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Treadmill Rental - Hire Treadmills For Rent

Updated on February 18, 2012

One of the lesser explored options for many when they are shopping for fitness machines is the option to rent exercise equipment and pay monthly rather than to go out an buy it directly or to finance it in some way. A treadmill rental plan is no different from renting a washing machine or a television which people do all the time and yet, treadmill hire seems like an alien concept to many. Sure, there are some very good reasons why people say you should always buy products outright if you can because otherwise it is liable to cost you more in the long term, but there are still some very good, legitimate reasons to rent a treadmill which will appeal to many.

Reasons Why Treadmill Rental Makes Sense

Firstly, not all of us have the money to rush out and spend a few thousand dollars on a large piece of fitness equipment. Commercial quality running machines cost several thousand dollars which is way beyond the amount most of us would rather spend on fitness equipment and hence, we all tend to opt for something sub $1000 which is less robust and doesn’t quite have the same feel as the professional gym equipment we are used to using or worse still, we end up with a hunk of junk under $200 from a mass retail store.

In these cases, hiring one starts to look a little more appealing especially since this can get you better quality equipment than you might otherwise have been able to afford. There are a couple of options which are to either pay monthly and rent a treadmill at a fixed monthly rate or you can go with a rent-to-own option instead if that is more to your liking. Ultimately getting a better machine means you will probably enjoy your work out more and be more motivated to continue staying in shape.

That is one of the other main reasons for renting a treadmill vs buying: many people buy with good intentions to get in shape and yet, they end up bored or distracted and that $1000 purchase turns into an expensive clothes dryer sitting in some corner gathering dust and spiders. If they had chosen to hire it instead, they’d just return it no questions asked. It’s a simpler solution and not only that, but by choosing to rent running machines from a fitness equipment for hire store, you get to do a test drive on various makes and models to see which is most suited to you which you may then decide to buy further down the line safe in the knowledge that this is a product you like enough to make such a pricey purchasing decision.

Some people might not know how long they are going to stay in their new place of residence so buying a large exercise machine just to have to load it up into a removal truck in a couple of months whilst being unsure about whether than new place is going to have the space it is not a great option. For them, finding a rental treadmill is awesome as they can lease it monthly and when they’re done, send it back and move on. There’s much to be said for ownership but equally a lot to be said for not accumulating so much stuff and travelling light if you move around a lot.

Renting gives you peace of mind as well as there is no need to worry about potentially expensive maintenance costs sneaking up on your down the line and turning your purchase into a money pit. If something goes wrong the company will repair or replace with a working model, hassle free.

So, how much does it cost to rent a treadmill? Well, that will depend on who you get it from as you will more than likely have to find a company to hire treadmill machines from locally and prices will vary. Typically, the cost amounts to anywhere from $50 to $150 a month with the higher prices basically geared towards the better quality machine.

Ultimately renting is a mindset which you either have or you do not. Running machine rental makes sense if you are not completely sure if it is going to be the right exercise machine for your personal goals, or if you are worried about your motivation levels dropping off and the product ending up not getting the amount of use to justify the initial expenditure, or if you just want to try out various fitness machines to get a feel for which is right for you. Hiring instead of buying allows you to test drive various models to decide whether one is right for you and treadmill rent to own plans give you the option to keep it if you like it enough.

Even cheap treadmill rental programs are not for everyone, the monthly fee is a little expensive if you are seriously going to use it long term. If you actually figure out the costs involved, the cost of renting a running machine for a year would have probably allowed you to just go out and buy it or a comparable model instead. In that case, and if you are able to get it, treadmill financing might be a better option and there are numerous companies which offer this one of which is the excellent Big Fitness where you can find a whole range of exercise machines at great prices.


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