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Topical Probiotics for Healthy Skin

Updated on January 1, 2012

Topical Probiotics Keep Your Skin Healthy

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin. If you understand how "Activia" yogurt works to balance your gut and keep you healthy and regular. It should be a natural extension of your understanding that specific strains of bacteria(found on the FDA GRAS list- "generally regarded as safe") help populate your skin's microflora and over run bad bacteria that cause acne and other skin conditions. As well as provide a 24hr/7 day a week factory for "active ingredients" on to and into your skin. Read more to see scientific proof that topical probiotics keep your skin healthy...

Introducing the World's First Topical Probiotic - Steeped in Science... Backed by Nature...

BIOS Beauty
BIOS Beauty

Introducing BIOS, a revolutionary new skin care line that delivers on that promise through a unique blend of science and natural ingredients. Formulated with help from some of the world's best biochemists, BIOS creams and cosmetics produce beautiful results practically overnight.

The New Age of Skin Probiotics

What Every woman Should Know

The New Age of Skin Probiotics: What Every woman Should Know

The thought of bacteria in a cosmetic line of products may not be the most inviting of ideas; after all, bacteria do get a lot of bad publicity! However, what many beauty forward women do not realize is that these microorganisms are now making their way into a new line of products and if left up to Dr. Andrew Mark Klapper and his team of experts this will be so for a very long time coming.

The “probiotic technology” as they call it is the use of microorganisms to benefit its host. The concept behind this theory has been applied over the years to improve the intestinal microbial balance in humans. The BIOS probiotic technology takes this to the cosmetic world by providing a new approach in treating acne.

Acne is not new to most females. The different types of acne lesions that are prevalent in adult females and teenagers range from comedo, pustules, nodules and cysts. The cause of acne is linked to the proliferation of bad bacteria in hair follicles and pores and also plugged pores caused by the excess production of sebum by the skin’s oil glands. This causes the pores to become infected triggering breakouts with redness and puss in many cases. Depending on the type of lesion, it can be classified as moderate to serve acne. When antimicrobial soaps and potions are used, the situation worsens and the outbreaks are more pronounced since the good bacteria are zapped in the process.

After much research, the link between probiotics creating equilibrium on an area affected with acne was made giving birth to the BIOS Emergency Acne Stick. When the stick is applied to the affected area good acne is released that feed off the bad bacteria. This is possible through the FDA approved micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide that appears in small finer particles to ensure that they are small enough to get to the affected area, but large enough to not get sucked into the bloodstream of the host.

Now, this is where the best part comes in!!

Once the probiotics have zapped the bad bacteria a special substance is produced known as ceramides. The presence of this substance guarantees added moisture, a protective barrier on the skin and a clearer, beautiful, healthier surface. It also eliminates lines, wrinkles and age spots giving women/girls the confidence they need to look at themselves in the mirror without seeing the red zits full of puss. The production of ceramides on the skin’s surface also dispels the need to buy extra moisturizers or any other cream for that matter to give a voluminous look. No special antimicrobial soaps and potions are needed—just the stick, a mirror and the desire to be free from acne.

The introduction of probiotics in the cosmetic world is revolutionary step that has broken down numerous barriers that inhibited researchers in more ways than one. By preserving the probiotisc in an anhydrous stick, the BIOS brand has created a practical solution that guarantees a discreet approach to treating acne. By simply rubbing the stick on the affected area the good bacteria are released and will start to work to remove and kill the bad bacteria. It’s that simple!

BIOS Beauty System
BIOS Beauty System

For Immediate Release

Anti-Aging: NYC Plastic Surgeon Discovers Fountain of Youth with New BIOS System to Fight Aging


Spencer Malkin



Cell:(917) 815-2299

New York City, Dec. 7, 2011 - A New York City plastic surgeon is introducing the next-generation weapon in the fight against aging: BIOS is the world's first patented and commercially viable topical Probiotic anti-aging weapon to come along in a generation.

"We think we have discovered a genuine Fountain of Youth," says Manhattan-based, 5th Avenue Plastic Surgeon Andrew Mark Klapper, M.D., Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery.

"This is a game changer, there is simply nothing else like this on the market," said Dr. Klapper, who has a patent pending on BIOS. (WWW.BIOSBEAUTY.COM). "This will change how people look and feel forever and change the beauty industry evermore."

BIOS, which launched with unprecedented success on Black Friday, uses the power of friendly bacteria known as "Probiotics" to rejuvenate and protect facial skin.

After considerable testing and research, Dr. Klapper has devised a way to deliver the Probiotic onto the skin, which is then activated by the skin's own moisture. The good bacteria then works as living factories churning out ceramides and other natural humectants, making the skin supple and youthful looking. In addition the BIOS System contains Astaxanthin which serves as a powerful antioxidant scavenging the facial skin for free radicals. Peer reviewed science has also shown it to be a natural sun screen that blocks the skin from damaging UV rays.

Nourishing and replenishing the moisture and youthfulness to the face, BIOS naturally reduces fine lines and aging wrinkles.

"It is like having a team of estheticians bathing your face in 'active ingredients' 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," Dr. Klapper said.

BIOS has other benefits besides slowing the visible aging process. It helps keep acne at bay. The Probiotics colonize and protect the skin, preventing acne-causing bacteria to invade pores and cause acne blemishes.

"If acne bacteria are not growing on your skin and in your pores, you are not going to break out," said Dr. Klapper.

About Dr. Andrew Mark Klapper

Dr. Andrew Mark Klappper, from his highly renowned 5th Avenue practice, treats a well-guarded list of celebrities, models and moguls. BIOS hit the Internet "Black Friday" at a discounted rate for the complete system of $119.99.

Where Can I Purchase The World's First Topical Probiotic Beauty System - BIOS Beauty by Sans Pareil

What if there was a single skin care product that could do it all---hydrate the skin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, clear up acne and prevent future breakouts? It would be every woman's dream, wouldn't it?

Introducing a product that does do it all--the BIOS Cosmetic Stick, the premier product in the revolutionary new BIOS skin care system developed by Andrew Mark Klapper, MD and a team of scientists.

The BIOS Cosmetic Stick uses groundbreaking Probiotics to help restore biological balance to your skin and impart a youthful natural radiance. It boasts Astaxanthin, the world's most powerful antioxidant, to protect against free radicals and sun damage. It also has glycerin and chamomile to soothe and caress your skin.

The BIOS System was created to give women a more affordable way to reduce the signs of aging and restore a youthful, radiant glow to their skin without the need for cosmetic surgery.

Beyond the nature and science, affordability is another key component of our system---and this package, including five of our full-sized products, makes BIOS an even more attractive. When used in conjunction with one another, these core products enhance and synergize to give you the best possible overall results.

The BIOS System contains:

Cosmetic Stick

Eye Cream

Day Cream

Prebiotic Cleanser

Firming Pads

Order BIOS System today and get 10% off!*

*use the discount code "evolution" at Checkout!

BIOS Beauty Product Line featured on Amazon

What is Better? The Cosmetic Giants Science? or Their Marketing? - You decide...

BIOS Beauty System
BIOS Beauty System

The Pseudoscience Cosmetic World is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room on the commercial you are watching on television. You can see it when you read your favorite magazine or when you surf the Internet. You can feel it somewhere deep inside when you watch claim after claim being made by company after company that never deliver... yet you ignore it. It is the multibillion-dollar marketing world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. That you are a consumer who can be manipulated by airbrushed photos, statisticians that can spin number in any direction. Like everyone else you were born into this bondage. Born into a prison built by marketers. A prisoner built around your fear of fading beauty and an industry's promise of hope in a bottle.

Which is Better? The Cosmetic Giant's:

See results

Every Generation Needs a Revolution - One idea can change and industry... It can change the world...

Say "No More!!!!!!!!"
Say "No More!!!!!!!!"

Forget everything you have been led to believe by the cosmetic industry

Introducing BIOS

Steeped in Science... Backed by Nature...

Piercing the Veil of Reality

According to a recent study 40% of women buy their cosmetics from magazine write-ups. Editors are wined and dined and provided with an overabundance of pseudoscientific studies from the cosmetic giants… These same companies are providing the advertising dollars that fuel the publication. Question: Will these companies spend millions of dollars to have these editors disparage their products? Do you want to spend your hard earned money on grand advertising and platitudes or on science?

And this brings the key question...

Where is the science?

Is the Cosmetic Industry Ready for a Revolution?

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