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treatment methods for acheving weight loss goals

Updated on December 4, 2010


 There are many ways to treat obesity and maintain healthier weight. These treatment methods are based on your obesity level, your total health condition and your willingness to take part in your weight loss goal. Your treatment plan should be consider in the light of making changes that you can strike with for a life time so as to keep the weight off. These treatment methods include: Dietary changes, exercise and physical activity, behavior changes, prescription weight loss medications and weight loss surgery.

 Dietary changes: To overcome obesity, reducing calorie intake and eating healthier are important. It is the safest to lose weight and keep it off permanently if you are slow and have a steady weight loss of 1 or 2 pounds to1½ of 1 kilogram a week. You must do away with drastic and unrealistic changes such as crash diet as they are not likely to help you keep off excess weight for long term. Ways of dietary changes include:

 Reducing calorie intake: consider your eating and drinking habit to see how you can cut back. If you have been eating large portion or your diet has been lots of fast food sweet or sugary drinks, you and your doctor can decide on how many calories you are to take to achieve your weight loss plan.

Feeling full on less: The ideal of energy density can help you feel full with fewer calories. Every food has a certain amount of energy density within a given volume. Some food such as desserts, candies and processed food are high in energy density. These foods have large numbers of calories, but foods such as fruits vegetable have low energy density and therefore, provide large portion size with fewer calories. If you take food with low calories they help you silence hunger pangs.

Choosing a healthy plan: An example of this healthy plan is the mayo clinic healthy weight pyramid. You can make your diet healthy by eating more plant based foods such food as fruits vegetables and whole grains. It is also good to use plant sources of proteins such as beans, lentils and soy. Select lean meat and sea foods twice a week .You must try to limit salt intake and added sugar. Also stick with low fat diary products and make sure that fat comes from healthy sources such as nuts and oil, canola and nuts oil. The mayo clinic healthy weight pyramid is one way to adopt a healthy life long eating plan.

Increase activity: increase physical activity or exercise is an important part in the treatment of obesity. Most people with the ability to maintain their weight loss goal for more than a year get regular exercise, particularly walking. The aim of physical activity or exercise to weight loss is to burn more calories.  The number of calories that you burn depends on the frequency duration and intensity of the activity. To boost your activity level, some exercise you need is regular aerobic exercise such as walking, cycling, stair climbing or swimming. The American college of sport medicine recommends that obese or overweight people should get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity of physical activity to prevent further weight gain. However, if you want to achieve significant weight loss, you may need to get as much as 250 to 300 minute of exercise a week. In carry out your physical activity, do not set unrealistic goals or else you will give up quickly. Your doctor may help you create exercise plan that is appropriate to your ability .Making simple changes through out your day can add up to a big benefit. Gardening, getting up and moving around periodically and wearing a pedometer to track how many steps you actually  take over the course of the day can help you burn some calories .

Changes in behavior: In order to lose weight, you need to make changes in your behavior and attitude towards food and exercise. A behavior modification programs can help you with lifestyle changes. These programs include examining your current habit to discover factors that have contributed to your obesity. Examining your current eating and exercise habit provide a starting point when changing your behavior as it helps you understand which habit that is undermining your weight loss goals .It is easy for you to work to change those behavior and thoughts so as to have new and healthy lifestyle. Some of the ways that can help you change your behavior and thoughts include: counseling, therapy or interventions with health professionals.

Therapy or interventions with health professionals help to address your emotional and behavioral issues that are related to eating. Therapy can also help you understand why you overeat and learn healthy ways to cope with anxiety. You may learn how to control your diet and activity, understand eating triggers and cope with food cravings. Cognitive therapy is a type of therapy often used for weight loss and this therapy can take place in both individual and group basis. Counseling may be available by telephone, e-mail or internet- based program if it is difficult to travel out of your home.

Prescription weight loss Medication: This treatment method is an optional way to treat obesity. The medications are meant to be used along with diet, exercise and behavior changes. If you don’t make other changes in you life, medications will most likely not work. Your doctor can only recommend medication to you if other methods of weight loss have not worked, your body mass index (BML) is greater than 27, and you also have medical complication of obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea.

Medication performs the work of changing your brain chemistry, making you feel full more quickly and reducing hunger in you. While taking medication, you need close medical monitoring. You should know that medications do not work for every one, and if they work, their effects do not level off after six months. It is also possible that you need to take medication the rest of your life, but if you stop you gain back weight

.Weight loss surgery. Like the prescription weight loss medication, weight loss surgery provides the best chance of losing most weight but it can be risky. Weight loss surgery work to reduce the quantity of food you are able to eat or limit the absorption of food and calories or both. Weight loss surgery is the best option to consider if your obesity is extreme, with a body mass index (BML) of 40 or higher  or if your (BML) is 35 to 39.9, and you have weight related problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Weight loss surgery success depends on your commitment to making long life changes in your eating and exercise habit.

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      With good diet and exercise habits it is certain that anybody can lose some pounds.