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Treating Viruses With Essential Oils

Updated on February 26, 2012

Activity of Oils against Viruses

Essential oils are considered very important tools for improving human health. First and foremost, it produces a significant impact on your physical and psychological health. And more importantly, it helps to address diseases caused by viruses and other bacteria. These natural methods of treating viral diseases are more effective and yet it does not cause harmful side effects.

Within each essential oil are molecular substances and antiviral properties that is easily absorbed by the body. Once the antiviral property of the oil has entered the cell walls, mucus membranes, and tissues, that property act on the virus present within your body. With regular use of essential oils, you gradually improve the body’s natural mechanism to repel viral infection.

Antiviral Properties

What makes essential oils rich in antiviral properties are the sub-components that produce the desired effect. They are listed below with corresponding essential oil sources:

  • Anethol – tea tree and laurel oil
  • Alpha-Sabines – anise oil
  • Beta-Caryophyllene – rosemary, thyme linalool, and lavender oil
  • Carvone – dill essential oil
  • Citral – Melissa and lemongrass oil
  • Citronellol – rose and geranium oil
  • Eugenol – clove oil
  • Gamma-Terpinene – eucalyptus, juniper, tea tree, and niaouli oil
  • Linalol – lavender and neroli oil
  • Linalyl acetate – lavender, bergamot, and clary sage oil

Fighting Common Viruses With Essential Oils

With several types of viruses in existence, one of the most difficult challenge in the field of medical health is in terms of identifying substances that will be able to counter the effects of these viruses in the body. In the field of modern medicine, these substances can then be utilized to produce medications to cure these ailments. Understanding the activities of these viruses and their effect on the body will improve human’s ability to become its victim. Although used all throughout ancient history as a natural method of treating viral illnesses, it wasn’t until recently that essential oils were used on a regular basis that will improve the body’s ability to defend itself against diseases caused by common viruses.

Immune System Booster

Your immune system is the central base for overall health. As long as it functions properly, then you can regulate your overall health condition. But when it fails, you become vulnerable to various diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and other internal parasites. Your immune system then serves as your body’s natural line of defense against diseases. Some of the most vital components of your immunity involve the intestinal tract and immune-stimulating cells.

Therefore, essential oils containing antiviral properties are helpful in maintaining and protecting your health system. There are several essential oils that contain this property, which includes manuka, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, ravenara, geranium, Melissa, tea tree, cistus, lemon, and Melaleuca alternifolia. You can further enhance these benefits of using essential oils by coupling it with healthy lifestyle choices and diet. There are several methods of application so your body can acquire the oil’s antiviral effect such as massage, rub, or bathing.

How to prevent Colds and Flus with Lavender Oil

Cure Against Influenza Virus

The occurrence of flu or influenza is closely tied with your immune system’s health. In any case a virus is introduced and starts infecting your immunity level, then that is when you acquire influenza. Introduction of antiviral properties from essential oil sources, it affects your immune system’s vital cells and tissues that disable the virus’ replication capacity to prevent it from multiplying and producing more damage. With these two methods of curing common cold or flu, you can naturally boost your immune system with the help of antiviral properties from essential oils.

The topical method of treatment of using essential oils is one of the best recommended ways to effectively acquire its antiviral properties. As soon as the essential oil properties penetrate your skin, it joins your bloodstream and quickly spreads as blood is pumped all throughout your body. In addition to creating an antiviral action against the viruses that cause these various diseases, essential oils also introduce receptors for neurotransmitters that create an improved mental state that uplifts your mood along with the improved immune system function.

Cure for Herpes Virus

Herpes is a condition characterized by the formation of blisters due to skin eruptions. Both types of herpes (simplex and zoster) are caused by the herpes viruses such as cytomegalovirus or Epstein-Barr virus. It is important to address this condition as certain types of herpes virus have been known to cause cancer in various health systems such as your circulatory and lymphatic systems.

There are two essential oils that are currently used widely in aromatherapy application for treating herpes virus or lesion caused by such viruses: melissa and lemon balm essential oil. You can use these oils as topical treatment but make sure to add a few amounts of carrier oil to dilute the concentration. With regular use of essential oils, expert believe that you can effectively heal infections caused by the herpes virus and prevent future outbreaks.

How To Use Essential Oils To Improve Your Life

Essential Oils For Fever

Fever is often a symptom of a disease, specifically something that is caused by viral infection in specific internal organs, instead of being a disease in itself. Hence, fever is very common but it most not be neglected because it has the potential of developing into more serious complications. Your ability to control the symptoms of fever and allow your body temperature to normal is very important in preventing that from happening.

At the first sign of fever, you can use several essential oils that contain antiviral properties for an effective cure. Your choices include bergamot, white fir, lavender, eucalyptus radiata, sandalwood, tea tree, ginger, lemon, Melissa, black pepper, Roman & German chamomile, and rosemary.

Essential Oils For Polio Treatment

Polio is a type of illness that is caused by viruses. This particular condition produced an outbreak during the early part of the 20th century, which prompted health experts to conduct a research on how to prevent or treat this condition. One of the best ways to protect the body against viruses that cause polio is to equip it with necessary antiviral properties.

And one of the biggest discoveries made by health experts and practitioners is the use of natural essential oils to supply the antiviral property that your body needs to create a natural disease against this viral disease. These essential oils include wintergreen, tarragon, frankincense, Cyprus, ylang ylang, myrtle, lemon, sage, and birch.

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