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Towards a greener world!! Atleast, let us try

Updated on September 8, 2014

Towards a greener world using common sense

I visited Brooklyn Land fill the other day to get rid of our junk that we had accumulated in our garden shed over the years. Looking at the land fill I thought how long these landfills will keep taking our rubbish. If this is the condition of a country with a population of 4 million then what must be happening in places like China, India etc. We are pouring our rubbish in the mother earth as if it has infinite volume to accommodate filth created by us. The whole scenario demands a radical change in our "way of life" which has been driven to the present style by some greedy segments of industries. Don't you think "Use and throw" concept was deliberately introduced to increase volumes of business without considering its environmental implications. Cost of the goods was brought down so low at the cost of its reliability that concept of repairing a product has been almost eliminated and once the product goes bad we throw it and run to buy a new one.

This goes very well with the industry selling that but goes against our environment. If you carefully examine, not only reliability of products is compromised, but even some cunning design changes are made to promote "Use and Throw" style. Take the case of simple "power plug" which had a few screws to assemble it and we had never heard a power plug going bad and even if some mechanical damage occurred, any person can open it up and set it right. Now the same plug is completely molded and you don't see what kind of connections are there inside the plug. But we don't care as the bloody thing is so cheap that once it goes bad, we just throw it and run to by a new plug. Walk through Wellington's CBD area and you will find all the repairing shops whether they are watch repairing, white ware repairing or computers servicing etc. have died a natural death.

Now the problem is what we can do to stop this. Definitely, MSNZ Ltd can't wage a war against a million companies worldwide doing this but we can begin our own campaign and give our contribution towards making a greener world. So we have decided to provide two quotations with every proposal for all your electronic security, point of sale and time attendance requirements. One quotation will be using standard computers and the second optional one will be using second hand computer suitable for the required system. If the standard quotation has one year "Return to base" warranty, the second hand option will have one year "On site" warranty. You will have the assurance that you will not have to compromise on any facilities/features if you opt for second hand option. Visit for more information.

Our World
Our World

Why I hate multinational companies

I do not hate multinational because of their money or their business but because the way they are killing the concept of "Local Economy" and the way they are seriously affecting our whole ecological balance. "Transportation" is increasing day by day because of these multinationals and we all know that transport is ecologically very very costly affair. If a McDonald is opened in your neighborhood, the carbon foot print of your area will be at least 20 times more than opening a local burger shop. I don't know when we all will start taking our environmental problem seriously and stop thinking about it as somebody Else's problem.

I will wait for your views!!!

Where to dispose this??
Where to dispose this??

Electronic Waste

One of the most dangerous waste today!!

Today, digital technology is changing so fast that we have become used to "Use and Throw" concepts. Today, miniaturization and speed is at its best and it has revolutionized our day to day home and office work. But this fast changing technology has its dark side also. Like good olden days we have forgotten the concept of upgrading our computers or repairing our computers and this is putting a great burden to our waste management. Considering this, we decided to make some strategies to extend the life of old computers which I have summed up in the following points:

1) Use your old computer as a data backup device: We don't realize the importance of our data till the computer crashes and suddenly we realize that how our whole business is dependent on these data. We may use our old slow computer as data backup.

2) Every computer in your company or home need not be super fast. For example, if you need a point of sale system for your shop, I am sure, a reasonably modest computer will do the job. This is just one example, you may be innovative to think of more such ideas.

3) Donate to the schools: Your old computers may be very effectively used in most of the educational institutions.

4) Use your old computers as a test bench for your new hardware and software. This will have an added advantage that if your new product works on an old setup, it will be super efficient on a faster machine.

If you want to do something with your old computers but any of the above points do not fit into your scenario, please visit our sites and leave your message there.

I stop it here but if you have more such ideas, please share in the comment section of this lens.

My Veges Garden
My Veges Garden

Food shortage demands we don't fall in love with our lawns

Replace your lawns by a vege garden

We are transporting huge amount of veges and fruits from one corner of the world to the other corner. Although a few of them are necessities, but most of them are just because our life style. This month I decided to turn a part of my lawn into a veges garden. Just imagine if 75% of my city does it, we will be almost self reliant on veges and fruit supplies. This will not only provide fresh and organic produce but it will also, reduce the over carbon foot print of the city as unnecessary imports will not be required. How much fuel burning will be saved just by implementing this which also bring us out to the nature instead of sitting in front of our computer screens.

And if we are able to do this on an international level, it will revolutionize our Eco system, our financial system and inject that very badly required healthy life styles into our lives.

I have started this by turning a part of my lawn into our very own veges garden. This summer I have planted chives, pumpkin, silver beet and cucumber.

If you are in too much love with your lawns, Hydro farming is an alternative. Click here Click here to know more about it.

Ecological Footprint And Income Inequality

These are a few suggestion to contain Income Inequality and Ecological Footprint.

It is almost impossible to compete with China and India in providing technological services and producing almost anything at almost unbelievable costs. We all know that reason for this is very very low labor cost available in these countries. The long term effect of this in our world is going to be much worse than what we can conceive of. This is not only going to increase social problems in these developing countries in terms of Income Inequality but it is going to make a huge impact on our earth's Ecological Footprint.

Income Inequality: Poor people of these countries are so busy in worrying about their next meal that they don't get time to think about other necessities of life. Industrialists, politicians and Business men are taking advantage of this scenario. Unfortunately cheap labor provided by these humble guys goes to fill the pockets of the rich class and these poor guys remain the way they are. Disparity in the wealth available to the upper class and the lower class of these countries is widening day by day. That day is not far away when lower class of these countries will be left with no alternative but to rebel against the whole system. What happened in Maruti Suzuki in Haryana, in India is only a tip of the iceberg.

Ecological Footprint This is going to be a bigger problem for our earth. When these developing countries produce goods at a very very cheap cost, it has two effects. First is, the goods (like veggies) that can be produced anywhere with ease, are also imported from these countries. This results in burning of fuel unnecessarily affecting our atmosphere. The whole world is being forced to kill their local economy. Problem is, we need to start thinking beyond the concept of paper money. Whether we need to re-define our principles of economics is a different subject but we definitely need to address it, may be in some other forum.

Now the question is, What we can do about it?

Governments of all the countries in the world will need to make certain rules and that will prevent (if not completely remove) both the problems mentioned above.

Every product packaging should have the country of origin of that product. Now the price of that product should be decided on the basis of distance between the country of origin and the country where it is being sold. This will provide a fair competition to the local producers & business men. At the same time, it will help us reduce Ecological Footprint. Once, all the local economies start flourishing in all the countries, even in countries like China and India, power will come back to farmers and small shops, as exporting will not be as profitable as it used to be for industrialists and larger businesses.

Education system needs to change in such a way that students are forced to think about how to redefine principle of economics, think about sociology-economic scenario by coming outside the defined box.

These are few of my basic thoughts about these obvious problems. You need to elaborate on this. I am looking forward to your ideas.

I have guts to contradict my self!!

Today I am going to write something which contradicts my own blog and hence I will be looking forward to your comments.

Every day we find numerous news / articles regarding global warming, green house effect with new discoveries and new conclusions. Recent snow storm in USA and Europe and super low temperature in northern India, itself contradict claims that scientists are making regarding global warming and I am sure, a new set of theories will be generated to give so called logical reason for this year’s winter in the northern hemisphere.

I personally think that we are over exaggerating our existence in this vast universe. I can create an analogy to prove this. It is something like pouring a jug of water on a few ants on the floor and a group of ants immediately call for a meeting to invent some kind of umbrella for any such future accidents. Or they start finding reasons why it happened and how we should change our life to avoid this change in the environment.

We don’t even know who is controlling us and what is the purpose of life on earth. As shown in Avatar (Actually, it is already documented in Vedas) there is a definite possibility of multi dimensional existence of living creatures. Atmospheric conditions required by each dimension are different than ours.

Are we not being too stupid to think that we have capability to control something what is happening up there?

Nuclear energy and natural disasters.

I welcome countries like Germany and Italy who have taken very positive steps towards ending nuclear energy plants and other related establishments. I am shocked how naive governments and people may become to encourage nuclear energy in spite of watching natural disasters in Japan and Christ Church. (If we ignore man made disasters at Nagasaki and Hiroshima and Chernobyl).

We still talk about strengthening our buildings by making them earth quake resistant which is good but in no way we can turn them into earth quake proof buildings. Most of the people are watching these disasters in Japan and New Zealand through the telescopic lens as if they are watching a different world. What man made safety measures can prevent the damages caused by Japanese Tsunami? It was like a localized dooms day. You may strengthen your buildings but in Christ Church mountain tops were broken and rolled down the valley, crushing the houses on their way. Can we strengthen these mountains and valleys too? In Christ Church, not only houses but many suburbs have become uninhabitable.

I am surprised how governments and people may be so ridiculously dumb after seeing these natural disasters and they are still continuing with nuclear energy on the name of advancements.

If we continue like this, one day we will make this whole earth uninhabitable and then we will realize that our high intelligence has scaled all heights to take us to the highest level of stupidity.

Come on guys, I am waiting for your comments. Let us make this earth a better place to live before it becomes too late to turn around.


You tube has some fantastic videos on environment

Do you agree with all the comercial ads on TV regarding global warming?

See results

Its always a bargain at ebay. Its like going through salvation army shop.

Amazon Voting (Plexo)

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You must watch this video if you love nature.

When all other cosmopolitan cities are competing to turn their cities into a concrete jungle. Wellington in New Zealand boosts to have such jungles within the city limits.

This jungle is 10 minutes(walk) from our house and our house in Wellington is 15 minutes drive from the city center.

Good or bad. Do not forget to leave a coment

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    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 

      7 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      You are right. It everyone would try to live greener, it would make a difference.


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