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Thoughts on The Food Industry

Updated on November 5, 2016
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Sam researched the topics of international central banks, corporate lobbying, and the nature of global state-capitalism.

Corn Subsidies

Corn is a heavily subsidized crop in the USA. As such, most of our food is made from various corn ingredients. Think of high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, baking powder, and even cow feed. The subsidization of corn has led to an outbreak of obesity and sickness in animal livestock and in human society. Now over 80% of the population is overweight or obese. The outraging thing about this is that the american populace is being kept in the dark about what goes into their food. Cows now eat mainly corn, and as such, their unprepared guts often have outbreaks of E. Coli, this has caused the deaths of many children in the US, and worldwide. The subsidy of corn is maintained by the corporations which have a monopoly on the crop, and as such, they relentlessly lobby congress to keep their monopoly in place. The only way to end this folly is through education, I recommend watching the documentary, "Fed Up (2014)".

A life of quiet suffering
A life of quiet suffering

Meat, Dairy, Health, and Pollution

A recent study by the World Health Organization shows a correlation between meat consumption and cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Most Americans know very little about this. Our school systems keep children in the dark about proper health and diet. Growing up I really believed that pizza, hamburgers, and sandwiches full of meat and cheese were the most satisfying and healthy thing I could eat. Little did I know I was severely damaging my body, increasing mucous, acidity, and even osteoporosis. Dairy has been shown to be linked to osteoporosis, and increased mucous, causing bone and joint weakness and risk of fracture, along with breathing problems. For a little experiment, do a google search for "dairy cow", then for "dairy cow reality". The difference between mainstream propaganda and the truth is astonishing, but quite frankly not that surprising in our current system of state-corporate economics.


If you care about the environment, about clean water, air, and a reasonable climate, then you may want to inform yourself on the effects of animal agriculture in its current form. The consumption of animal products has worse effects on the environment than all forms of transportation combined! To learn more about these issues watch, "Cowspiracy"

One of the main reasons for the obesity epidemic is the heavy subsidization of unhealthy food, making it cheaper in stores than healthy food.
One of the main reasons for the obesity epidemic is the heavy subsidization of unhealthy food, making it cheaper in stores than healthy food.

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