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Become Confident and Gain Focus

Updated on May 18, 2015

Learn how to become confident

It's simple. A great way to start becoming more confident is to notice everything you're achieving and give yourself credit for it. Everything you do will build your confidence.

Create an achievements list

You achieve things all the time, but often you might not notice them. It doesn't matter how large or how small your achievements are, just keep focusing on what you have done. A good way to do this is to start and achievement list. Literally writing things that you have achieved and are proud of down and soon you will notice that you are achieving your goals and are capable of doing more.

An example of an achievements list:

  • I applied for a job
  • I began an exercise routine and I'm sticking to it
  • I learned how to wash clothes in the washing machine
  • I followed a recipe and cooked my first dinner from scratch
  • I went for a bike ride to exercise my dog

Achievements create confidence

If the things you're achieving are things that you felt uncertain about when you started, it's better for your confidence. The more risk you take in your comfortzone, the greater the sense of achievement you'll experience and the more confident you will gradually become. If you can do something that you've dreading and putting off everyday, just one thing to start with, you will notice how quickly the sense of dread will diminish and how quickly your confidence in tackling unpleasant tasks will grow. Then you'll realize how much you've actually achieved, especially if you've been keeping a list.

How can you think more confidently?

It's the expectation of success or failure that determines your confidence and therefore your behaviour. It is the way of thinking that you have to change, if you tend to approach things from a pessimistic point of view. If you think you can, you absolutely can, provided you take the right steps along the way.

What do you want to think?

You have to consciously decide on having positive thoughts. Create a mindset that is helpful in achieving your goals. Begin by finding a statement that would be great if you believed in it.

Example ideas:

  • I have a lot to offer to other people.
  • I am honest and diligent therefore I will be an asset to an employer.
  • I'm a good team player.
  • I am worth knowing because I am nice and treat people with kindness and respect.
  • I look good.

The point here is that you are in charge of how you want to think about yourself. It makes no sense to beat yourself up about things that you cannot change, but you can choose to see the glass half full rather than half empty. Your good thoughts about yourself will help you create the reality you want. Make your thoughts about achieving your goals to match these four criteria:

  1. It has to be short.
  2. It has to be in the present tense.
  3. It has to be in the first person.
  4. It has to be positive.

The best way of combating negative thoughts about yourself is to think exactly the opposite of the negative thought.

Gearing your mind towards success

So, now you have your positive statement. Repeat it several times a day until it becomes second nature to visualize it and believe in it. The more times you say it to yourself, the more you will believe it and it will increase your chances of success.

Remember, you are what you think so why not be your own best friend?

Focus is the first step to success

What is focus?

Focus is really your power to harness the concentration you need to bring about change. Whatever you focus on will become your idea of reality. Very few things in life are absolute; almost everything is changeable and you have the power to changeyour reality.

Focus is not true reality because it's one's view of what is happening; only one perception of the way things are. Think of it as if that view - your focus - is a camera lens. The lens is showing only what you are focusing on at that moment; if you shift, the picture will change. That is why your personal focus does not represent a true reality because it presents only a small portion of the big picture.

Does your focus determine how you feel?

It definitely does. Focus determines whether you perceive your reality as good or bad, whether you feel happy or sad about an event. Whatever emotion you will allow yourself to feel about a particular event, that emotion will determine the meaning of that event for you.

Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.

Using your senses to change your focus

It's not only what you focus on but how you do it. Our experience of the world is created by gathering information through the use of our five senses. However, people have preference for which sense they like to use and trust the most; some people are more visual, some prefer the touch or go by sound. You can manipulate these senses to your advantage. Your ability to change the way you feel depends on your ability to change these preferred preferences.

Change your focus and change your life

By changing the way you feel you can change your life. The key in life is to have so many ways to direct your life that you will feel empowered. You have got to be in a determined state of mind in order to succeed, so if you determine to focus on positive steps you will alter your state of mind and be on your way to success.

Being successful means different things to different people. A good way to view success is to think of the quality of your life. You don't need a ton of money to feel happy. You don't need to be adored by millions. All you need is to feel good about yourself and live a life that gives you pleasure and happiness. So feel good about yourself, approach the world in a positive frame of mind and find the good in everything. In the long run, that's all that matters.


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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      You have stated some important steps for those who struggle with self esteerm issues to consider. One you mentioned is to list our accomplisments throughout the day or perhaps within a week. Writing things down no matter for what purpose always seems to make them more real. Thanks for sharing this with us.