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acne tips to treat acne and acne scars

Updated on November 24, 2009

Many people search endlessly for acne tips to help acne and acne scars. Many times, we will go to dermatologists and use over-the-counter acne products with no success. It is easy to give up. However, those who take the time to research this devastating disease and educate themselves have the power to put up a good fight with the hopes of minimizing and permanently healing their acne. In this hub, I will attempt to offer some tips and advice to those who have tried going to dermatologists and using products with little or no permanent success.

Realize that fighting acne is a marathon, not a sprint. Many individuals look for the “quick-fix” instead of thinking about long-term results. The sooner you realize that you are not going to heal your acne overnight, the sooner you can get started on a regimen that will heal your acne permanently in the long run.

Experiment to determine what factors have an influence over your acne. For example, a really hot, long shower may aggravate one person’s acne while it may not affect another person. Maybe dairy affects your acne while coffee affects somebody else. Experiment with different food groups and types of foods. Consider doing an elimination diet: eliminate a certain food for an extended period of time and then re-introduce it to see if it affects you. For instance, try eliminating dairy from your diet for 20 days, and then drink a glass of milk. Does the milk cause a breakout? You may be allergic to dairy. Always give the food about three days before deciding if it has affected you. Personally, coffee, dairy, and long-hot showers cause me to breakout. No two people are alike, and no two cases of acne are alike. Different things will affect different people’s acne in different ways.

Join a forum that is related to dealing with acne. I recommend This Web site was created by an ex-acne sufferer named Dan. The most helpful part of the Web site is the forum. Individuals from around the globe offer advice and information relating to acne. This forum is useful because people can tell you what has and has not worked for them. Also, this is a great way to get support and meet others who suffer from this condition.

Stop using so many chemicals on your face. Seriously, STOP! Give your face a break. Using these potent creams containing benzoyl peroxide and sacylic acid everyday really takes a toll on skin. These products may temporarily work, but have they permanently healed your acne? I didn't think so. Our skin is naturally designed to protect itself and release the correct amount of oils, etc. You would be surprised how much your skin will thank you if you allow it to breathe. For a topical treatment, I recommend using water, water and sea salt, or desert essence thoroughly clean face wash. Personally, I use the desert essence thoroughly clean face wash. It is an all-natural facial cleanser that is PH balanced and very gentle on your face. This facial cleanser can be found on Amazon. Water or water with sea salt work very well too. Have you ever noticed your face seems clearer at the beach? It’s the sea salt from the ocean! Sea salt can be found in your local grocery store. I recommend reading this article from the forums to really drive this point home.

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, take a good multi-vitamin, and avoid acne-triggering foods. This tip is easier said than done. Eating healthy is something that we all strive to do, but sometimes can be very difficult and expensive. If you are serious about healing your acne, you MUST do this. Fruits and vegetables work to balance out the PH level in our bodies. Basically, most peoples’ PH level in their body is very acidic. Fruits and vegetables work to alkalize the body. If you are really bad about eating more fruits and vegetables, I would recommend drinking smoothies. There is a great post at the forums about smoothies. Along with these smoothies, consider spending money on a really good multi-vitamin. I personally take Mega Men Sport from GNC. Any good multi-vitamin will work. Also, I have found that fish oil has had a positive effect as well. You can buy these in capsule form from Wal-Mart. Just as important as eating more fruits and vegetables is avoiding certain acne-causing foods. As I mentioned previously, you may have to experiment to determine what negatively affects your acne. The big ones are fried foods, sugar, vegetable oil, and saturated fats from red meats. Additionally, consider drinking more water and less soda. Soda contains a lot of sugar. Water not only works to alkalize and purify the body, but is free of sugar and calories.The key here is moderation. Obviously, it is almost impossible to avoid certain foods all the time. Even by slightly cutting back you should notice a difference within a couple months.

These tips offer a starting point for somebody who wants to fight their acne. It will take a lot of time and research to start seeing results. I hope that this article serves as a starting point for somebody who wants to heal their acne. Fighting acne takes time and patience. Some of the sacrifices I recommend doing may not sound like something you want to do; however, you have to ask yourself how bad you want rid of your acne.


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