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Eye Exercises Improve Vision Naturally

Updated on November 21, 2014

Can exercising your eyes help you to improve your vision naturally?

Many common eye conditions are caused by mental stress and excessive strain on the eyes. Forcing the eye to focus for long periods or straining to concentrate on objects at a specific distance, like TV or computer screens, can harm our eyesight and cause permanent damage as we grow older.

The excessive stress and strain we impose on our eyes on a daily basis are due to bad habits, usually formed during our school years and carrying on into our youth and adulthood.

As in most cases, prevention is the best policy. Don't wait until you actually have problems seeing properly to take care of your eyes. Like you try to eat relatively healthy or exercise your body, or go on a diet in order to keep fit and prevent yourself from becoming sick, you should try to relax and exercise your eyes in order to keep them healthy while your eyesight is still good. Like you take the time to go to the gym and take care of your body to keep in good condition, so you should do for your eyes.

Here are some tips to help you preserve your eyesight naturally.

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5 Great Tips to improve your vision without glasses

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After a long day at work or school, your eyes are tired, may feel dry, sore or itchy and they need to relax and renew in order to improve vision. Here are some tips to improve your vision without glasses, by helping you to relax your eyes and take the strain off them. The great thing about them is that you can do these exercises anywhere, office, home, even in your car, whenever you feel that you have put too much strain on your eyes. Taking some time to practice them each day, will greatly help you to keep your eyesight in tip-top condition or improve it if it has already began to deteriorate. Your eyes will be eternally grateful to you.

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The Dot Exercise

Find a small dot such as a period or a comma on a printed page. Try to focus your eyes on it, seeing it as clearly as possible. Stare at the dot until it actually comes into focus. After a few seconds, you will probably notice that it loses clarity and tends to become blurry. Now try to relax your eyes by closing them for a while. Then look at the dot again without straining or squinting to see it clearly. Don’t stare at it, but take in the whole of the page, moving your eyes around instead of keeping them still. Blink a little bit, it helps keep the eyes moist and lubricated. Close your eyes again and try to see the dot in your mind, as clearly as possible. When you open your eyes again, they should be reasonably relaxed and the dot should come into focus more easily.

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Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!

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How To Improve Your Eyesight - 21 Natural Ways to Improve Your Vision Fast and Easy

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The Word Exercise

Now look for a five-letter or longer word in the page. Focus on it so that you can see all the letters without moving your eyes. Again, excessive staring and concentrating makes the word blurry. Now try relaxing your eyes by allowing them to move over the word. Don't force your eyes to stare, let them move freely over and around the word. Next time you look at it, you should see the word more clearly. The trick is to allow your eyes free movement.

The Double Vision Exercise

This exercise helps your eyes work together. Most of us tend to focus on an object with just one eye. You can usually focus on something with both eyes by squinting, but this is bad for your eyes. Try to use both eyes to focus on a particular object, without staring at it, but allowing your eyes to move freely around it, in a relaxed way.


Palming is a way to help the eyes relax, naturally. Rub your hands together to warm them. Cup one hand over each eye. While relaxing your eyes, try to relax your mind as well, by clearing it of all thoughts, as well as your body muscles. Stay in this fully relaxed position for at least 15 minutes or longer. When you open your eyes again, you will be able to see everything better, like after a good night’s sleep.

15 minutes per day is all it takes to improve your vision without the need for glasses! Don't you think it's worth it?


Relax your mind before relaxing your eyes

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Your eyes and mind are very closely linked. In order to relax your eyes, you must first relax your mind. Find a comfortable position and relax your body. Close your eyes and picture the number 5 in your mind while you exhale, letting all the air out of your lungs. Let your closed eyes move around their sockets while really focusing on the number 5. Inhale, filling your lungs with air and picture the number 4. Do exactly the same thing all the way down to 0.

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      AgingIntoDisabi 7 years ago

      Very nice work! More people should try natural methods.

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