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02 Tips to Lose Weight

Updated on June 25, 2011

Tips to Lose Weight

Shortcut of weight lose. Weight lose without diet
Shortcut of weight lose. Weight lose without diet | Source

Lose Weight Easily

We all want to keep fit and healthy and we all know about rules of weight loosing, which is, take in lower amount of calories and burn more calories. But we also know that most diet plans and quick weight loss have on the substance as well as campaign promises of a politician. Some people use diet and exercise and also use weight-loss drugs and surgery to control their physics. If you want to lose weight but do not know where to start then read this. I may have good news for those who, like me, lookout for the easiest ways to lose weight. Two wired & easiest ways to lose weight are as below:

· By doing meditation

· By eating slowly

By doing meditation

By meditation you can control your inner feelings and also can give order to your body by mind controlling. There is a secret bonding between body and mind. By doing regular meditation you can build a connection between them.

(a) Think about being thin when you meditate. A Canadian study shows that simply thinking of exercise three times a week to get an almost equal basis with others who exercise.

(b) Avoid junk food: By meditation you can control your own mind and can easily decide that its time to drop all type of junk food and fast food.

(c) By meditation suggest your mind that you only take fresh vegetable and fresh fruit and also take all those kind of food which supplies particular types of vitamin.

(d) Do meditation before sleep. Some researcher say when you are not getting enough sleep your hormones may direct you toward obesity.

(e) All of our actions begin in our minds. We have to decide our mind before stating something. For example, if you are going to walk for forty five minutes every day, then you first have to decide to do it.

By eating slowly

  • When you eat slowly it takes more time and by this you can get feelings about eating more.
  • People are busy with their regular work. So it’s not possible for people to give more time. So obviously they eat less.
  • When people eat rapidly they eat more.
  • As it takes more time, people byte their food in a better way which help to digest faster.
  • You will take less portion of food if you eat slowly. Only by reducing portion of food you can control your overweight..

My dear readers, personally I think this can be easiest ways to control your weight. I start it. And I think it’s better to share my feelings with hubbers. If you think there is any other way which is easier to lose weight then please let me know.

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    • profile image

      Straw Kan 6 years ago

      Hmmmm good

    • blueorpurple profile image

      blueorpurple 6 years ago

      quuenieproac@ thanks dear... i try to keep it simple coz i always feel that loosing weight is very hard. personally i try to lose my weight a bit and by that way this idea comes to my mind

    • quuenieproac profile image

      quuenieproac 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Simple and practical tips. Thanks for sharing. Will certainly adopt them.