregnancy period has some painful effects on the woman like thoracic back pain. The pain in thoracic back of a pregnant woman can bring terrible discomfort to her.

During pregnancy the body of a woman goes through drastic changes. The body has now to bear the new weight. That’s why back pain and pregnancy go together. These changes in body are natural and the woman should adjust her lifestyle accordingly.

The pregnant woman has to take proper care of herself in order to keep the pain minimum.

Some precautions can be adopted to avoid severe thoracic back pain

  • Always stand erect and avoid slouching.
  • Long hours of standing can aggravate the back problem. It’s better to stretch or move in between while standing.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects. Allow your better half to help you out.
  • Sit on a comfortable chair which can provide adequate support to the back.
  • Avoid high heels.
  • Never sleep on your back. Sleep by your sides to give relief to your back.
  • Do not bend your waist. Bend by your knees.

These simple steps can positively help in easing the back pain. In case the pain persists and becomes unbearable, the best way is to consult your doctor and adhere to the prescription. The doctor may recommend some mild medications and light exercises. Another way to pain relief is gentle massage of back. This will soothe the stretched muscles. The doctor may also recommend application of hot pad or ice pack on the affected area.

There can be serious causes of back pain and the treatment thereof may differ.

The constant pain in middle back can be due to kidney infections. It can be serious and require immediate tests and medical attention. Secondly, liver complications can also lead to specific middle back pain. The patient then should go for liver function tests and such other tests as advised by the doctor. Moreover, it's also common to have gallstones in the gall bladder and sometimes these stones might block the duct of the gall bladder and cause intense back pain up to a level that a patient might not be able to breathe. This type of pain usually starts after eating and can be treated by using some natural methods and if it still persists, then the gall bladder will have to be removed (cholecystectomy) either during or preferably after pregnancy

The upper back pain has more to do with wrong postures than anything else. The muscles of thoracic spine are already stressed and weakened, and lack of proper care and posture will further alleviate the pain. To ease the pain, one should follow the medical advice instead of taking self remedy.

Therefore the solutions to most of the thoracic back pain during pregnancy lie in adopting a healthy lifestyle under the guidance of a doctor.

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always use a back support as it greatly reduces thoracic back pain

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pregnancy back supportMake sure you do less standing and more resting.Resting is very useful in relieving Thoracic back painSleeping on your side reduces thoracic back pain
pregnancy back support
pregnancy back support
Make sure you do less standing and more resting.
Make sure you do less standing and more resting.
Resting is very useful in relieving Thoracic back pain
Resting is very useful in relieving Thoracic back pain
Sleeping on your side reduces thoracic back pain
Sleeping on your side reduces thoracic back pain

What would you do for your back pain relief ?

What would you do for your back pain relief ?

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Did you suffer thoracic back pain during pregnancy ? Share your experience here !

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      7 years ago

      Am presently in my 21st wk æ already having dis pain in my middle thoracic's terrible.always there day æ nite,aggravated by bending over or stress.


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