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Trash Trucks

Updated on March 7, 2010

Trash Trucks

Yeah, they're big and ugly and stink to high hell, but just imagine where we would be without them. No longer would you be able to set your garbage out by the road and wait for the trash collectors to come get it. People would actually have to haul junk in the back of their 60 thousand dollar Hummers. Oh my. With around 195 million tons of garbage each year in America, we would soon be covered up in trash if it weren't for those woeful trash trucks and the sanitation engineers manning them.

Garbage Collection is Big Business

All jokes aside trash is big business. New York alone spends about 1 billion dollars each year on trash collection. New York City residents along with their surrounding neighbors produce somewhere around 12ooo tons of garbage each day!!! A fleet of over 2000 trash trucks is responsible for collecting and transferring this mammoth load of garbage to landfills and recycle centers.

Stinky Trash Truck

Importance of the Trash Truck

In order to make the trip more productive, most trash trucks incorporate a compactor mounted in the collection bin. Compacting the garbage as it collected makes much more usable space. This ensures each load is carrying maximum capacity. Front loading trash trucks like the type used to empty the containers and dumpsters found at businesses also compact trash as it collected.


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