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Throw out your weigh scales!

Updated on February 26, 2013

You want to look and feel better?

Don't think about losing weight!

You want to Lose Weight right? Wrong!

You THINK you want lose weight -- that's probably one of the main reasons that you struggle to achieve a healthier and slimmer you.

But really you want to lose fat.

You want rid of that wobbly stuff that has appeared uninvited all over the surface of your body. Agreed? on!

Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating

You've just dropped 2 dress sizes!

What's your secret?

Imagine if I helped you to tone up, lose 2 dress sizes but stay exactly the same weight. Then when you next went out socially, all your friends would remark upon your new shape and they'd all say

"Wow! You look awesome! You've lost so much weight!"

At this point, you could tell them that no in fact you were exactly the same weight or you could stay quiet and lap up the praise.

This is when it would hit you it doesn't matter how much you weigh!

What matters to you is how you feel, what you can do and probably what you look like too.

Your weight is just a number.

Over my years in the fitness industry I have seen a lot of genuine unhappiness caused by weigh scales. I know that there is a whole industry out there that capitalises on this misery.

In fact they cultivate the misery because it makes them money.

And...they go and make it even worse.

Not only do you think you want to lose weight but you want this to happen as quickly as possible.

Both of these wants are what make most attempts at a fitter healthier body doomed from the start.

Say goodbye to those pounds, forever...

Those of you who know me already will know that I don’t advocate starving yourself with quick-fix faddy diets or weight loss strategies that do not involve exercise too.

Remember that weight lost too quickly will come back to bite you in the short to medium term.

The other big problem is that weight loss too fast will be fat and muscle which you don’t really want as muscle is vital and it burns your fat too.

Example 1. You lose 40lbs super fast on a crazy diet. It will probably be 20lbs fat and 20 lbs muscle. Your metabolism will slow down and soon you’ll put the 40lbs back on plus 20lbs more.

Example 2 You lose 40lbs slowly and sensibly with healthy eating and exercise. It will probably be 50lbs of fat loss and 10lbs of muscle gain. Your metabolism will be faster, you will only get even more toned plus you will have huge amounts of energy also.

Do you see that weight alone is not the issue?

In both cases here, you lost the same amount of weight!

But in terms of your health, the second scenario is way better for you.

More fat lost, better tone, slimmer body shape and lots of energy and vitality!

Your weight will also fluctuate massively along your weight loss journey. For women there are monthly factors to take into account and for all of us our weight depends on our many things including water.

Ditch the Diet!
Ditch the Diet!

Measure Your Body Fat %

There are various ways of measuring your body fat with the dreaded 'fat calipers' being the least favourite with most of my clients. Just as good whilst being less error prone and less invasive are the value for money body fat measurement devices.

You can measure your % body fat with the stand-on or hand-held devices that are becoming very common today in good gyms and are cheap enough to be purchased for the home. These give a better picture of what you are made of. I recommend the Omron brand and I have included a selection down below. I have a decade of experience with these devices and I cannot rate them highly enough.

Note the hand-held ones are better for measuring upper body whilst the stand-on ones are better for measuring lower body but either style is good to have around on your journey to a healthier body.

Bear in mind they are just a rough guide but if you use the same one over time you'll see how your fat is shifting, irrespective of your weight.

Please don't weigh yourself every day and bring yourself down just because the change is too small.

Don't pay money every week to be humiliated in front of others when you don't have to do that.

By all means weigh yourself at the start of your journey and then after a substantial period of time. This will be good as you'll see how much you weighed a year ago five years ago... but by then you will already be seeing the huge improvements in your shape, your fitness and your energy as well as significant reductions in weight.

Yours in Health!


Body Fat Measurement Devices at Amazon

These will show you how much fat you are losing rather than simply weight. Your overall weight loss will become easier and less stressful with this information at your fingertips.

Omron Fat Loss Monitor
Omron Fat Loss Monitor

I have used this with thousands of clients. It is practical, easy to use and very effective!

Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale - 7 Fitness Indicators & 90-Day Memory
Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale - 7 Fitness Indicators & 90-Day Memory

Great if you want a little more information to help the process.

FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper with FREE MyoTape
FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper with FREE MyoTape

An electronic alternative to traditional fat calipers which might be attractive to you.


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