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Today's Gift

Updated on January 20, 2016

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say 'thank you?'

— William Arthur Ward

We should take interest in many of the gifts we receive in our lifetime. Most of us are not able to stop and admire them as we are too busy with our day to day chores.

  • Why do we throw away all the pleasures of life ?
  • Why do we keep worrying so much about something ?

Choose to live your life with happy thoughts instead of cluttering it with negative worrisome things.

Choose to think of all the beautiful things around you as it will help you to let go of all the unhappiness. It is just the beginning, and once you have done it, your world will be a better place.

What we do forcefully and consciously today will become habitual and our subconscious mind will channel happy thoughts in future.

Journey from Consciousness to Subconsciousness

The journey from Consciousness to Subconsciousness is not an uphill task. Its simple and easy, all we got to do is to repeat an act over and over again. Be it for one hour or even 15 minutes daily is sufficient.

Subconscious mind records everything like a 'recorder' and it smoothly replays the recording with a slight trigger.

To begin with, we have to play some thoughts consciously in our mind for some time for the recording to take place. Then once the images and the happy feelings that it generates is captured they are saved in the subconscious mind 'FOREVER'

Then all you need to do is trigger that thoughts and the happy thoughts will flow in magically.

Trigger Mechanism

For me personally I chose Aroma as my trigger mechanism, even the smell of fresh Coffee can sometimes trigger your subconscious mind to bring back memories.

All we need to do is have some of our favorite 'smell' present during our 'recording' of beautiful thoughts during the conscious mind stage. The steps of having that smell present should also be repeated together with the 'playing' of beautiful thoughts.

So if it is coffee, every time you have your early morning coffee, the beautiful thoughts will be played automatically

My preference is a personal choice of 'incense', I started practicing it daily in the morning at around 6am. Now when i go to bed, i have the incense lighted in my bedroom. It does not only keep the room smelling wonderful it triggers the happy thoughts too.

Acknowledge an Re-Focus

I do not deny that there are problems in our life, and those problems keep us from being happy. Let the problems be problems. Lets just acknowledge the problems exists in our life. But just thinking of them could make our 'Aura' negative.

By bringing good thoughts or happy thoughts into our mind we can generate more positive energy within us and around us. It will also help us to clear our mind and find easy solutions to our problems.

So here I have listed some of the things that you can bring to you playground that is your 'Conscious Mind' to be recorded by your 'Subconscious Mind'



Feel blessed that your family bring joy and happiness in your life. I don't deny that some may face problems and disagreements with your family, but remain positive and believe that they are your greatest gift,

Appreciate and love everyone in your family. Be committed in making your family the most precious and beautiful gift.

The best parents, siblings and life partner are the best gifts in everyone's life.

How to get create good relationship in family

  • Understand your family
  • Respect your family
  • Treat everyone equal
  • Never discriminate, shout or scream at anyone
  • Learn to compromise and help each other
  • Spend time have holidays, parties and fun time together

(edited from

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

— Desmond Tutu


They are on your path for a reason. Its a very personal relationship between individuals. There is a mutual caring between friends and off course sharing activities of fun and pleasure.

Beauty of Our Friendship

Friendship is a Priceless Gift

that cannot be bought or sold,

But its value is far greater

than a mountain made of Gold.

For gold is cold and lifeless,

it can neither see nor hear

And in the time of trouble

it is powerless to cheer--

it has no ears to listen

Nor heart to understand,

It cannot bring you comfort

or reach out a helping hand

So when you ask God for a gift

be thankful if HE sends

not diamonds, pearls or riches

But The Love of Real True Friends.

- Helen St


What is around Us : Earth and Nature

Nature is magic !! It is a living thing with infinite beauty .The beauty of the rising and setting of sun. The green mountains, home of worlds fauna and flora. Streams of fresh water. Blooms of colorful flowers with mesmerizing scents. Beautiful green forests with birds chipping from one end to another.

Silver rain drops with a tip and tap, singing the song of nature. Unwrapping the spectrum of colorful rainbow with possibly a pot of gold at the end.

Ever thought of being the judge of 'Animal Kingdom' contest. The beauty of each animal with different attraction, from the Peacock to the leopard, from the deers to the elephants .

The best flower arrangements. The natural perfume. Air to breath. Water to drink. Soil to plant. Tasty fruits. Sunshine. Snow. Thunder. Clouds . Storm. Ocean . Lonely Shores. Pathless Woods. Lakes and rivers. Butterfly.

I will keep adding to the list more and more things ..

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.


Chain of Life

Live life to the fullest. We spend time looking for everything that we think we do not have and yet we have all of them. Look at everything and admire them, cherish them.

Set aside 30 minutes everyday. Actually it could be done simultaneously when you are getting up of your bed, shaving, brushing your teeth, bathing and getting ready to work. While driving look around at every beautiful thing around us.

What we are doing here is looking and admiring the gifts that are already in our hands. We are actually counting our blessings. This actually opens up the locked up gratitude for the blessing that we already have. As we are focusing on the greatest gift and beautiful world around us , we are generating more positive aura around us. More positive things will be attracted to us as we will be vibrating positive energy.

Savor the Moment and Act Now

Take time to acknowledge and savor the things around us. Simplify everything that makes life beautiful.

Dance to the music. Just enjoy moving to the beat or get into the groove. If you feel awkward then just sit and enjoy watching others do it.

Sing to the song. You can sing to yourself or to your family and friends. If you do not like your singing voice then just whistle along to the song.

Travel and explore the world out there. Even some shopping could give you sense of happiness. take a break and live in the moment.

Let loose and have fun. Smile and laugh more. If you can not laugh then join the laughter therapy groups.

Hugs and Kisses. Just throw them to your loved ones. I read somewhere hugs are great for relaxation.

Have the power !!

Yesterday was past !! Leave today and Lets wait for tomorrow to enjoy and bask in them again.

Always remember :

The Emotion is in your hand !!

The Change is in your hand !!

The Power is in your hand !!


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