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treat a very sore throat or strep with a simple lemon without going to the doctors.

Updated on February 29, 2012

Strep throat...or just a sore throat....All you need to know is LEMONS, LEMONS, LEMONS.

One lemon can cure any throat issue you might have. Lemons are used in a lot of ways and this is one way to use it.

When i was 7 years old i had a bad sore throat which turned into strep throat and lost my voice. My father took one lemon and squeezed it into a glass, mixed water into it (half of what lemon juice you squeezed) and a little bit of sugar. It's like making lemonade. Just don't water the lemon out to much. Drink it and let the lemon hit all of your throat. If it starts to sting that's ok, it's the lemon killing the bacteria and germs. And don't drink or eat anything for at least 20 minutes. Do this a couple of times a day, especially before bedtime. And you will wake up feeling great.

You can also peel the lemon like an orange and eat the 2-3 slices of lemon and let the juice cover your throat. I like taking the slices and dipping them in sugar and eat it that way, it's like eating a soar candy. I've used this remedies on all my children and never once had they gone to the doctors for a sore throat. They're grown up now but use this remedy til this day. Friends and family have also used this remedy.

Remember...Lemons have acid and that's what kills the bacteria. Works like a charm

You'll be amazed....Promise


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    • profile image

      Monica 2 years ago

      Sugar is awful & suppresses your immune system. Use raw honey instead of sugar with the lemon. Raw honey has amazing healing powers & taste great.

    • profile image

      Heaven 3 years ago

      I have been sipping on a mixture of crystalized lemon packets and hot water!! AMAZING!!!

    • Celenamaria profile image

      Celenamaria 5 years ago from Rochester NY

      It's not the same as gargling with salt water, salt water doesn't kill bacteria. Lemon does, it won't keep you from getting it again but it will cure the problem right on the spot.

    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      it really works for a bit, similar to gargling with salt water

    • breastpumpreviews profile image

      Christy Garrett 5 years ago from TX

      I'll have to try this out. My allergies always flare up and cause me to get frequent sore throats.