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Top 10 Dental Inusrance Services Review

Updated on December 1, 2010

Dental Insurance Services Review

We don't need to tell you why you should have a dental plan. Dental insurance can save you from spending a fortune on dental procedures - from cleanings to bridge work. But why would you buy dental insurance online?: because there are so many more options and it's much easier to compare dental insurance plans. And whether you have the luxury of going through your employer for dental insurance, or are looking for individual plans, there are a number of online resources available.

From major insurance providers to dental-specific insurance companies, to companies that offer plans from a number of providers; It can be difficult to choose a company when there are so many out there. Luckily, we have a number of articles that will help you choose the right dental insurance provider for you, and in-depth reviews comparing the best dental insurance. With a little important information, you can make the best choice regarding dental insurance companies and your own coverage.

Top 10 Dental Insurance Services side-by-side comparison chart

See the TopTenREVIEWS comparison chart to compare feature sets, specifications and see why we ranked the products the way we did.

Click to see the full side-by-side comparison chart for the top 10 dental insurance services.

Dental Insurance Services

Here are the top 10 dental insurance services in descending order. For the full review click on the link. For more info, see our summaries below.

#1United Concordia

Winner of the TopTenReviews "Gold Award"

United Concordia provides a great deal of information to their customers and website browsers. The information is split into sections that are organized and help individuals find exactly what they’re looking for. They have a comprehensive list of features that make it easier to get dental coverage no matter who you are – whether you’re an individual or an employer who needs to obtain a group policy.

Many different companies don’t offer a great deal of the features that are available through United Concordia, and still charge the same price or higher. This makes United Concordia a wonderful value for the price. The additional features make United Concordia easy to use even after you’ve purchased the policy – and the customer service and support are unmatched. This is a wonderful company to choose when it comes to online dental coverage, and they’re a very competitive company. By showing you that they value their customers, United Concordia provides you with a great deal of benefits and advantages.

Click for full United Concordia review, specs, screenshots, video demos and the best deals.

#2 Ameritas Group Dental

Winner of the TopTenReviews "Silver Award"

Ameritas offers a comprehensive amount of information that you can use to determine whether you’d like to move forward with their company or choose another company. Even the tips and tricks available on the site can help you choose the right kind of coverage whether you go with Ameritas or not. If you do choose to go with their company, the vast amount of tools they have allows you to manage your accounts easily, find dentists within the programs, and make your payments however you’d like to make them. The features offered by this company are outstanding. The customer service and support is also unmatched, and with an industry that’s quite confusing such as this one, having someone to answer your questions is invaluable. Overall, Ameritas is an extremely competitive company that offers their customers everything they need to obtain good dental coverage and manage their accounts easily and quickly.

Click for full Ameritas Group Dental review, specs, screenshots, video demos and the best deals.

#3 Delta Dental

Winner of the TopTenReviews "Bronze Award"

All in all, Delta Dental seems to be an excellent company to get online dental insurance from. With a comprehensive list of features designed to make things easier for you, as well as helpful customer support – it’s easy to get what you need from this company and be sure that you’re covered in all areas. Because there is so much information available on the site, individuals can find out what they need to find out in order to determine whether they’ll move forward with this particular company or search for another that better suits their needs. While many companies hold back information in an attempt to get customers to choose them, Delta Dental freely provides the information in an attempt to honestly obtain customers who trust them. There’s no question as to which is the better method. In addition to that, the flexible payment options and intense amount of information provided by Delta Dental help you rest assured that you’re making the right decision. It’s a great company to choose for your dental coverage needs.

Click for full Delta Dental review, specs, screenshots, video demos and the best deals.

#4 eHealth Insurance

Overall, eHealth Insurance seems like a wonderful company to obtain dental insurance through. Whether you’re an employer or an individual who must obtain insurance for your employees, there are tools to assist you along the way, excellent customer service, and additional features that will make the entire process easier.

Click for full eHealth Insurance review, specs, screenshots, video demos and the best deals.

#5 Guardian Dental Care

Overall, Guardian Dental Care seems to be an extremely competitive company that would benefit customers who are in need of dental insurance. Whether you’re an individual or an employer needing coverage – this company has a slew of advantages and benefits. While they’re a little lacking in the additional features department, they make up for it in the consistently positive and superior service offered in the other areas.

Click for full Guardian Dental Care review, specs, screenshots, video demos and the best deals.

#6 MetLife

Overall, Metlife Dental seems to be a fairly good company to go with. However, it’s important that you research different online dental insurance companies in order to compare features and costs before making a decision. Metlife Dental offers a great deal of information on their website that is split up into organized sections to make it helpful for you. They provide a great deal of tools that make things easier for you and save you time. In addition, they have good customer service and support. If they would indicate what their payments are, individuals would be able to immediately see the difference between their company and others, making the decision a little easier. Still, they seem to be a good company to go with.

Click for full MetLife review, specs, screenshots, video demos and the best deals.

#7 Aetna Dental

Overall, Aetna Dental seems to be quite competitive in all aspects of their company. They offer a great deal of features to make it easier for you to manage your accounts and track claims. Their help and support is top-notch, and the information available on the site makes it easy for you to get all the answers and help you need. While it’s recommended that you research several companies before making a decision, Aetna seems to be a great company to go forward with.

Click for full Aetna Dental review, specs, screenshots, video demos and the best deals.

#8 Humana

While there are a few different things that Humana doesn’t offer which are offered by other online dental insurance companies – overall, it seems to be a good company. With extensive features and benefits for its customers, Humana Dental provides a good service that provides you with everything you need.

Click for full Humana review, specs, screenshots, video demos and the best deals.

#9 Dental for Everyone

While Dental for Everyone may be lacking some of the bells and whistles that other companies offer their customers, they seem to be a fairly competitive company. They offer the basic benefits that most individuals look for in an online dental company, and even some extra features and advantages that many companies don’t offer. All around, it seems that Dental for Everyone is a fairly good company to utilize when you need online dental insurance.

#10 RBC Dental Insurance

While RBC Dental Insurance doesn’t offer several features that are offered by other dental insurance online companies, they do offer a solid service that delivers. If you’re looking for good dental insurance but don’t need all the bells and whistles – RBC Dental Insurance may be a good fit for you. You’ll need to contact the company to determine the cost of your plan, but it could be worth it for you. You’re also encouraged to research several different companies before making your final decision.

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