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Traveling To Yoga Destinations

Updated on January 13, 2016

Yoga at the Beach

Picking the Best Destination

There are multiple yoga destinations from all over the world that each traveling yogi could pay a visit to. Therefore, choosing the best possible destination prove to be quite tricky. You can begin your quest by narrowing down your options. If you know anyone who has also done yoga travel to various destinations, you can ask for recommendations.

If not, then you have a broad list of choices to pick out from. Begin by choosing a general location and consider your options within that area. If you want a more cultural experience along with your yoga travel, then you could go for exotic choices such as Bali, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, or the birthplace of yoga – India. You can choose the destination according to your own preference, such as what type of location you are most at ease with.

If you have any specific needs or goals that you want to address, then you might want to consider that theme in the process of choosing. For instance, there are specific destinations that are ideal for women performing yoga or other such environments that focus on renewing your mind and body.

Salutations to the Sun

Suggested Yoga Destinations

Yoga travel or vacation is truly different from other types of vacation that most people normally participate in. therefore, your choice of destination is at the core of each practice and the kind of experience that an individual develops.

To assure yourself of a yoga travel that will facilitate mind/body renewal, here are some destinations you must consider checking out.

Golden Gate Bridge in California


Those Americans practicing yoga must not go any further as California, specifically Grass Valley, offer various destination ashrams. It is authentically created to relive the tradition of Swami Sivananda's teachings. Ecology plays an important role if you intend to choose a location that nourishes your body and spirit. And knowing that Grass Valley in California is located at the foot of the Sierra mountain ranges, then you can truly practice and meditate with yoga while being attuned with nature.

There are also a few yogis who infuse adventure into travel towards various yoga destinations such as the Yosemite National Park. Experienced yoga teachers and students like the full immersion to yoga that this experience offers.

Costa Rica

Beach resorts and coastal areas exude an immense level of relaxation and internal peace. Hence, you can achieve that by choosing Costa Rica as one of your yoga destinations. This peninsula is ideal for yogis that are also eco-tourists who want to experience the beauty of the tropical rainforest.

Costa Rica also offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, wherein you can go for a swim to produce a nourishing effect on the body. It is for the same reason that various yoga retreats are held in Costa Rica annually.

Amazon Rainforest


This is another tropical paradise rich in Amazon rainforest. Therefore, it is one of the top yoga destinations to check out, especially for those naturally-inclined individuals. There are also various eco-friendly lodges, yoga centers, and retreat centers for you to check out to facilitate in your personal yoga goals during the trip. The best thing about yoga centers in Ecuador is the insistence on preserving the environment as part of its cause to forge the message of yoga as part of their daily practice. Nature is evident in every aspect of life, which is something that yoga practitioners need to develop and take with them too upon return home.


Peru is one of the ultimate destinations for the serious yogi. You can go to the Heart of the Sacred Valley, which is a famous destination for various yoga retreats in the Peruvian countryside. With a fusion of earth elements, this is the best way to get close to nature. The Sacred Valley of the Inca located in the Andes mountains is visited by multiple tourists each year. This is also an ideal spot for meditation and yoga practice that enrich your spirit and connect with your inner self.


Mexico is another ideal destination for yogis who want to stay close to nature and gain the ability to reconnect with their inner self. Indeed, the immense level of calm, peace, and serenity with its coastal areas offer the best background for your yoga practice. And of course, the physical relaxation benefits are astounding to aid in the process of rejuvenation.

In fact, Mexico is a natural paradise that has been home to several yoga retreats. So for traveling yogis who want to embark on a retreat of their own, Mexico should be included in your list of options.

Houseboat in India

Yoga Destinations in India

If you want to experience a truly defining yoga vacation, then why not visit the place where it all started – India. As the birthplace of yoga, you can be assured that you will find various yoga centers around this place to facilitate in enriching your practice. There are several prominent yoga destinations all over India, which is recognized all over the world. Some of those that top the list include Kerala, Rishikesh, and Goa.

In addition to those destinations that have been associated with yoga all along, some prominent tourist and cultural destinations in India are also now being turned into yoga destinations such as the Himalayas. But Rishikesh still retains the top place when it comes to choosing the most ideal yoga destinations in India, wherein you can find internationally-acclaimed yoga centers. Specifically, yoga ashrams are found all over the town of Rishikesh that serve as your exclusive means to acquiring basic yoga skills.

There are various types of ashrams specifically suited for travelers who practice yoga. The distinctive features about these ashrams is the quality of serenity and internal peace that one could attain from it. In addition to peace and serenity of the ambiance, you can also attain meditative benefits through the beauty of the natural locations. It includes tranquil riverbanks, rich collection of fauna, and mountain ranges. These destinations in India are known to produce a healing influence on all yogis who participate in doing yoga at its birthplace.

In the South of India, you will find Kerala, which like Rishikesh is also internationally acclaimed as a yoga destination. And finally, there is Goa that is slowly gaining popularity as a yoga destination in India. Over the years, there has been a significant rise in yoga center within the area, which is perfect for the traveling yogi.

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