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Treat Peripheral Neuropathy with Chiropractic Oxygen Therapy

Updated on May 27, 2016

Oxygen Therapy Treats Peripheral Neuropathy - my 3rd PN Lens

My research into innovations in Peripheral Neuropathy treatment has been fruitful, after more than a decade of having my symptoms treated by drugs that only mask the feelings of pain.

Chiropractic Neurologists treat the whole body, through employment of many modalities, including Spinal Manipulation, the hallmark of chiropractic practice.

Other modalities include Oxygen Therapy (exercise with oxygen therapy or EWOT), or Brain Based Oxygen Therapy, and Ozone Therapy, and Nutritional Supplement Therapy, Each modality is covered below.

Exercise While Utilizing Oxygen Therapy

1. Get a prescription for EWOT from your physician. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ON YOUR OWN.

2. Use a specially designed Exercise Mask, not canullas, to bring the oxygen from the tank or extractor, to you

3. Follow a prescribed Exercise Regimen

*disclaimer: all information on this website is provided solely for information purposes. We use our doctors' instructions more effectively when we understand them, and we select our doctors in a smarter fashion when we have a better understanding of our health situations. Please consult your own doctors for advice and follow their directions, since I am not a medical practitioner. Please take any questions you have about information on this website to your medical practitioner.


Treat PN with Oxygen Therapy Treatments

optional treatPN modality

Oxygen Therapy is designed to feed both the brain - on one of it's main fuels - and to feed the nervous system. The name of this therapy is EWOT. Without sufficient oxygen our nerves don't fire correctly.

The way it works is for the patient, or home user, to place the oxygen delivery tube around the neck and put the cannula (the little clear tube end that goes above the mouth) into the nostril openings. The oxygen tank is connected to the tubing, turned on, and oxygen flows into your nose.

An alternative device is called an oxygen generator. It is really portable, a new type of delivery system suitable for home use. Plug it into a wall outlet, put on the cannula, with the tubing over your head, and breathe in the concentrated oxygen. The device removes nitrogen out of the room air, leaving a concentrated oxygen, in the area of 95% pure oxygen, for you to breathe in.

The day of the oxygen tanks is over with the use of the new oxygen generators. They take up much less space than an accumulation of oxygen tanks, previously necessary. A contracted outfit used to deliver a number of full oxygen tanks, to the home user, and as each tank was emptied the user would put the empty tank ready for pick up.

At your provider's office, you will connect to their oxygen delivery system, and peddle away on an exercise bike, an elliptical trainer, or even a whole-body vibration device. Each form of exercise will increase your breathing rate, making you a prime recipient for the enriched oxygen. The difference in using the cannula or face mask is a matter of receiving about 20% more oxygen, or 40% more oxygen intake. Buy such a device, with no claim of actual treatment or any other promises of health improvement at

Upper Body Ergonometer Oxygen Therapy - often seen at the Physical Therapist's gym - works for legs too

Some Chiropractic Practitioners claim that during exercise with oxygen therapy, the patient achieves superior oxygenation to specialized body elements. Blood oxygen levels can be tested prior to Concentrated Oxygen Therapy (used during exercise), to determine the level of oxygen in the blood plasma.

The blood plasma levels can again be tested after exercise, to determine the increase in the percentage of oxygen in the plasma.

Treatment exercise can be started, for those who are deemed by their physician to be fit for this type of physical activity, on an upper body ergometer - such as the handy one shown below. You may have seen this piece of exercise equipment at your provider's complex, or at your physical therapist's gym.

HCI Fitness PhysioTrainer Upper Body Ergonometer
HCI Fitness PhysioTrainer Upper Body Ergonometer

Affordable bi-directional upper body ergonometers with heavy construction and a unique design that make it a perfect choice for home setting. Works the arms and upper body on a table top or on the floor as a leg exerciser.

Welded steel frame. Self-powered, easy-to-read display, with tilt-feature. Shows your current speed (miles per hour or kilometers per hour), distance, calories burned, elapsed time, and scan mode.


Brain Based Therapy to treat Peripheral Neuropathy - an alternative therapy that makes no claims of success

EWOT is used by both Chiropractors and by Allopathic doctors.

Energize Your Brain , Change Your Life: An Introduction To Exercise With Oxygen Therapy
Energize Your Brain , Change Your Life: An Introduction To Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

This book will guide a new patient through the process of exercising while utilizing an oxygen generator. Otherwise known as EWOT, it is typically used as part of Brain Based Therapy, typically performed by chiropractor.


Elliptical Devices for Use with EWOT

no claims of improvement or cure are made or implied

We are accustomed to using treadmills and stair-climbing exercise machines at the gym, and they are great workout devices.

But a new kid on the modern exercise block is the elliptical machine, which serves two purposes in one device. They can be used in a provider's setting, in a gym, or at home.

Today's elliptical devices vary from tabletop units, like the one shown above (which can also be placed on the floor, for foot pedaling), to full-sized home or gym quality floor machines, like the one below.

J. Walker's engraving of the Gymnasticon, shows a demonstration of the use of an early (circa 1298) elliptical machine. Both the arms and legs can be exercised simultaneously, on this particular device.

Do you have unremitting foot/leg and/or hand burning/stabbing/numbness?

See results

PN & CFS & Oxygen Treatment Therapy

Oxygen Multistep Therapy: Physiological and Technical Foundations
Oxygen Multistep Therapy: Physiological and Technical Foundations

A wide variety of illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, circulatory disorders, and mental illness, are sometimes related to oxygen deficiencies.

Although not a cure, oxidative therapies generate more oxygen in the body and can contribute to the recovery of disease, as well as help to achieve optimum overall health and longevity. Developed in the late 1960s by Professor von Ardenne, oxygen multistep therapy combines oxygen therapy, drugs that facilitate intracellular oxygen turnover, and physical exercise adapted to individual performance levels.

This unique therapy has diversified into more than 20 different treatment variants and is now practiced in several hundred settings throughout Europe.

This classic text walks you through each step of oxygen multistep therapy. The book describes in detail the physiological and technical foundations of the therapy, and provides effective, convenient, and safe patient care guidelines. You will find essential information on tissue reactions to local oxygen deficiencies, oxygen and blood supply increases in body tissues, effective methods to combat oxygen deficiency diseases, and much more!

Your complete overview to oxygen multistep therapy, this landmark text belongs in the hands of anyone interested in oxygen therapies.


Choose Exercises & Oxygen Therapies

no claims of improvement or cure are made or implied

This modality, treatment that combines exercise+oxygen therapy at the same time, and called "EWOT" by some practitioners, was devised by a German research physicist and inventor, named Manfred von Ardenne. von Ardenne held a German Democratic Republic Award, and a USSR, State Award (during the period of separation of the eastern and western sides of Germany.

von Ardenne based his observations, regarding oxygen enhancement in the plasma, on The Law of Mass Action law of mass action. "a statement in chemistry: the rate of a chemical reaction is directly proportional to the molecular concentrations of the reacting substances " Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary. Merriam-Webster, Inc. law of mass action. (accessed: October 07, 2011).

von Ardenne believed and today's practitoners of this therapy believe that it is possible to increase the oxygen of plasma by breathing in concentrated oxygen while exercising, and so increasing the frequency and depth of the breath. He originated two authoritative EWOT practices, including Oxygen Multi-step Therapy.


Visualize How our Cells Starve of Oxygen

Plasma in our bloodstream is the lifeblood that delivers the red oxygen-containing blood cells to the smallest parts of our bodies.

Imagine that the capillaries (where the oxygen exchange takes place, from blood cells to tissue cells) have minute blood pressure cuffs around them, so the resulting blood/oxgen that gets out to the neighboring tissue cells --- is restricted.

Those tissues become oxygen depleted, malnourished, resulting in such things as tissue damage, external skin wounds, and neuropathy, damage to peripheral nerves.


My 1st PN Lens

an introduction to the condition

Explanations and diagrams of Peripheral Nervous System. Explanations and illustrations of the types of PN pain.

Books, Symptoms of PN Injury, Ways to Cope with Neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy Discoveries


Cutting Edge Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

my 2nd PN lens - books & treatments & more of my story

Devices used to treat Peripheral Neuropathy pain and how to get them.

Medicare and many Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans pay for all or most of the cost of a treatment system that is developed specfically for PN patients.

Learn more about the PN condition. Make it easier upon yourself so it will be easier to ask your doctor. the smart questions. Click here About PN


My 4th Peripheral Neuropathy Lens

A discipline of Chiropractic, called Chiropractic Neurology, treats Peripheral Neuropathy. but we must consider how we got this condition in the first place.

In my case, toxic chemotherapy is among other causes which reduce available oxygen and glucose to the body's Nervous Systems.

Explore solutions that include alternative therapies.

I Appreciate Your Comments About Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

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    • profile image


      13 months ago

      Great insights on how to use Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. I have seen more Chiros offering this in recent years. What the article doesn't touch on is the different techniques for oxygen flow that can be used. A good recap I found is here:

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice lens and very informative. I think the best Seattle chiropractors are also having such interesting research.

    • kathysart profile image


      6 years ago

      WOW!! I need to spend some quality time on your PN lenses! I copied them off and sent them to my husband. You have done some great research on it and I am hopeful that maybe I can find a few things that might help that we have not tried yet. it is a lonely journey. Angel blessed lens.


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