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Organic Treatments for Eczema and Dry Skin

Updated on April 28, 2016

Millions of people suffer from the effects of eczema breakouts ...

These can range from mild to severe, and men, women and children alike can be affected. Sometimes these episodes only last a few days, but often they can go on for months or years, and are typically brought on by skin irritants such as cold weather, certain foods, or harsh soaps. Eczema usually causes minor to severe dry skin or rash, and is usually isolated to only certain spots on the skin; such as, the scalp, neck, face or elbows. The most severe cases can even lead to cracking and bleeding – especially if left untreated.

There are many organic products available to treat eczema.While these treatments can often be more costly than normal store brand products, they are usually more effective and better for the environment.Organic soaps contain no harmful chemicals or perfumes that can irritate the skin; and, organic creams contain none of the harsh ingredients that will aggravate eczema symptoms and prolong breakouts.

When you go to your doctor to seek out a treatment for eczema, they will normally only use treatments that will relieve the symptoms (i.e. such as itching or burning). While this can be helpful, anyone suffering from eczema will agree that what they really want to do is get rid of the problem, not just its irritating indicators, but the self consciousness that usually comes attached to eczema as well. While there is currently no known cure for this ailment, it is theorized that the answer might eventually be found in organic treatments.

Tea tree oil is an example of one of the many organic ingredients that is currently being researched to combat eczema.

Tea Tree Oil Helps w/ Eczema Symptoms
Tea Tree Oil Helps w/ Eczema Symptoms

Tea Tree Oil and Eczema

Tea tree oil is a great natural way to treat eczema. Application is easy. You simply put a few drops of pure tea tree oil onto a cotton ball and apply directly to where you are experiencing irritation. Tea tree oil can sometimes be too harsh on sensitive skin, or children's skin, so you might also want to mix it with an organic, hypoallergenic moisturizer, though you should try to avoid using any cream that contains added dyes or perfumes, which might aggravate the symptoms. You can do this two or three times a day as needed.

Another idea is to infuse pure tea tree oil with your bathwater. One or two tablespoons should be enough for your average bathtub. This will help to sooth dry, itchy skin. Just remember to moisturize sufficiently after your bath to lock in the healing properties of the oil. It is recommended to use this soaking method one to three times a week for maximum results. Besides treating the uncomfortable symptoms associated with eczema, this will also keep your skin from becoming infected, especially if you are prone to scratching.

Tea tree oil is effective because it is highly absorbable by the skin. This gets it into your system and to the root of the problem quickly and effectively.Tea tree oil is also effective on other skin ailments such as fungal infections such as athlete's foot, acne and dandruff as well. There are, however, some health concerns surrounding tea tree oil, so if you are pregnant or nursing you should consult your physician before starting a treatment regimen.

Other Organic Dry Skin Remedies

The main problem with typical dry skin treatments is that the harsh chemicals they contain will negate any potential good that the product in question is supposed to do. This is why more people are beginning to choose organic products over more common drug store brands.

As with any treatment, you should use organic moisturizers every day, especially after you shower or bath. The most effective method is to blot the excess wetness from your body and then gently massage a layer of organic lotion or cream onto the surface of your skin while it is still damp.

While everyone should try to avoid strong chemicals (and chemicals altogether) in their cleansers, this is especially important for those who suffer from dry skin. You should look for sulfate free organic bath wash and soaps, as these will remove all of your skin's naturally occurring oils; which, is the number one cause of minor dry skin. For those who would rather use a bar soap you should look for a coconut oil based soap and/or foaming agents.

Natural, Organic Plant Moisturizers Have Been Used by People Before There Were Processing Plants and Manufacturing Facilities ...
Natural, Organic Plant Moisturizers Have Been Used by People Before There Were Processing Plants and Manufacturing Facilities ...

Plant derived moisturizers are the best, and they should be petroleum free (most are, but it’s always best to double check – always read the ingredients!). Moisturizers that contain petroleum may feel as though they are helping by leaving an oily film on top of the skin, but petroleum is a by-product of oil and is terrible for both your body and the Earth.

To be effective for dry skin, a moisturizer should create both long term and immediate hydration for your skin. If your moisturizer's main ingredient is water, then it doesn't really matter what the other ingredients are, because the cream will have long evaporated from your skin before any effects can be seen. The water based lotions are best for those who have oily skin.

For dry skin, your ideal moisturizer will have rich, organic nut butters and oils as its main ingredients. Cocoa, soy, almond and shea butters are especially effective – as well as sunflower oil and wheat germ, to name a few. Vitamin E, glycerin, lecithin and aloe are also very hydrating and nourishing as well.

If your skin is severely dry, you should make an appointment with your physician or dermatologist to rule out any underlying ailments such as psoriasis, eczema or food allergies that may be causing the problem.

Is Organic Always the Way To Go?

In the case of both eczema and the more common dry skin problems, organic solutions are almost always a better choice when considering treatments, both for your body and for the world you live in.Regardless of the advertisements you might come across, the added chemicals and perfumes in your every-day drugstore brands will almost always cause more problems – long term and/or short term.


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    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 3 years ago from United States

      Tree oil is just great for you in general - even if you don't have a skin problem like eczema. Great hub bringing awareness of the health benefits to the general public.

    • profile image

      lovingbeauty123 4 years ago

      I started using a coconut, raw honey and lemon cleanser from and I freaking love it!! It is the best wash I have ever used and I feel like I need to tell everyone how amazing it is. It gives my skin a natural glow and it got rid of dark spots from the old acne scars I had. It was awful....but I finally found something that helped me. Thank goodness

    • profile image

      Irena P 6 years ago


      I would like to add, that using oily ingredients for dry skin more than twice a week is not good for your skin! That's because our skin contains only 20% fatty acids. On top of that, the dryness might be caused by lack of vitamins.

      If you are looking for organic skincare solution, try a homemade honey masks (try out ) or products that contain honey: It contains vitamins and flavonoids, that can add softness to your skin almost instantly.

      Honey of course is not only safe ingredient, it's just a suggestion. :)