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Top 10 Zumba songs for 2011

Updated on March 18, 2011

Top 10 Zumba Songs for 2011

Do you think Zumba is getting old? You're wrong! Zumba is still alive and kicking, actually more and more people all over the world are going to Zumba classes. It is such an easy idea to make fitness more fun with using dance moves, but still we had to wait many years before somebody (Beto Perez) thought of it. To prove that Zumba is still hot, here are 10 songs from 2011 (and late 2010) which are used at this moment in the Zumba Classes.

Far East Movement - G6

Probably the most popular Zumba song ever made. More and more choreographies for this song are appearing on the video website, and not without good reason off course, this song is fun and energetic!

Taio Cruz - Dynamite

Another popular song this year for Zumba is Dynamite by Taio Cruz, it's not as upbeat as most of the songs, but therefore it is perfect to use this song for a warm-up, cool-down or a toning session.

Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano

The summer hit of 2010 is one of the most popular songs in the Zumba Classes, also in 2011. Zumba started off course with mostly with latin music. Over the years choreographies for popular music from the billboards also became available, but this song combines the two, a popular Latin top 40 number.

Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull - On the Floor

Two artist who both make great music for dancing combined makes off course the perfect combination

Lady Gaga - Born this way

Just like pretty much each Lady Gaga song is her new song also a great song to dance on.

Cee-lo - F* You

This song brings a smile on everybodies face, and remember what Zumba's slogan is, "have fun"!

Bruno Mars - Grenade

Another perfect song for a warm-up or a cool-down.

Rihanna - S&M

Usher - Dj Got us falling in Love again

Ushers new song is one of the favorites of many Zumba instructors

Enrique Iglesias - I like it

This Energetic song is probably our second favorite song this year for Zumba (just after G6). It's fast, it's fun, and gives you a whole lot of energy

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