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Updated on July 7, 2016

What We Do For Love

I am so tired, there is a pain in my back that very much feels like a burning nerve ending. My hips hurt from being slightly overweight, and standing on old legs that don't get enough exercise. I remember when I used to cook all day long and it never bothered me. Now It really makes me upset when I get tired even before the last course is cooked, let alone everybody served. BUT, I'm glad to have the ability and the stamina to serve.

I never really thought much about diseases like Muscular Sclerosis or Muscular Dystrophy, except to donate a little money to the cause. Two years ago it became personal. My son was struck with this horrible disease, and my heart hurts so bad for the pain that he and millions of others suffer everyday. Today was the Walk For MS in Bellingham, WA. I didn't walk but did what I know to do - cook. I spent the morning doing ribs, potato salad and beans to raise money for the cause. It went well. but it also let me know mama ain't as young as she used to be.

As I served people who put in their orders, I was able to answer questions about MS, and hear stories about others and how their lives have been affected by this disease. Yes I'm complaining about being tired, but there is no comparison of my tiredness to those who daily live with the pain of MS. More than being tired in the body, I'm tired of insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and our congress for not pushing more for cures than treatments. There are those who have had a procedure done with excellent results. But it is not approved here, and runs into resistance from congress and the insurance companies. If a person has a bunch of money and time they can go to Europe to get the medical treatment they need. WHY not here at home?

Right now I'm about ready to fall asleep over the computer, but I'm not tired enough to encourage anyone who reads this to PLEEEEEEZE write your congressman and ask for more to be done for MS. It was a push from the people that got more money for Cancer research. I do believe that we have so much power when we speak up. In the morning I will be more energized, and ready to spread the word some more for MS.

I know that activity will bring on a better acting body. I'm not trying to stay young, but stay healthy. I want my son to be healthy and live to see 66 years. This disease scares me. I guess as a pastor I'm supposed to be fearless, but let me tell you us people who are annointed to serve get scared too. I cry mama tears more than I like, and call to God asking for things to change, for healing to come - now! But I do know I cannot live in fear. By faith I know the Lord hears the prayers of us mama's all over the world. So I call on Him today and everyday to touch my son and others. I also realise there are things we must go through. God didn't cause this, but through it all we learn some things about ourselves that will build our faith, and allow us to be there for our loved ones. I call on you to write or call your elected officials. Stop the lobbyist and the drug companies by voicing your concerns. We can make it happen, and see what we do for love make a difference.


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