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top ten books about ovarian cancer

Updated on July 31, 2012

top 10 books about ovarian cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of ovarian cancer is not only devastating for the patient, but also her family and friends. Every aspect of life will change. It's hard to know where to get the information you need to make sense of the medical jargon, and make informed decisions that may save your life. These are my personal top 10 books about ovarian cancer that will inform, comfort and inspire.

1. A Guide to Survivorship - For Women With Ovarian Cancer

From the prestigious Johns Hopkins Press, this excellent resource on ovarian cancer has timely information on treatments, alternative therapies and pain management, the latest research, tips, as well as how to continue to live as well as possible while facing uncertainty. Very Highly Recommended.

2. No Time to Die: - Living With Ovarian Cancer

Author Liz Tilberis (who died in 1999) depicts her own struggle with ovarian cancer, her treatments through surgery and chemotherapy, and her recovery and eventual recurrence. In addition, as the former influential editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar, Tilberis gives readers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry as she documents her fight with cancer. Inspirational and candid. Highly Recommended.

3. Patient's Guide to Ovarian Cancer

Another volume from Johns Hopkins Press, this step-by-step guide takes patients through diagnosis and treatment. In concise language, everything a patient needs to know in order to make the best decisions about her care is explained. For the newly diagnosis, this will prove an invaluable resource of information. Highly Recommended.

Greeting Cards for Cancer Patients

Inspiration & Encouragment When Its Needed Most

Cancer patients often suffer feelings of loneliness and isolation. A greeting card can be a life-line that brightens someone's day. Artist Corrie Kuipers and Nene Adams have teamed up to create a line of cards especially for cancer patients (pediatric patients, too). The images are bright and cheerful; the messages upbeat, positive and heartwarming.

Greeting Cards for Cancer Patients of All Ages







4: Ovarian Cancer Journeys: - Survivors Share Their Stories to Help Others

In addition to true stories from ovarian cancer survivors that inspire and comfort, this book contains concisely written information regarding the diagnosis of ovarian cancer as well as informative tips. One thing a patient will definitely take away from this book is hope. Highly Recommended.

5: A Feather in My Wig - Ovarian Cancer: Cured

An inspirational, positive and humorous account of one woman's survival from diagnosis and treatment through recovery from Stage III ovarian cancer, this book gives frank discussions about treatment options, and the techniques (like mediation) she employed to battle the disease. Not only a book for patients, but family and close friends may also benefit by learning a little better what their loved one is going through. Highly Recommended.

6: Beating Ovarian Cancer - How to Overcome the Odds & Reclaim Your Life

Patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer will find inspiration as well as information and useful practical suggestions on how to cope with diagnosis and treatment when they read author Bledy's account of her own fight against ovarian cancer and its recurrence. Very Recommended.

7: Help Me Live - 20 Things People with Cancer Wnat You to Know

For family and friends of cancer patients, this book contains advice, thought provoking anecdotes and insights that will inspire, comfort and inform. While not specifically about ovarian cancer, readers will learn how to give hope to the cancer patient in their lives. Very Highly Recommended.

8: What Helped Get Me Through - Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom & Hope

While all cancer patients will find emotional support, inspiration and encouragement as well as helpful tips, family and friends will benefit from the lessons imparted by these stories from cancer survivors like Lance Armstrong. Very Recommended.

9: Medicine Hands - Massage Therapy for People with Cancer

Massage is a therapeutic tool endorsed by the American Cancer Society as an effective means of helping reduce a cancer patient's discomfort and pain when undergoing treatments like chemotherapy and surgery. Clear helpful instructions will inform caregivers about this caring touch therapy. Highly Recommended.

10: American Cancer Society Complete Guide - To Nutrition for Cancer Survivors

After cancer treatment begins, eating well and getting proper nutrition becomes a vital part of the healing process. This book offers information on how to get the most out of the food choice a patient makes, how to boost the immune system, and other topics important to those trying to fight all forms of cancer. Very Highly Recommended.

Making the Right Decisions is Important

A cancer diagnosis brings feelings of bewilderment and fear. Many patients don't know what questions they should ask or where they should seek answers. These picks are a good starting place, not only for cancer patients, but friends and family. If you want to give the gift of information, choosing a book is a thoughtful choice.

Do you have a favorite book about ovarian cancer or something cancer related? A book the inspired and encouraged you? Please share it with us below!

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      Donnette Davis 5 years ago from South Africa

      Not going to say what is on my mind lol. Suffice it to say I have been. In hospital for 3 days after admission for severe chast pains. Tomorrow I see my cardiologist and have US scan for an ovarian cyst I thought had disappeared 2 years ago. Thank you. Blessed by a squid angel. Please feel free to add to my Blessing for January 2013 Plexo.