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Tri Core Pillow: The Most Recommended Orthopedic Pillow

Updated on January 6, 2013

Try a Tri Core Pillow if you suffer from upper back pain, neck strain, or headaches. It's the most recommended cervical support pillow by chiropractors – which is how I discovered them. It keeps my head and neck aligned at night to prevent me from further aggravating my neck after straining all day looking downward at the computer. If you've suffer from any kind of neck strain or back pain, a Tri Core Pillow might be the answer.

Tri Core Pillow: The Most Recommended Orthopedic Pillow

Tri Core Pillows are constructed with a raised perimeter and a sunken core – where the back of your head goes, to keep it at the same level as your spine. The trapezoid core cradles your head, while your neck gets support from the lobes (the raised part of the pillow, below the core), keeping your cervical curve supported in its neutral position. Everything stays properly aligned while you sleep. Traditional pillows offer little neck and head support. They have a formless filling, which means there’s no structure to keep your head, neck and spine properly aligned during the night.

Tri Core Pillows are made of a high-resiliency fiberfill that springs back into place when you lay on it. The fibers in traditional pillows offer little to no resistance, and also wear down quickly with use. What began as a soft, fluffy pillow can become a flat, lumpy mass with wear.

The Tri Core Pillow Works for Back Sleepers and Side Sleepers

The Tri Core Pllow actually makes it comfortable to sleep on your back, which is a miracle, but it also offers proper neck support for side sleepers. When I do sleep on my side, I tuck the lobes (the fattest the tri-core pillow) between my head and shoulder, which keeps my head aligned at the proper height from the mattress.

Tri Core Pillows are hypoallergenic and made with anti-microbial fiber. They are easily washable by hand (though they don’t need it often), and they take a standard size pillowcase.

Tri Core Pillow Review

I love the firmness of my Tri Core Pillow, which I've now had for 8 years. It’s soft and comfortable, but it holds its shape instead of collapsing into nothingness when I put my head on it. Core, the manufacturer of the Tri Core Pillow, says you can expect your pain to improve anywhere within a couple of days up to 2 weeks after using the pillow, once the muscles have adjusted to their proper position. I use my Tri Core Pillow each night to reverse the effects or my neck being bent forward all day, working on my computer.

The only drawback is that once you start sleeping on a Tri Core Pillow, you won’t want be able to sleep on a traditional pillow anymore. It’ll feel too weird. You’ll find yourself longing for your tri core pillow during for hotel stays and overnight visits with relatives. When I sleep away from home, I usually have to use 2 flat pillows to try to mimic the resilience of my trusty Tri Core Pillow.

Has a Tri Core Pillow Worked for You?

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