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Updated on March 22, 2016

weight loss

If you have heard and read boring articles about nutrition weight loss, all in a form porters something interesting there, but maybe you do not know that there are weight loss tips are 'strange' but quite effective too. Read and experience will you do?

1. Eat before the mirror

The researchers discovered the look yourself eat can be a powerful source of stimulation for people to eat less. They said that the effect of reducing the "hand to mouth" is the action by watching yourself in the mirror will eat our awareness of the body more. Then, make sure you do not want to find yourself overeating. Also interesting, but anyway!

2. Eat the same men

If you want to reduce the amount of food loaded into the dine outside, suggest that you eat with a friend of men. The researchers found that the women we consume less calories than you eat the same men, the difference compared to when they ate the same women. According to the researchers, the cause lies in the consciousness stronger girlfriend sex moments next to the other side and will have to limit eating to look "feminine".

3. Eating flexible

You should have several choices, even when eating. The object should limit snacks loaded with weight reduction only as those who do not do so. Group limit yourself comfortable eating any "bubbles" which explains why "dodge" food or specific food groups is probably not the best weight-loss strategies. Lowering the load empty calories from foods like chips and crackers to do new actions.

At the same time to quickly bring results, you should combine regular exercise with lines such as treadmill exercise machine abdomen, treadmill, ...

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