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FDA Approved Cutting Edge Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

Updated on August 23, 2017

For Me, the Damage Can Be Treated - my 2nd PN Lens

If you also suffer the disabling torment of Peripheral Neuropathy, like I do, you may also be surprised to learn that there is a possibility of healing. (2012)

Effective treatment for my pain utilized an electrical device, chiropractic, and nutritional supplements. The device is known for helping damaged nerves in the hands and feet mend and re-grow, in some cases, like it did for me.

In healthy bodies hand and foot nerves signal the brain that the right index finger has a sliver at the inside of the first knuckle, for instance. The same nerves alert toddlers when fireplaces are hot by sending nerve impulses from the extremities along circuits all the way up to the brain.

I had Peripheral Neuropathy for more than a decade, having had the toxic chemo drug Taxol over a decade ago. None of my cancer treatment team, nor primary care providers, nor my neurologists, had given me any hope of treatment or recovery. I have embarked upon a course of treatment, with the intention of healing those damaged nerves.

Meet the Chiropractor who effectively treats me. Dr. Joy Aardappel 10/24/12

*disclaimer: all information on this website is provided solely for information purposes. We use our doctors' instructions more effectively when we understand them, and we select our doctors in a smarter fashion when we have a better understanding of our health situations. Please consult your own doctors for advice and follow their directions, since I am not a medical practitioner. Please take any questions you have about information on this website to your medical practitioner.

image credit: my photograph.

Here's the Device for Home Use

The ReBuilder is no longer sold on Amazon, but it can be purchased right from the company at It works for me on Peripheral Neuropathy. It is FDA Approved. It is similar to the TENS unit that is commonly prescribed for back pain, but the TENS blocks pain signals, and the latter implement opens up nerve circuits for nerve healing, according to the manufacturer and .

This unit is about the size of a box of baking soda. It sits on the table or next to me on the sofa, and fits in a purse, large pocket, or backpack. A set of specially designed "booties" connect to the unit, and provide the electrical stimulation. Hand "mittens" are for PN in the hands and they connect via cables to the base unit.

Original Medicare may pay its standard 80%. after using it for the required 30-60 day trial period. Then the patient revisits their prescribing physician, to evaluate the success of the device, and if receiving benefit, the plan may cover part of the cost.

Insurance companies and the patients may save over the course of time, in the reduction of prescription medication costs. Many plans require no rental period, but purchase the ReBuilder outright, like I did.

Like the Device I Used for Nerve Healing

Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Treatment System for Relief of Peripheral, Diabetic & Poly Neuropathy Nerve Pain with Conductive Socks Pair & Conductive Knee Sleeves Pair
Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Treatment System for Relief of Peripheral, Diabetic & Poly Neuropathy Nerve Pain with Conductive Socks Pair & Conductive Knee Sleeves Pair

When treating my severe Peripheral Neuropathy, this device was unavailable, but if I were buying a unit today I would save money without compromising effectiveness by choosing the Ultima Neuro. The new Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Treatment System has all the bells and whistles of the device I used and at a fraction of the cost. It contains conductive socks, wrist cuffs (I used gloves) and also has knee sleeves so you can treat not only hands and feet (as I did), but also troublesome knees.

I am a patient who used the ReBuilder and I base all my conclusions on that treatment and my research into the Ultima Neuro. I am not qualified to advise you on your medical treatments. I state my opinions only for the purpose of providing information on my personal experience. This is not meant to substitute for the advice of a medical doctor. I recommend that you consult with a qualified medical doctor, an allopathic neurologist, or a chiropractic neurologist and base your device selection on their advice.


Pain is not visibile; it makes no sound; it leaves no traces,

but in the lines of our faces. ©2011LeslieSinclair

Fierce Pain Like no Other

surprisingly different experiences

Most of us know what pain is, so when we think about it, we may remember a headache, cut, toothache. These are, for the most part, signals from a healthy nervous system. But, most of us do not know what it feels like to experience the specific type of discomfort stemming from a damaged nervous system.

I stuck my hand through the broken panel of a french door, as it was slammed shut on me by an angry sibling, when I was a teen, permanently injuring the nerve in my little finger. No big deal - right? Wrong! Every little poke or pinch of that finger results in screaming-through-the-roof-type sensations.

That stabbing burn, contrasted with what I now suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy (PN), definitely ranked low on the scale of intolerable pain. Full blown PN jabs are off the scale! Let's rank the lower level, called paresthesia, at an arbitrary #1, for purposes of comparison, with a bruise at #2, a muscle cramp #6, and a toothache #9.

Let's accept that each number increases the amount of pain tenfold. Paresthesia is defined as similar to the sensations of waking from having slept on your arm until, we say, it's asleep. Mild PN may feel like multiple firings of all the involved nerves at the same time, as if there are sparklers going off deep inside your peripheral pores, at the same time as they also fire on the skin's surface.

At the extreme end of the scale are a bizarre assortment of sensations that beg definition. Many other people must do as I have done - their best to discount the initial feelings, since they have always been so healthy. But it's persistent and stealthy, and it takes a toll on any person.

This stinging interferes with sleep. Sleep used to be one of my great pleasures, after an active day. I was accustomed to spending most of the day on my feet, since I'm a visual artist who prefers standing to work. In spite of time spent standing and walking, I was spared foot pain.

It was particularly perplexing to suffer the first foot jabs. it burned like as if my feet had walked through fire, and the burning went on and on. Sleep became an element of dread.

Not one to take aspirin or acetaminophen, I asked my doctor what to do. The neurologists I subsequently visited only prescribed Neurontin to mask the pain, telling me that the nerve damage from chemo was permanent - no way to treat PN.

So I suffered from both the pain and the side effects of drowsiness and slowed thinking, and from actual tiredness from actual loss of sleep - from taking the drug prescribed to mask the hurt.

It wasn't long before I could no longer tuck my covers into my bed because I had to have the freedom to stick my hands and feet out into the air-conditioner cooled air - both winter and summer - periodically during the nights. By then I experienced dysesthesis, the full blown state of PN pain with all its bizarre elements:

dysesthesia/dys·es·the·sia/ (dis"es-the´zhah)

1. alteration of a sense, most often - touch.

2. a disagreeable atypical sensation brought on by what would be unremarkably ordinary stimuli.

A particularly troubling phenomenon of these episodes, that can't be masked by a nerve pain Rx or anything else short of a narcotic painkiller, is their spontaneity. No specific causes can be identified for most of the unbearable breakthrough episodes.

This intense pain always lies beneath the surface, when I finally fall asleep. The only trigger I can identify for breakthrough hand pain is that keyboarding ups the ante.

image credit: This lovely drawing was done in 1952 by Santiago Ramon y Cajal and is in the public domain.

Weekly updates on my progress using the ReBuilder!

I Bought The Device - 1st Week Using It

It is really three devices in one. The main setting is for the nerve impulse treatment for peripheral neuropathy.

The second mode is for muscle stimulation. The third mode is the same as a TENS unit. So, even when the pain subsides and it's not necessary to use the device daily, it can still be used for additional types of treatments.

Top shows the socks, while the gloves are at the bottom.

Day 1: the device arrived in the morning. I turned it up until I felt strong pulses in my hands, then turned it down so I didn't feel them. After 30 minutes hands were tingling, but feet felt nothing. PM: 30 minutes, still felt nothing in feet. Hands burned more during the evening.

Day 2: 30m AM; still no pulses in feet, but hands felt electrical impulses at level 1.5, so turned to level 1. 30m PM: hands feel flared up, but nothing in feet.

Day 3: 30m AM; nothing in feet, but hands feel inflamed, at level 1.5. PM same as yesterday.

Day 4: 30m AM; hands feel no pain, set dial at level 2; PM realized that the left dial (set at level 2) is for hands, and that is the reason I feel the charges in my hands. But I have neglected to notice the right dial, which is connected to the electrodes connected to the socks, so no impulses had been going to my feet! I set the right dial to level 2 for 30m.

Day 5: 0m AM; hands feel so good (lack of burning or tingling) that I didn't connect the hand electrodes, but set feet dial to level 2.5. No hand or foot pain all night. I cut Gabapentin dose down to 3-400mg tablets/dy (down from 4-800mg tablets/dy earlier this year).

Day 6: 0m AM; hands and feet feel so good in the morning that I dispensed with AM treatment. PM 30 m at level 3.5 for both hands and feet.

Day 7: 0m AM; hands and feet felt pain-free all night, and still free in the morning and all day. PM 30 m at level 3.5 for feet. 3-400mg Gabapentin (OK'd this with neurologist last week).

Along with using the apparatus, I continue to take specialized supplements that my chiropractor prescribes, and to receive chiropractic treatments.

About This Condition

Focal Peripheral Neuropathies
Focal Peripheral Neuropathies

Everything you want to know about this condition, and how to win out over it.

Peripheral Neuropathy Causes and Treatments: Conditions of Nerve Pain and Dysfunction
Peripheral Neuropathy Causes and Treatments: Conditions of Nerve Pain and Dysfunction

Are you one of up to 20 million Americans who suffers from this condition? Diabetes is one major cause of the rise in incidence. If you have PN, or think you might, you may want this book.


Read About my Success

It works for me! It Works!

I very much want to read your Comments

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    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @dbland3rd: How disturbing to have the diabetic PN. I understand that it is much worse (hard to imagine), but I believe you. If you ever consider using the ReBuilder again, maybe the company can put your doctor in touch with other doctors who use it. It much be quite a challenge to need to accommodate a pacemaker, but what a gift it is, and you're pretty tough, to put up with the PN pain. I'm so sorry we weren't all better educated about the dangers long ago, and hope, at least, that the younger generations are more aware of diabetes prevention. I can thankfully say that both the diet full of fresh vegetables, lots of green smoothies, and organic foods, and a few months' use of the device have turned my condition around.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I too suffer from this condition but it is due to a much more common cause - diabetes. With approximately a quarter of American now either diabetic or per-diabetic, PN WILL become ever more prevalent.

      To be sure it is one miserable disorder. I actually believe I am beyond the majority of the pain issues as I think most of my nerves are actually dead now. Unfortunately there's no reviving the dead to I'm not sure what can possibly help me. As unbearable as the pain can be, the itching can be an ever greater nightmare because the scratch response no longer works due to the dead nerves. I often scratch my hands or gels and feet until they bleed with no relief. pounding the limb helps a bit but basically you just have to "take it" until the itch resolves on its own.

      I looked at Re-builder 1 several years back but since I have a pacemaker it's safety could not be confirmed by either my doctor or the maker. So I left it alone. It did sound promising or at least interesting. It's a shame that, of all the cells of the body, as important as nerves are, they seem to be the one category of ce3lls that most say c can't be helped once the damage is done.

      I don't believe that anything can be done for nerve cells that are gone. But for those that are still hanging on for dear life, if the Re-builder can help, I say BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, Try It! You have everything to lose if you don't stop this beast!

    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @RoadMonkey: It's the pits! Since I completed my chiro treatment I can say I seldom feel any of the symptoms, maybe once every 3-6 months. Then I use the ReBuilder (wrote lens about it) and they quiet down for another long period.

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      5 years ago

      Very interesting article. I do not suffer from this myself but have known people who had it.

    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: I used the ReBuilder again last night, after not needing it for five months.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have not known anyone that suffers from this. A good read.

    • Margaret Schindel profile image

      Margaret Schindel 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      My late father suffered terribly with PN and Neurontin and Gabapentin provided only limited relief. I wish we had known about this option when he was alive. My brother also suffers from PN and I will definitely send him the link to this article. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so happy to hear that it's working for you!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I am happy you posted this here. I want to learn more about this.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Greatly appreciate this lens Papier! I am wondering if the ReBuilder would help me. I have Neuropathy pain as well. I have diabetes and other conditions that cause the pain. I have taken Neurontin and Gabapentin. I had that same issue with slow speech etc. I stopped that med. I got a TENS unit last summer and that has helped a lot. I run it on and off all day except when I am sleeping. Bless you for all your trials. I am glad you got the ReBuilder! I am going to ask my Dr about it. :)

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      6 years ago

      You have provided a nice resource.

    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @RosaMorelli: Thanks, and it was actually helpful for me to put together this series of lenses on peripheral neuropathy, to evaluate my condition and become aware of improvements. It's a disastrous condition if left untreated. I'm now a firm believer in green smoothies for nutritional benefits.

    • RosaMorelli profile image


      6 years ago

      I like your practical and science-based information - it's useful and interesting to read real-world experience of how to manage peripheral neuropathy and find out what works.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I skipped all the hassles and paperwork of medicare and just bought cash. Got what I wanted, shipped to me in 3 days, hassle free. Shopped around and found their back door cash sales dept at, excellent service and very happy with the price ;)

    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I'm posting their phone number, the one I used to get replacement gloves. 1.866.725.2202. I am a visual artist and I use the ReBuilder 2X/day so I can do art again, after the PN had become so bad that I could do nothing at all. I've been able to go from 4 gabapentin/dy to 1/dy, using the device and natural supplements provided by my chiropractor. To me, it's a godsend. I hope you are able to get the gloves by using that phone number. Please let me know.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have this unit..I need the gloves...They sent the socks...Problems with their billing company...They were told I would file a Medicare Complaint..So Medicare they never billed..I have a unit which I can not get any parts..replacement or otherwise...My Doctor has faxed, called, etc for months...My Doctor's office was told they had changed billing their billing company,etc...a couple of months ago...Good luck if you have any forms of rare neuropathy that you need the gloves not the socks or happen to be an Artist and Paint...

    • kathysart profile image


      7 years ago

      As I mentioned in another one of your lenses, it is a lonely journey.. pain not "visible" is also an issue.. wow.. I go back and forth with it all. It is also disheartening to know that the US Government does not take responsibility for Agent Orange/Vietnam. People thing that the VA helps but they don't as they will not acknowledge PN's origin. They will however give you all the meds you want.. I think it is to zone Vets out to shut them up. There are so many Vietnam Vets that we have come across who have complaints that are probably PN but don't even know it until you tell them what their pain probably is. I feel pretty angry about it all to be honest, I guess you can probably tell that. This is the only post of mine on your lenses btw that I checked the box to receive notice of any of your responses. I wish you well.. sorry I have gone on so but I have never seen another lens on PN with someone explaining how they deal with it.. so I am full of thoughts. Oh well.. onward, what else is there to do? Angel blessed lens.


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